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Vince Vaughn: Alan


  • Scott : It is very clear that this guy is beyond lost and has no clue how to navigate his own actions.

    Sam : Uh...

    Scott : And what I like is he doesn't understand how the real world works...

    Alan : Right.

    Scott : ...and he's too afraid to show himself to the real world, and these are the seeds of his own undoing.

    Sam : Oh, I don't...

    Scott : He's a child. He's wandering alone in the woods... right?... Lost in the ether of his own neuroses. And this is powerful stuff.

    Alan : Yeah. He's saying you wrote the perfect pussy.

    Sam : The perfect pussy?

    Alan : Yeah, the perfect pussy.

    Scott : Now, around chapter 12... and I'm sorry to interrupt... but it's at this point in the story that it's pretty obvious that I completely side with the girl.

    Alan : See, for me, it's more around chapters 10 and 11.

    Sam : How can you say that? There's no real connection between them. It's not his fault.

    Alan : They were in love. He just wasn't cognizant enough to see it.

    Scott : Exactly, and now all she can do is accept the fact that he's completely inept.

    Alan : That's right. He had it. He lost it because he suffocated her with his own fear. In the end, I mean, it's obvious that it can only be one thing, and that's that he's destined to be alone. It's really honest, and it's really simple.

    Scott : Uh-huh.

    Alan : He's cut everyone out. He's gonna continue to do that. He's gonna get over his issues with his mom and all that stuff.

    Scott : He's gonna spend the rest of his life crippled by the fact that he wasn't able to show her love.

    Alan : And if he did wake up, it would be a lot of substances and a lot of years later.

    Scott : Mm-hmm.

    Alan : And at that point, she would have banged half of Manhattan, so he wouldn't want her anyway, so romance or no romance, it's... it's over with.

    Scott : Yeah.

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