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"You Ate My Piano Teacher"
dcarsonhagy10 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
"Freaks of Nature" is a comedy/horror movie that actually works for a change! It takes place in Dillford, Anywhere, USA, where humans, vampires, and zombies live side-by-side and actually get along, that is, until some aliens decide to pay them a visit. With each "clan" pointing the fingers at each other and reading some sort of sell-out plan to the aliens, soon everybody is fighting everybody all over again.

Dag (wonderfully played by Nicholas Braun) is a high school virgin who is cocksure the luscious Lorelei, who keeps visiting him, will be the girl to end his virginity. Trouble is, Lorelei only "visits" because she keeps her dope at his house. Petra (also wonderfully played by Mackenzie Davis) is a hopeless and hapless girl who has had to carry an out-and-out lie about her character since she was 10. She unfortunately falls for the lines of a lascivious vampire who, once he turns her, stops taking her phone calls. Ned (superbly played by Josh Fadem) is a brainiac who wants to keep his straight A school record in tact so he can get a scholarship to an Ivy League school. When he feels he has nothing to live for, he decides to become a zombie. His slow transformation is a scream! Little do they know their town's future will depend solely on each one of them.

I have read some other comments about this movie that were not too nice. I think they simply missed the point of this movie. Yes, the plot was a little all over the place, but that did not bother me at all. Everyone in this film looked as if they were having a blast, so, that made it fun for me as well.

This movie is rated "R" and was a whole lot of fun. It never takes itself seriously, so why should we? Just enjoy!
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Don't wait! It may be the next cult favorite!
tomn-410 November 2015
This may be the goofiest film of 2015, and I had a blast watching it! It's even more fun describing it to a friend.

When it was playing at one local Portland theater, with no local reviews and no advertising I knew I had to check it out.

No spoilers here.I'm just going to say this horror comedy combines vampires, zombies and aliens in a totally original way. Everything is played straight here, this is not just another cheap rip-off.The cast is top notch headlined by Dennis Leary and a very cute Vanessa Hutchins,a number of unknown actors and a few totally unexpected cameos. The film doesn't quite hold together because of various factors,I suspect budget was one of them. Try it, take a chance, you won't regret it.
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I love monster movies, so I might be a little biased, but I loved it!
Hellmant13 November 2015
'FREAKS OF NATURE': Four and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

A horror-comedy flick about vampires, zombies and humans; that all live together peacefully, in a small conservative town, until aliens arrive. The movie was directed by Robbie Pickering, and written by Oren Uziel (who also co-wrote '22 JUMP STREET'). The film stars Nicholas Braun, Mackenzie Davis, Josh Fadem, Vanessa Hudgens, Ed Westwick, Mae Whitman, Denis Leary, Keegan-Michael Key, Bob Odenkirk, Joan Cusack, Patton Oswalt and Pat Healy. I absolutely loved it!

The story takes place in the town of Dillford; where zombies, vampires and humans have all been living together peacefully, for years. When aliens attack them, the three different species all start fighting again; killing each other off before the aliens even get a chance. Three outcasts teenagers (a human, a vampire and a zombie) must ban together, to save themselves and their town. They must teach their neighbors to overcome biases, in order to do so (of course).

The film is action-packed, and hilarious; it's also got a rocking 'punk rock' soundtrack! I love the premise; and it actually has a very positive and insightful message, for everyone. It's jarring how quickly it goes between clever comedy, excessive gore and smart social commentary. The cast is awesome, the directing is badass and the script is brilliant. I also love monster movies, so I might be a little biased, but I loved it!

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Monsters, Gore, Laughs, and Aliens - It Works
HorrorOverEverything28 January 2016
Good Horror/Comedies are hard to come by, so many of them just tend to be super cheesy low budget movies with no real laughs or originality. "Freaks Of Nature" isn't groundbreaking or some kind of cult masterpiece, but it is a lot of fun and full of monster action & Blood.

The film has sort of a teen flick atmosphere but it isn't too heavy and it isn't as corny as most flick's with that atmosphere tend to be. Any cheese here is completely intentional and the whole "Being a teen is super hard" thing isn't really played up too much. All three main characters are likable enough and are fun to root for. The film is riddled with some really fun cameos that help to speed things up a bit when things start to slow down a bit (which doesn't happen very often).

I had a good time watching this film, it was fast pace, funny, gory, and original enough to make it not seem like just another horror/comedy. From the trailer you should know what to expect, and as long as you know what to expect you should enjoy this film.

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Turns out to be ridiculously fun! // instagram: moviesmaniax
moviesmaniax5 November 2015
And here we just have ourselves a possible cult classic. Going in blind without having seen any trailer or really any advertisement around at all, this movie turns out to be ridiculously fun! Freaks of Nature blends in horror/comedy/romance/drama with zombie/alien/vampire/human smashed-up and it works really well thanks to the strong performance and likable cast. The movie has insanely GORY and bloody action sequences and really interesting premise which continues to deliver that to the end despite some nonsense moments along the way. It also has great dramatic moments, crazy twists, and is a really funny and pure entertainment film with a heart. The make-up effects for both zombie and vampire here look really deliciously freaky and bring out some SCARES as well. Overall, Freaks of Nature bites the right note in horror/comedy genre with its gleefully smashed-up theme, strong cast, freaky humors, ridiculously fun plot, and a heart, proving it to be more than just a brainless teenage flick.

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sporadically funny comedy with a deeper meaning
abisio26 February 2016
Freaks of Nature is really a curiosity; a town inhabited by zombies, human and vampires, living peacefully until an alien invasion creates havoc and a huge civil war. It has some really comic moments (aided by the presence of comedians like Patton Oswald, Joan Cusack, Keegan-Michael Key, Denis Leary, Bob Odenkirk among others; and a voice cameo from Werner Herzog that is really worth watching).

Sadly many times, the movie slow down too much to enter into the clichéd territory of school / teenagers stories, with the romance, the good girl and the slut one, the nerd and the former nerd trying to be cool. If the movie did not sink is because the acting of the three main characters is really good and some secondary characters / situations are hilarious.

With all its mistakes; however the movie has a deeper subtext that rise the movie above the classic teenager fare to become a satire on thin equilibrium of a society that looks peaceful but is a time bomb about to explode, the USA concept of family, food and culture; and the rejection of the smarter being just because it is smarter.

In brief; if you can digest some gory situations and zombie makeup, the movie is worth to dedicate some time.
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I'm sure most will hate this. I thought this horror-comedy was freaking hilarious.
peterp-450-29871613 August 2016
"I think I'm having brain withdrawals."

Completely hilarious. That's my feeling about "Freaks of nature". First I was afraid this would be another high school teen-movie. Eventually this turned out to be a rather absurd, horror-comedy. A kind of "Porkies in Zombieland" with vampires, zombies and a crazy army of aliens passing through. Of course the known types of youngsters were used again. As expected. First you have the cool student Dag (Nicholas Braun) who abandoned his friend Ned (Josh Fadem) because this one still acted nerdy. Of course he's madly in love with the girl next door Lorelei (Vanessa Hudgens), who looks tremendously tasty, but ultimately it's an impossible love because she's hooked up with a local jock. And last but not least, there's also the pathetic girl Petra (Mackenzie Davis) who was bullied by everyone. The moment this concept became clear, I sighed again in an irritated way. But after seeing a group of zombies getting of a school-bus and moving towards the school entrance in their well-known manner plus a macho vampire who tries to seduce Petra in the next scene, it became clear that this could well be an entertaining film.

It certainly was entertaining. I myself am quite a fussy when it comes to comedy and humor. Rarely it happens that I start laughing spontaneously. Usually it's just a muffled chuckle or a modest smile. But this time there were a few occasions I had to laugh out loud. Especially the zombie community was hilarious. After the alien invasion, each population began to accuse the others and suspected them of participating in a conspiracy. As a result they all held their own public meeting where they encouraged each other to take action. Needless to say, the meeting of the zombie community was the most calm and subdued one. Funny as hell. The principle of differences between the classes was incorporated shrewdly. The interference of a third party which turned all these groups against each other, looks familiar. Only the resulting confrontation is pretty bloody and ends up in a huge splatter fest (Only it's sometimes difficult to distinguish who's attacking who) with quite a few severed limbs.

Maybe I'm a bit too enthusiastic about this horror-comedy, because lets be honest, it's a pretty simple story without too many surprises or intricate story lines. It's a mishmash of genres they've mixed together. They've kept it lightly and certainly farcical. It sometimes looked like a slapstick horror. And speaking about horror. You should take that with a grain of salt, because this movie won't give you the creeps. Lets shed a light on the makeup and special effects. The only part that didn't look so great, was the one with the space invaders. That one really looked old-fashioned. The vampires seemed to be borrowed from the "Twilight" saga. It was the zombie mob that looked sublime. Here the makeup artists really used their complete imagination.

"Freaks of nature" is a true B-movie. Normally the acting is also of a questionable level in that case. Surprisingly this wasn't so bad at all here. I suppose the actors had fun doing this flick, since this was very clear to see sometimes. The most hilarious rendition is that of Josh Fadem. The intelligent nerd who came up with this superb idea so he'd be free of all worries. His facial expressions and way of doing sometimes was enormously funny. And you'll clearly recognize parodies of well-known films. And finally Dag's totally crazy parents. For a moment I thought it was Adam Sandler who played the father. That would be one of his first roles I really could appreciate. The biggest let down was the climax of the story. Too ridiculous for words. But maybe so ridiculous, it became somewhat funny. I'm sure most will forget this film. But as an inbetweener this wasn't so bad, even though there was an oversupply of horror characters.

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A must watch Zombie movie
lekili-6341230 January 2016
Freak of Nature was an awesome movie. They put zombies, vampires, and aliens all in the same movie, and made it work. We laughed a lot, there were a lot great moments. A guy gets clotheslined by a clothesline! A zombie lost his arm and then used it to high five. They put all the elements together and they worked. Don't expect any realism or serious plot, this movie is pure entertainment.

Supporting cast were excellent, the big draw for us was Joan Cusack, she never fails to disappoint. Dennis Leary was great as the owner of Ribblet Factory, the towns claim to fame, and the reason for the alien attack.

If you loved Zombies of Mass Destruction, or The Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse you will love this movie too.
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Nowhere near as clever as it thinks it is
justinwfirestone6 November 2015
Mixing zombies, vampires, and aliens sounded cool enough. With Patton Oswalt, Bob Odenkirk, Denis Leary, Keegan-Michael Key, and Werner Herzog, one would think this could be a really funny movie. Instead, those really funny people all play relatively small roles and we are mostly left with a trio of unfunny heroes plodding around the film.

The town has zombies and vampires mixing in society, mostly at a high school, and none of that ever gets a back story. Attempts at wild comedy don't need to explain too much, especially if it would interfere with the jokes. But this wild comedy never gets wild enough, and it is nowhere near as clever as it portrays itself. Is it really all that funny to kill people around you and then act like it was NBD?

There are funny moments, but not enough LOLz. There also seems to be some attempt at a morality play about classism or racism, as we see humans vs. zombies vs. vampires. Vampire-on-zombie crime is most assuredly despicable, and we should all get along.

This vague social commentary gets mixed with the eternal story font: High School is Tough For Everyone, Even the Popular People. If you don't want to feel, you don't have to: just go be a zombie. If you want to be cool, be a vampire. Whatever you do, just make sure everyone sees, so you can make the scene.

It's a bad sign when Ed Westwick has the best performance in a movie. Nicholaus Braun rattles off his lines like he can't wait to get to the bar. Mackenzie Davis, however, puts in a sincere performance and is a star-to-be.

Freaks of Nature is neither clever enough, funny enough, gross enough, nor serious enough to be much of anything in particular. Even the smooth and dulcet tones of Werner Herzog's voice do little to step up the scene. This is no Cabin in the Woods.
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A chaotic parade with shambling leading trio, but these misfits might be good for a few laughs.
quincytheodore28 January 2016
Comedy version of zombie apocalypse has been done a few times in last year alone, but "Freaks of Nature" has a brilliant idea, throws in vampires and aliens too for good measure. It results in a mishmash of erratic dysfunctional team, in some cases there's literally no sense of what's going on as it occurs too randomly. While the loud noise can be, and quite will be numbing, it does sneak in a few over-the-top comedic moments.

In a town where all monstrosities, and humanity, work in less than harmony, an alien invasion will change all that. This is the same type of nerds or outcasts save the day premise since Elijah Wood rescued the hot girl and defeated the foreign threat in The Faculty, only done in much more bloody chaotic fashion.

Dag (Nicholas Braun) is channeling his child Shia LaBeouf as he stutters, gestures and blurs out his lines in unexpected hero gig, though at this point it's too obvious of a hero set-up it becomes cliché. Petra (Mackenzie Davis) is looking highly uncomfortable with her fake fang and unapproachable issues. These two barely have any chemistry yet the screenplay just clashes them together for romantic subplot.

Lorelei (Vanessa Hudgens) looks like the mandatory wallflower and constantly gives uncomfortable erotic gaze to pretty much everything. Ned (Josh Fadem) is the zombiefied nerd, who actually has more relatable problems although the lumbering shtick feels restraining. Keegan-Michael Key from the Youtube or Comedy Central fame delivers his desperate teacher persona, which is expectedly and exaggeratedly entertaining.

The whole thing reeks of chaos, even though it tries to associate real life social metaphor of acceptance for the undertone of monster theme. It has a few witty moments in expense of the main characters and these are appreciated albeit blatant in delivery. Its abrupt change can be distracting since it tries to pile so many fleshy gore together, then suddenly includes display of nudity.

"Freak of Nature" is the example of outlandishly bloody parody, it's as juvenile as they come but might work momentarily for a mindless fun escapade.
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I think I'm having brain withdrawals...
paul_haakonsen17 May 2016
"Freaks of Nature" had it all, literally, it had it all. Zombies, vampires, werewolves and aliens. The only thing that was missing was robots. Now, one might think with a mix of that many iconic movie creatures thrown together, that it might be a bit too much. But it wasn't! And "Freaks of Nature" turned out to be a very entertaining movie.

The movie starts out in a fast pace, and the audience is introduced to a world where vampires and zombies live among the living humans. Then on one fateful night, aliens show up and that upsets the balance of the world, causing the vampires, zombies and humans to turn against one another in a chaotic surge of violence.

The characters in the movie were nicely detailed, lots of characteristics and personalities. Plus the people hired to portray the various characters were doing great jobs with their given roles. It was a nice touch to see Denis Leary, Keegan-Michael Key and Bob Odenkirk in the movie as well. The three lead talents, Nicholas Braun (playing Dag), Mackenzie Davis (playing Petra) and Josh Fadem (playing Ned) really carried the movie quite well.

The story is good, filled with action and humor, and the effects are great as well. And having good special effects in a creature feature is a make or break deal, and I am glad to say that the special effects team really pulled their weight here and came through where it counted.

The whole mixture of aliens, humans, vampires and zombies in one movie was really good. It was surreal, for sure, but it was highly entertaining.

There has been a good addition of zombie comedies to the zombie genre in the recent years, and "Freaks of Nature" does rank high on the list, right alongside with "Shaun of the Dead", "Zombies of Mass Destruction" and "Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse".
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A lot of jokes fall flat but once the action starts kicking off it's amusing enough
Seth_Rogue_One5 April 2016
The first 7 minutes or so when I watched it, it felt like a poor spoof film (of Twilight and a bunch of other flicks) so I really wasn't getting into it at all as I really am not a fan of spoof flicks (at least the ones they do these days).

But I decided to give it another go and although a lot of jokes (of which in some scenes every line of dialogue is one) fall flat (the ratio of funny jokes for me would probably be about 1 out of 10) once the action kicks off it still gets rather amusing.

It helps that it moves at a fast pace so you can't focus too much on the flaws.

Teenagers cracking jokes and battling various monsters seem to been a very popular subject in film in 2015 and if you loved DEATHGASM (2015), THE FINAL GIRLS (2015) and SCOUTS GUIDE TO THE APOCALYPSE (2015) I'm sure you will at the very least like this one as they are pretty similar.
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Zombies and Vampires and Aliens oh my
bkoganbing7 August 2016
Welcome to the town of Dillford where if Zombies and Vampires don't live in peaceful harmony with humans at least they've arrived at a somewhat peaceful co-existence. But that gets threatened by aliens who arrive at the small peaceful town and cordon off the place with a force field.

In the end it's up to human kid Nicholas Braun, vampire girl MacKenzie Davis and zombie boy Josh Fadem to save Dillford and the human race from some other Freaks Of Nature.

What are the aliens after? Seems like the main industry of the town is this factory which produces some kind of food the closest of which in the world of cinema would be Soylend Green. Kind of like that famous Married With Children episode where the alien ship is powered by the stink of Al Bundy's socks.

The factory is run by multi-millionaire Dennis Leary who is making pure profit here because he employs zombie labor and they work cheap. He's the best thing in Freaks Of Nature.

Freaks Of Nature has some amusing moments, but ultimately it's a vacuous teen comedy and you really have to have the IQ of a zombie to really get into it.
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"Freaks of Nature" has a great cast and a premise with potential, but just falls flat.
dave-mcclain31 October 2015
Some movies have so many talented people working on them that a Movie Fan can't help but take notice. Take the horror-comedy "Freaks of Nature" (R, 1:32) for example. For starters, its screenplay was written by Oren Uziel who wrote "22 Jump Street", a rare sequel that was as good as the original, if not better. Then there's the cast: Denis Leary has voiced characters in "A Bug's Life" and the "Ice Age" movies, been a supporting player in the 2012 and 2014 "Spider-Man" films and starred in the TV series "Rescue Me" on FX. Joan Cusack has a similar resume, which she has been building since 1980. Ed Westwick starred on TV's "Gossip Girl" and "Wicked City" and played roles in movies such as "Children of Men" and "Romeo & Juliet". Vanessa Hudgens was a Disney kid in the "High School Musical" trilogy and then graduated to more adult roles in "Spring Breakers" and "Machete Kills". Bob Odenkirk is a comedian who made a name for himself as the morally ambiguous lawyer in "Breaking Bad" and "Better Call Saul". Keegan-Michael Key is known mainly for his comedic work on TV, but began appearing in multiple movies per year starting in 2010. Mae Whitman… well, you get the point. And in this movie, the relative unknowns at least look like movie stars. Nicholas Braun resembles a young Jim Caviezel, Mackenzie Davis made me imagine a taller Zooey Deschanel and Josh Fadem calls to mind one of the Coreys from the 80s (although I still can't tell my Feldman from my Haim). You would think those kind of looks and that kind of talent and experience would practically guarantee a good movie. You would think.

"Freaks of Nature" takes place in the fictional town of Dillford, Ohio ("The Home of the Riblet"), where humans, vampires and zombies live in relative harmony. Key plays a high school teacher who, as a vampire, has been at the school for 97 years, and he's sick of it – every bit of it. Westwick also plays a vampire, but one who (type-casting alert) uses people for his own selfish goals! Whitman's character plays a zombie who makes zombie life look and sound more pleasant than you'd expect. Leary is a self-made (human) man who started the riblet plant which put the town on the map – and he never lets anyone forget it! Hudgens' character smokes marijuana (a lot) and uses a classmate's house as a place to hide her stash. Cusack and Odenkirk (also human) are the hippie parents of Braun's character, Dag Parker. Two of Dag's classmates, the pretty but insecure Petra (Mackenzie) and the brainy outcast Ned (Fadem) decide to become a vampire and a zombie, respectively, which means that Dag is now friends with a girl who wants to drink his blood and a guy who wants to eat his brains. Well, maybe "friends" isn't the best word to describe their relationship. In this small town, these three have known each other their whole lives, but aren't as close as they might have been as kids. Circumstances force all three to get reacquainted, but fast. Their lives, and possibly the lives of everyone in their town depend on it.

The uneasy peace amongst the mortals and the undead is shattered by an alien apocalypse. You might think that the town's three main groups would band together in the face of a common enemy, but this alien invasion (which results in a force field being created around their town) just brings up long-held prejudices and suspicions, leading the vampires, humans and zombies to start fighting and killing each other. Dag, Petra and Ned find themselves in a situation that provides them temporary safety, which allows them to calm down and become level-headed enough to devise a plan to save their small town.

"Freaks of Nature" has a premise which sounds fun, but fails to deliver on that promise. Too many of the characters are unlikeable and the jokes aren't nearly as funny as in the similarly-themed "Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse" (which, by the way, manages to be far more entertaining with far fewer well-known actors). This movie's problem isn't just that the actors and the script are uninspired, but the set-up of the story and some of its developments just don't make any sense, comedically or otherwise. For example, the zombie teens attend high school even though they lack any real language skills or intellectual abilities, the vampire teens also manage to go to school even though it's during the day (in the sunlight? hello!) and the humans (both the fictional characters and the actual filmmakers) look to be making up the rules to this brave new world as they go, with plot points that seem to come out of nowhere. This movie looks and sounds like it wants to be a modern version of a 1980s-style B-movie, but that's too lofty a goal for this underachiever. Some viewers may enjoy the film's aimless quirkiness, but that would take more effort than this movie deserves, in spite of its accomplished cast. "D+"
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Humans, vampires, zombies and aliens oh my!
sweeeetmikey2 February 2016
FREAKS OF NATURE review by Mike Smith "FAT Mike"

In the town of Dillford, humans, vampires and zombies were all living in peace until the alien apocalypse arrived. Now it's up to three teenagers, a human, a vampire, and a zombie to survive and bring peace to the once quiet town.

Humans, vampires, zombies and aliens oh my! This movie sounds not only ridiculous but like a lame train wreck, but it's not in anyway! Freaks Of Nature picks up and goes at the very start. This unique movie had me laughing from start to finish.

This film has an awesome cast of up and comers including Nicholas Braun (Red State), Mackenzie Davis (That Awkward Moment) and Josh Fadem (Miss March). They work really well together and quickly become these characters that you end up loving. The rest of the cast is made up of some well known people; Denis Leary, Bob Odenkirk, Keegan-Michael Key, Joan Cusack, Ian Roberts, Rachael Harris and the funny Patton Oswalt. The whole cast is funny and works amazingly well together. Unlike films similar to Caddyshack where the bigger named stars over power the smaller named actors, Freaks Of Nature doesn't do this and the main cast is the focus.

This film has some good practical effects although the C.G. is a bit cheesy, but it gives the film charm. One thing that makes me grade this movie so high is as soon as I finished watching Freaks Of Nature I wanted to watch it again right away.

With an awesome cast, ridiculous unique story, laugh out a loud comedy and an all around fun ride I have to say Freaks of Nature is my first must see film of 2016. So sit back and enjoy; cheers and remember live won't suck as long as there is a good movie to watch

9 out of 10

Edited by Samantha Locke

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It bites, it sucks. It blows!!
subxerogravity2 November 2015
Worse movie ever!

It's the type of film that makes you think who in their right mind would give money to get it made.

The premise is outrageous. A town in which zombies, vampires and humans attempt to live in harmony together, gets attack by aliens from outer space.

I'm expecting a so bad it's good situation here, but I think the filmmakers were expecting that too, which is why it did not work. It was supposed to be something to laugh at but nothing was funny, not even in a bad way.

The only shinning point that seem to make me giggle was Dennis Leary's small role as the city's millionaire jerk. I'm totally surprise that he did this garbage, but I'm guessing it looks better on paper than implemented.

Read this post and heed my warning. I sacrificed 90mins of my existence so you don't have to.
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Great writing and engaging from the very start
mchambers33318 February 2016
People love to give horror comedies a bad rap, thinking that they're unholy bastard children of two unrelated genres. The Wayans Brothers almost single-handedly made this sub-genre synonymous with terrible writing. Freaks of Nature is different. The writing is great throughout, it's legitimately funny and has some great casting. The plot is thoroughly original. It balances coming of age, high school cliques, zombies, vampires, pot heads, aliens, battle scenes, a bit of sports, and more (to avoid spoilers). Bonus for Patton Oswald. Best of all the fights and "kills" don't skimp at all on the blood splatter and surprise. They took a little license with traditional zombie norms of intelligence, but it makes them work.
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A Hilariously Messed Up Teen Film Like No Other
goofyninja17 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
First off, screw the naysayers. This is an uproarious, fun flick. A real blast start to finish. I'm surprised that a link hasn't been established with a similar, recent film "Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse.". As great as that film was, FON surpasses it in every way. The premise is genius. A town comprised of Zombies, Vampires and Humans. Our protagonists are 3 teens whose back stories are intertwined, and yes each of them are social outcasts in their own way. Their peaceful little town (and this isn't really a spoiler, since it's on the DVD box) suddenly gets invaded by aliens and that's when the fun starts. It was great to see Patton Oswald and Kegan Michael Key in their prospective roles serving up the laughs. And Josh Fadem who plays Ned steals the show in my estimation. Keep in mind that it does have an R rating, and while the concept might sound like a horror movie, there are no jump scares, and the movie plays out more like a action comedy. Blood and gore abound, but you'll be too busy laughing to feel squeamish. I just finished watching this, and I'm already wanting to see it again. That's how great it is. A most fantastic way to waste 90 min.
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Maybe I'm too old to appreciate this
Stevieboy66626 July 2019
In the small town of Pillford vampires, zombies and humans live side by side in relative harmony, well that is until the arrival of an alien spaceship. FoN is certainly a melting pot of monsters and I like the premise, the special effects are good and the acting is adequate. However this is a horror comedy and I am afraid that I found it a tad too silly at times, plus there are periods of boring dialogue which drags it down. Obviously this is aimed at a teenage audience, I'm sure that the "kids" will appreciate it more than a middle aged, lifelong horror fan such as myself.
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Hidden Gem
socialconscience7 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Fun-filled action-packed comedy. Relationship focused and coming of age story that won't bore you to sleep. Very well done. Love the exploding vampires
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Ok film with an great cast
amgee-8955130 September 2018
It was ok film, nothing special. I thought the story was abit over the top. It was pretty funny at times. I thought the cgi effects looked abit cheap. The acting was pretty good especially from Vanessa Hudgens & Mackenzie Davis and Keegan-Michael Key. I would definitely watch it again at somepoint. Can't beat seeing Hudgens covered in blood lol it's so sexy for some reason lol. The blood and gore effects was pretty good. 4/10
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nogodnomasters13 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
In the small town of Dillford, known for "the riblet" (McRib) there are three major cliques in the town/high school. These are zombies, vampires, and humans. One vampire resembles Edward named Milan Panache (Ed Westwick) from "Twilight" and likes human Petra (Mackenzie Davis) because she is "pale and veiny" There exists quirky situations where the one liners are frequent and humorous. When the aliens attack, a human, vampire, and zombie team together to save the town.

This is a campy film. The film is funny, but not hilarious. It is cult in nature, but falls short from being a cult classic. If you liked "The Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse" this one I would place a peg below. Not for everyone.

Guide: Frequent F-bombs. Sex. Rear nudity.
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Sounds dumb - but you'll love it.
Mikelikesnotlikes25 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I had very low hopes that this type of mash-up would be watchable. The trashy concept seemed like something Troma would think up.

But, this was a greatly enjoyable film. FoN had a decent budget, decent actors, and a director who absolutely knew what he wanted. I think the sheer audacity of the film makes it a credit to the genre.

I found the combination effect of such incredibly separate sub- genres fascinating from start to finish. I loved the over-the-top characters, gore scenes and depth of the story. It was so well balanced, something that would have been very difficult given the outlandish story-line. A lot of respect must go to the writers for the background coverage, and the director/producer for such an entertaining piece of work. This ability seems to have become a lost art.

The teen-angst angle was hilarious, for a change. I laughed out loud during several scenes - a sure indication that I'm watching a winner. They took a bunch of stereo-typical situations and ragged on them mercilessly.

FoN is a really funny, quality black comedy that you might even want to keep in your collection. I highly recommend it to the true horror fan.
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great effects and great acting by Josh Fadem
trashgang3 October 2016
This really is a freak show with it's flows. I mean, sometimes it's funny especially with the zombies. Just look at the conversation at the end between Ned and his father. There are parts sadly that are a bit boring with long conversations that doesn't really add a thing and aren't funny. On the other hand we do have gory parts when the vamps do come in.

Was it a funny movie? For me not really, it do has funny moments as I said but again, the gore adds toward the fun, just look how a tough guy is been eaten by zombies. And look how vamps explode in full bloom when spiked.

This flick do deliver on the part of the effects. The zombies all look stunning and the aliens do look great as do their mother ship. A big hooray for the effects. It sure is above mediocre over all and it's the acting of the zombie Ned by Josh Fadem that makes it worth seeing.

Like the story is full of freaks and good and bad parts I'm stuck with mixed emotions, still I will recommend it because it do has things for everyone out their, if you're a horror buff of course.

Gore 1,5/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 3/5 Story 2,5/5 Comedy 2/5
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A Well Written Film... Acted Well... Nicely Directed... But Doesn't Work...
stephenabell28 July 2019
This film is the story of a man who had an idea and ran with it... Oren Uziel the writer.

This is listed as a Comedy Horror Sci-Fi, though these are very loose categories as it's not funny and it's not scary and the aliens are only there as a driving force. In fact, the only category this film should be listed in is irritating.

So, you ask, if it's so irritating why have you given it a five-star rating?

I'm glad you asked.

The story idea is sound. Humans, Zombies, Vampires, and Werewolves have found a way to co-exit. They even go to school together, though they do have their own niches and cliques. This social cohesion is tenuous and one night it all falls apart when the Zombies rebel against the others. Their uprising is short-lived as the aliens arrive and start disintegrating the town members.

It's the fact that everybody is excepted and that nobody is the boogeyman, not even the newly Earthed aliens, that takes this out of the horror genre. If anything it's more dark fantasy.

For the most part, the writing is intelligent and strong and coupled with above-average acting it should be a decent and watchable movie. Trouble is it doesn't work. When this is combined with Robbie Pickering's direction it takes on the feel of trying too hard and comes off as pretentious at times.

The worst letdown is the film's humour. It would have enhanced the movie if the jokes had been a little darker and used various styles of joke-telling. Add one-liners, slapstick, sarcasm, and the long gag. The greats used everything they had in their bag of tricks to make us laugh... and even invented more. This movie though just goes for shouting and being a moron. If the character does both, as in The Teachers Lounge scene it's going to be a laugh riot...

NOT... The scene is risible and cringeworthy. I was close to turning off at this point and a part of me wishes I'd followed through.

At least the Big Change scene was nearly funny, thanks to both Joan Cusak and Bob Odenkirk.

If you like Horror or SciFi films I say stay away from this. If you like Comedy or Dark Fantasy I'd only recommend this if you definitely had absolutely nothing to watch. If anything, it's an example of how and why some films don't work. So if you're a budding film-maker then watch this film and learn how it shouldn't be done.
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