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Season 3

2 Sep. 2017
Tomber De Haut
During a snowstorm, Evangelyne and Percedal's home is visited by a travel-weary Pandawa. In the Sadida Kingdom, Amalia is tired of people wanting her to get married. Yugo and Ruel are searching for Adamaï.
2 Sep. 2017
Tel Père, Telle Fille
With Eva and Flopin missing and Percedal almost unconscious, Elely has to fight Poo on her own. Yugo and Ruel come to the Sadida Kingdom and are reunited with Amalia.
2 Sep. 2017
La Tour d'Oropo
Evangelyne and Flopin find themselves trapped in a mysterious tower. Percedal, Elely, Yugo, Amalia and Ruel want to rescue them and fall into a trap: a time bubble.
3 Sep. 2017
Pas si bête
The gang enter Oropo's tower to rescue Eva and Flopin. Inside they meet an Osamodas girl, who tries to convince Elely that Oropo and his brotherhood are actually good.
3 Sep. 2017
Les Iops se cachent pour pleurer
The gang arrive at the Iop floor of the tower, which turns out to be protected by Goultard. Percedal decides to fight him on his own and the fight brings back some memories of the moments the two of them shared.
9 Sep. 2017
L'Arbre à Ecaflip
Yugo, Amalia, Ruel, and Elely arrive at the Ecaflip floor of the tower. Its protector is Kerubim and Atcham's brother Ush. Being an Ecaflip he loves to gamble and invites the gang to play a game.
9 Sep. 2017
Faut pas flipper
The gang continue their climb. At the Feca floor they meet a demigod called Bump. He is willing to let them pass without fight, but he has a peculiar condition: he wants Yugo, Ruel and Amalia's pants to add to his underwear collection.
10 Sep. 2017
Arriving at the Enutrof floor, the gang find four doors, so they decide to split in order to find the exit quicker. Ruel remembers his youth and a girl he once loved.
10 Sep. 2017
Le Temple de Sadida
Yugo, Amalia, Elely, and fake Ruel arrive at the Sadida floor. Arpagone tries to convince the real Ruel to join her and Oropo. Evangelyne and Flopin manage to escape their prison.
16 Sep. 2017
Lorsque les murs tombent
Evangelyne goes into labor, and her new baby, having a demigod's strength, causes the tower to crumble. Only Oropo's power is preventing its total destruction.
16 Sep. 2017
Oropo tells the story of his birth, revealing his true identity and the motivation behind his actions.
17 Sep. 2017
Oropo is about to open the Hyperzaap and destroy the gods. As he reveals his true intentions and the fact that he lied to almost everyone, his brotherhood of demigods start to turn against him.
17 Sep. 2017
The Brotherhood of the Tofu and the demigods join forces to stop Oropo from killing the gods.

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