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6 Jan. 2019
Switch Be with You: Part 9
Unaware of the switch, Boyet (Marc Acueza) shocks Pia (Barbie Imperial) by confessing his love for Upeng (Chai Fonacier). Upon learning about this, Upeng grows more eager to go back to her own body. However, no matter what they do, they can never find a way to switch back. This leaves Pia with no other choice but to go on a date with Boyet. Grateful for everything the woman has done for her, Upeng decides to return the favor and cooks up a plan to help Pia realize her true feelings for Joshua (Rayt Carreon).
13 Jan. 2019
Switch Be with You: Part 10
Through Upeng's (Barbie Imperial) help, Pia (Chai Fonacier) finally realizes her affections for Joshua (Rayt Carreon). However, despite their desire to be honest with the men they love, the two ladies cannot let their feelings out just yet while they remain in each other's bodies. As they welcome the New Year, another complication arises. Upeng consults Pia for guidance after she was forced to deliver the pitch presentation on Joshua's behalf. Doubting Upeng's public speaking skills, Pia decides to take matters into her own hands.
20 Jan. 2019
Switch Be with You: Part 11
Dressed up as her old self, Pia (Chai Fonacier) delivers the most important presentation of her life. Using her excellent public speaking skills and her wits, she manages to impress the Lucky Wheels Corporation representatives. However, her make up slowly peels off, forcing her to hide before everyone sees through her disguise. Losing hope of finishing the sales pitch and winning the bid, all Pia and Upeng (Chai Fonacier) can do is pray. Fortunately, their long-awaited wish comes true just in time, with Pia greatly appreciating the lessons she learned.
27 Jan. 2019
Mr. Cutepido: Part 1
Val (McCoy de Leon) has everything - money, good looks, a great career, and tons of admirers. The only thing missing in his life is his one true love. In order to find his match, he frequently goes out with various women he meets on dating apps. However, his tendency to end relationships with the slightest inconvenience makes the cupids in the heavens shake their heads in disappointment. Will Val finally realize the consequences of his actions when karma bites back?
3 Feb. 2019
Mr. Cutepido: Part 2
Val (McCoy de Leon) starts to face the consequence of his flings. As he tries to escape from Rachel (Sofia Andres), one of his conquests, and her intimidating family, Val collides with a child (Yñigo Delen) and knocks him unconscious. Val soon finds out that the child in question is a cupid named Putito. Coming down from the heavens, Amorosa (Reneé Dominique) realizes that someone needs to finish Putito's task on Michael (Jairus Aquino) and Celine (Kira Balinger) before the opportunity passes. She then transforms Val into a cupid to help the two lost souls find each ...
10 Feb. 2019
Mr. Cutepido: Part 3
Val (McCoy de Leon) realizes that he needs to finish his task as a cupid so that he can return to his normal life. He then learns that his assignment is Rachel (Sofia Andres). However, Val refuses to shoot love arrows at her upon seeing her destined partner. Amorosa (Reneé Dominique) warns Val that he will remain a cupid until the task is done. Just as Amorosa is about to give up on the radio show host, Putito (Yñigo Delen) asks her to give Val another chance.
17 Feb. 2019
Mr. Cutepido: Part 4
Val (McCoy de Leon) feels bad upon learning how much he has hurt Rachel (Sofia Andres). In an effort to prove how sorry he is, Val decides to do something out of the ordinary for his ex-girlfriend. Val also realizes that Amorosa (Reneé Dominique) was right about Kiko (Yves Flores) being the perfect match for Rachel. Meanwhile, Tina (Heaven Peralejo) starts to notice how Val's (McCoy de Leon) dilemma is doing good for him. Despite harboring feelings for her childhood friend, Tina feels satisfied to know that Val is taking steps into becoming a better person.
24 Feb. 2019
Mr. Cutepido: Part 5
Val (McCoy de Leon) returns to his human form as he accomplishes his task to match Kiko (Yves Flores) and Rachel (Sofia Andres). However, Val soon discovers that James (Mark Neumann) remains hell-bent on proving that he is not normal. Val then proceeds to stalk James in hopes of finding something he can use against him. To his shock, Val finds his archrival with his boss, Gretchen (Myrtle Sarrosa). Later, Val recalls painful memories of his absentee mother (Valerie Concepcion).

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