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Season 4

13 Jul. 2017
Penn & Teller Teach You a Trick
Season premier includes an epic performance by sightless card mechanic Richard Turner, Young + Strange take second try, Mike Super does a small trick in a big way, Kayla Drescher brings the woman's touch to magic and the boys teach a trick.
20 Jul. 2017
Penn, Teller and a Mind Reading Chicken
Magicians looking to fool them this episode: Jonathan Burns does a cheesy trick, Jo De Rijck does a trick with his chicken, David Caserta saws himself in half, Jimmy Ichihana does a card trick that follows suit, and finally Penn and Teller do a trick with Hannigan on a couch in pajamas.
27 Jul. 2017
Teller Flips a Bird
Magicians looking to fool them this episode: Misty Lee takes a stab at Louie Anderson, Shin Lim returns with magical cards, Andi Gladwin swims for a win, Murray Hatfield (with assistant Teresa) tricks outside the box, and finally Teller performs as an unprofessional magician (while Penn plays a drum kit).
3 Aug. 2017
50/50 Chance
Magicians looking to fool them this time: escape artist Matt Johnson does a dangerous water torture chamber escape trick, wacky comedian-magician Siegfried Tieber does an impossible card trick with the assistance of Penn and Teller, Jason Fields does a trick with teleporting coins in front of the boys, professional fire eater Jessica Jane Peterson plays with fire and does a mentalist trick with a newspaper article, and finally, with the assistant of trusty Teller in the high tech control room, Penn does a particularly extravagant mentalist card trick in the middle of ...
10 Aug. 2017
Does This Trick Ring a Bell?
Magicians looking to fool them this time: steampunk enthusiast Dino Staats vaporizes Penn's one dollar bill with the help of "Science!", mysterious Aiden Sinclair, who has history with Penn, does a mentalist trick with Alyson and an evil doll, Swedish magician Axel Adler plays with a floating magic rings and a piece of cloth that can pass through solid matter, David Parr does a card trick by asking Alyson to copy all of his moves, and finally Penn and Teller honor the snobbish Magic Circle by having Teller guess a card without the use of his eyes.
17 Aug. 2017
Something Fishy This Way Comes
Humorous shock magician Dan Sperry terrorizes Alyson with his macabre coin trick, Jean-Pierre Parent shrinks Alyson, Scotsman Naathan Phan does a balloon trick, Richard Forget makes a paper bird fly, and Penn is now a mentalist goldfish.
24 Aug. 2017
A Big Round of Applause for Alyson
Ricardo Bordini enchants Alyson with his guitar, funnyman Yan Markson uses a mentalist app, Ondrej Psenicka has Alyson do a trick for him, sleight of hand veteran Glenn Morphew teleports cards, and P&T guess a computer password.
7 Sep. 2017
I Dream of Genie Tube
Magicians looking to fool them this time: Dennis Watkins synchronizes two deck of cards using magic, real life magic school professor Jeff McBride asks the heavens to quench his thirst with an endless supply of water, millennial CEO Kevin Li does a narrative trick with pictures from his travels placed on magic cards which makes Teller feel melancholic, Steve Marshall does a masterful dice stacking trick that his late mentor taught him, and finally Penn and Teller present the magic of little audience member Constance who pulls a rabbit out of nowhere.
14 Sep. 2017
Penn & Teller Are Full of Hot Air
Liberty Larsen traps Alyson's card in ice, Jorge Blass reenacts Prince and the Frog, "fooler" Paul Gertner returns with vanishing balls, funnyman Sergio Starman is haunted by heartache, and balloon versions of Penn and Teller do a trick.
21 Sep. 2017
Monkey Business
Sean-Paul and his wife have a mind-reading monkey, Jason Andrews walks on broken glass to get to his act, Eric Mead wows with coins and games the game theory, edgy Reza guesses everyone's card, and the audience does P&T's patriotic trick.
25 Sep. 2017
Penn Does the Heavy Lifting
Funnyman Stuart MacDonald and his magic mirror make some money, self-deprecating funnyman and cinefile Kyle Littleton plays movie cards with Alyson and the late supersized comedian Ralphie May, veteran turned street magician Lion Fludd does a card guessing game with Penn and Teller, husband and wife magic duo Fred and Bobbie Becker walk through metal, and Penn finally shows us where his weight went when he asks two audience members to lift a box for him.
28 Sep. 2017
Penn & Teller & Dracula
Magicians looking to fool them this time: funnyman Mike Bliss has two young ladies tie him up, Dobrokhotova Ekaterina from Canada does a guessing trick with Alyson inspired by Banksy's graffiti of the Balloon Girl, Javi Benitez from Spain does incredible artsy card tricks, Ran Gafner does a trick with ringing bells with the help of Alyson and five random audience members, and finally Penn and Teller return to their childhood to play with Dracula's undead balls.
30 Nov. 2017
Hanging Out with Penn & Teller
Magicians looking to fool Penn and Teller on the season finale: funnyman Patrik Kuffs uses a crossbow to do the most dangerous card guessing trick with Alyson, Todd Lamanske does an ace card trick with Alyson and the boys, Adam Wilber prints a $100 bill for a random audience member, Hector from Spain (aka "Hector Is Magic") plays with shadows and Alyson's wedding ring, and Penn and Teller's friends, magicians Jen and Amber, perform their own version of P&T's classic trick from Penn & Teller Get Killed (1989).

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