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  • The director gave this quote to "I think it's great the MPAA had a problem with almost every kill in the film", says Hall. "If they didn't, we wouldn't have done our jobs correctly. They have a job to do, and so do I ... and luckily Image has been super supportive and has committed to releasing the film UNRATED and on Blu-ray, which makes me happy. Just to clarify, there will be a rated R cut as well, but I think most outlets will prefer the hardcore unrated cut ... I know I do." also stated that: There is only one group out there who knows how to cut deeper than anyone else, the MPAA. Recently Rob Hall's upcoming film ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2 went before them, and guess what?!? They immediately slapped the movie with the dreaded NC-17 rating. Having already seen the movie, I can tell you as a fact there's no way this wasn't going to happen. LTR 2 is riddled with some of the most insane bits of violence and kills we've ever seen.


  • It's possible he's not dead - but it'll be strange. Probably answer to this question in ChromeSkull Part 3 - if there's one some day. Edit

  • The visual appealings in this movie were apparently too much for the MPAA which is why the Uncut Version was rated NC-17. The studio decided to release an Unrated Version for the home cinema market. In addition to that, there's a censored R-Rated Version (for strong bloody violence, language and some nudity) for store chains and video stores. Contrary to the prequel, the R-Rated Version doesn't contain a lot of alternate footage. Most of the time, the critical footage has just been cut. Nevertheless, there's less than 1 min. difference between R-Rated and Unrated. Edit



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