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Excellent Show. Wished it still aired new episodes
moviesrme1025 June 2013
I loved this show, I really did. The show was one of few cartoon network shows that I don't find ridiculously stupid, or unfunny. This show was clever and funny, with a decent voice cast with the always excellent Patton Oswalt. The characters were spot on as well. Thrasher and Blaster, were well developed, and looked cool. Each episode promised something new. While I wish the episodes were longer, (each episode is 11 minutes) at least it isn't two separate mini ideas in one 22 minute episode. Each 11 minute episode was released separate from one another, which I like. This show is a gem. It is very good. Also Netflix, airs this on instant, which is good. What they need to do is start making more dang episodes. This is an excellent show, that deserves a well needed pat on the dang back. Bring it back already!
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This show shoud've stayed on the air.
zackeryburgedd28 July 2011
I actually liked the show before it got canceled. I thought it was funny and I my friends at school thought it was funny as well. It's directed by the guy who does super jail. So if you like super jail then you might've liked this show. Pretty much this show was insane. You couldn't go one minute without a robot either burning, melting, or shredding. I hate to be Bender if he visited that place. From what I heard it had low foreign appeal and they had a short budget so they had to cancel. Which is ashame because this show had potential and I would've love to see more. I would've loved to see more adventures with Thrasher and Blastus as they try to survive Insanus, but oh well. Despite being 10 episodes it was a pretty good show.
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hgwqhge0322 August 2013
this is a good show, if you read my earlier reviews you should know I am a fan of dark humor and this show is great but very intense and violent and dark But this however is the best show I have seen on cartoon network since 2006 FINALLY CARTOON NETWORK you made a funny show! I also really like that this show has many references to pop culture, but they are done In a way that people will find them funny 20 years from now No way they can ruin this show right??? WRONG!!! this show got canceled after only 1 season 10 episodes JUST an ABSOLUTE ABJECT FAILURE whose idea was this?! I really hope they have a good reason for canceling the only good show on CN right now It is so sad it ended this way
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Robotomy is a very good show
dannylafontaine1324 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Robotomy is a very good show. but its not for little kids. robots get shot crushed and impaled. and in one episode a robot gets his organs ripped out. there's some mild swearing like crap and screwed. and there's some adult jokes. there's a robot that looks like a hooker. and a robot is mistaken for masturbating . with that being said i think Robotomy is more for older teens and adults.
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