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Uh, No, the Other Reviews are...
dugsite30 October 2011
The other reviews are all undoubtedly from folks promoting this flick, and/or those with some monetary stake in the movie. Even if this movie were free (and it can be) don't waste the time it takes to watch it (oh crap, I did that, shame on me). It's a typical low budget, low energy, low intellect, low entertainment B movie wannabe. It doesn't even strive for mediocre but heads straight for the recycle bin.

Your time is better spent sleeping than watching this yawner. So take it from this review, or take it from all those shills that have posted those strangely positive reviews, it's ultimately your time to waste. I wish I had spent the time sleeping.
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Waste of time
hobonek-usa15 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I saw the movie on DVD as a friend's choice. From the trailer I was unwilling to watch the movie & as it seems I was right. The film is tragically unacceptable & I believe that the producer, the director & the writer should be banned for life from the filming industry.

The story is full of blanks, the acting is below average & people is getting killed without any cause & explanation! The main character is a serial killer but we never learn anything about his life or mental illness.

As dugsite said: it's ultimately your time to waste. I wish I had spent the time sleeping

P.S.1 If I could vote 0/10, I would have done it

P.S.2 I can't understand what influenced the other reviewers to say this movie is a-must-see
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Escape from Escapee. Its Terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 hours Ill never get back
abien_aime2 November 2011
Listen trust me on this one. If you like bad acting bad direction bad and bad acting (Oh sorry did I say that twice?) then watch this movie. I am trying to figure out who paid the other reviewers to say this movie is good. First off the character development of the serial killer was not done very well. We don't know anything about him accept that he is a killer.We know Freddy's story, we know Jason's story whether we agree or not we have some incite into why some serial killers do what they do. The way some of the people get killed is just so plain predictable that I nearly feel asleep on this movie twice. Trust me on this, save 2 hours out of your life and do anything else with that time...
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Nothing special!
contactacb28 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Warning - May Include Spoilers!

You have been warned!

This isn't the worst film ever & it successfully bucks the current trend of films of this genre of having to use nudity, profanity and extreme gore to get attention.

But it is a little too subtle, too slow and with numerous plot holes.

When it ended (& I guessed it was just about to end before it did) I did think "Is that it?" Even by Movie standards the film features the most inept law enforcement and insecure secure mental facility ever seen, which doesn't help the credibility of the film.

Tension builders were predictable, tailed off before creating much suspense & the twists could easily be guessed in advance.

The supposed serial killer character wasn't supported by the back-story, he was the more typical 'domestic' type killer - single known victim. The character portrayal by Dominic Purcell was wasted, he did a good job but the material let him down.

Plenty of pretty people in the film, but little opportunity for decent acting! If it's on special offer it might be worth a shot if you want a change from current 'in your face' horror/suspense, but I wouldn't pay full rate for this.
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A murderer is caught and put in a mental hospital from which he escapes and goes after a girl
marianadulantob17 March 2012
The "Escapee" is by far one of the worst movies ever: bad acting, terrible script, repeating lines, no correlation... some lines can't even be understood. The plot is really poor and has a couple of gaps. Then, mistakes in costume, the stage design is cheap and seems that it was set randomly. This is a movie where the whole production apparently simply didn't care and neither did the director or the actors. Certainly there was not one thought put behind this movie. Just by watching the first 10 minutes you will feel disrespected as a viewer because there is no effort put into it, simply mistake after mistake. (We paid $13 for it). This movie is not worth 0.25 cents. AWFUL. DON'T WATCH IT.
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When BAD just doesn't cover it...
bob_bear29 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This film is without doubt one of the worst piles of poo I've watched in years. The production values are so cheap. No artistic direction. No FX...other than a smoke machine. Corny, clichéd plot. No suspense. Rotten.

I actually feel sorry for the younger members of the cast. The acting wasn't that bad considering the sow's ear of a script they had to work with. And as we know, you can't make a silk purse from one.

What is laughably known as a storyline bears no examination. A maniac escapes a mental asylum and, apparently, the local sheriff's department can only manage to send six officers out to search for him. The media is not informed because they don't want to worry local residents (?!) and two potential victims are left home alone to wander about in the dark. Bunkum.

Said maniac makes his way to primary victim's home without any way of knowing where she lives. Oh, I could go on but you get the drift. It's utter rubbish.

That the talentless director also wrote the gawdawful script says it all. One can only wonder where he got the finances to bring his "vision" straight to DVD -- and thereafter, to the bargain bin.

Don't watch. It stinks.
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Just another crap wasting time movie.
funwiseman216 November 2011
Great? good? a must see? wow....guess this is their first movie they watched in their lives, those who said that. I regret wasting my time watching this movie, where all actors seem like robots and act and talk by remote control. Don't waste your time and better spending it in sleeping. Everything in this movie is not acting and the story even not logic and just making us like fools. I wonder, where the director learned to make a movie and where the producers got the money to waste it in this low level movie. I never seen a worst movie than this one in my whole life and never would imagine there are people who wasted their money in making it. once again, don't even try to watch it and waste your time and money. there are many things better to do than watching this bad movie. my rating is -0000000000
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Terrible terrible movie!! Don't be sucked in by false reviews!! **Contains spoilers**
katielou_rox6 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
After reading the review on the page for this film i thought it sounded really good so was excited to see a good horror film. Dear oh dear how wrong was i!

Without giving too much away!.. The death scenes are a huuuuge disappointment, and do not compare at all to some of the decent horror films around these days!

The acting was mediocre, i found it hard to feel sorry for any of the characters. The storyline was a brilliant idea but was completely ruined by the terrible layout of the film, and rubbish ideas that did not keep the viewer interested! There were no shocks, and no big confrontations like you expect from a horror. The female main character had no real purpose in the film, and to say that the whole film was about a mental patient trying to track this girl down, there was no exciting ending when he finally did!!

I would never recommend this film to anyone! If anything i would warn people that it is two hours you will never get back!
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I Should Have Escapee!!!
manjodude10 April 2012
OK, I found the poster promising, so I bought this DVD.

Initially it seemed to keep upto my expectation with the creepy opening scene of the psycho leaving his victim as a trophy in the woods. Also, for a few more scenes, the suspense & the tension does not drop. I braced myself for the next strike from the madman. I braced, I braced and I braced. And that's all I was doing! Soon the movie moved tediously. Seems the killer decides to stalk his victims at his own sweet pace(much to our madness!) while our pretty girls jump at every Tom, Dick & Harry noise out there! And there are certain "exposing" conversations between our characters that's supposed to shock or keep us glued to what's happening but instead confuses us as they don't make any sense. If they could have done away with these unnecessary dialogs, the story could have been more engaging to me.

I appreciate the performances(at least some) though like Dominic Purcell as the psycho. His glaring looks & cold body language did decent justice to his character. Even Evangelista as Abby did pretty well. Rest of the actors were average.

It's just a movie but at the end of the day, I still wish the plot had made more sense.

Verdict: Learn from my mistake and escapee far away from this movie!
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I Feel Bad Dominic Purcell Agreed To This
gavin69425 April 2013
This film hardly deserves a solid, serious review. We have Dominic Purcell as a man who is locked up and one day sees a student on a field trip and apparently becomes obsessed with her. He breaks out ,and begins tracking her down.

Now, first of all, I feel bad that Purcell is involved in a "prison break" film, because he should really be trying to move away from such things. But anyway, he is the best part of this train wreck of a film. The plot is convoluted, it just seems to go where it wants... they could have had a violent psychopath killing people or a teen slasher, but it seems like they wanted this and something a bit more intelligent -- a combination they were not ready to pull off.

This is not the worst film I have seen this year, and probably not the worst film I have seen this month... but I would strongly advise people to watch just about anything else.
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Walking back to dreariness
cmoyton3 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
"Dominic Purcell from Prison Break" with a nice big picture of him and his shaven head on the cover of the UK DVD. Wait a minute !!! He doesn't even look like this in the movie - no shaved head , no orange coloured jump suit - could this be a cynical piece of mis-advertising by any chance??

I could accept that if the movie was any good - it isn't . This is a feeble rehash. It reminded me a bit of the Black Christmas remake minus the gore with a twist of Halloween minus the scares, tension , logic etc etc. Purcell cruises through on auto pilot on a script written on the back of a matchbox. His escape is so so easy and then at the end when the ten strong police force capture him - he escapes again - oh boy. Cue a harassed detective with the chief on her back, dumb ass but good looking twenty somethings who do senseless things, the thunderstorm , the power outage, the indestructible killer, She runs , he walks - he still manages to catch her!! All this and much much more!!!........minus any scares, gore, tension or reason for watching.
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There's actually a shot that lingers on a door-knob.
LeonLouisRicci23 June 2013
It's hard to imagine, maybe you can, that a group of "Filmmakers" are sitting around and someone (who now would deny it), perks up an says..."I know what we can do...let's make a Slasher/Psycho Movie and not show any of the Murders...the Fans will love it...and since its a Teen-Horror-Flick...we will have no nudity or sex scenes...boy oh boy will the boys be surprised."

If you are serious about making a serious Thriller with no Gore, no Sex, and very little on screen Violence, you better have one Helluva of a Killer Script with Dialog that is insightful and witty, with some surprises and enough suspense to keep things interesting, stay away from Clichés and above all, be Entertaining.

But, there isn't an iota of intelligence, creativity, or freshness in this tired, slow, no thrills, boring, badly Edited, horribly Acted, Valley Girl Scripted (to Moderns still talk like that), and let's not forget, inept Direction. There is nothing here that can be of the least bit of interest to Movie Lovers or Humanity in general. A bona-fide Stinker.
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Bad in General
sballish8528 December 2012
I think that this movie is so awful. And of course if you ask me why? I will say that the acting is boring and the plot is so predictable. They bring beautiful ladies to market this film. but they didn't manage to do this. I think that Dominic was good in "Prison Break" but in this movie his acting was so bad (there was no acting at all). All the movie is about killing, killing and killing. But we didn't know why the main character is a killer and why he is chasing an innocent girl. And as we know this girl Did nothing to him. This movie didn't teach us anything or even entertain us that's why I think that I waste my time. Can anybody tells me what did his brother do exactly?
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There's no escaping stultifying boredom if you bother to watch this painfully tedious horror wash-out
Woodyanders18 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Stop me if you've heard this one before: Vicious killer Harmon Porter (a blah portrayal by Dominic Purcell, who brings zero intensity or fearsome presence to his part) escapes from an asylum on your proverbial dark'n'stormy night (my, isn't that original ... NOT!!!) so he can go after pretty young psychology student Abby Jones (a solid and appealing performance by Christine Evangelista). Writer/director Campion Murphy totally fumbles the ball with the straight-down-the-line generic and predictable premise: The story plods along at an excruciatingly sluggish pace, the suspense and spooky atmosphere are both conspicuous by their alarming complete absence, the spare music fails to generate any much-needed zing, there's an appalling lack of logic (for example, how exactly does Porter figure out where Abby lives?), and the whole thing limps along to a frustrating and dissatisfying nonconclusion. Worse yet, Abby's two coed friends are a couple of irritating and unlikable bickering bimbos, the useless cops just stand around and do nothing, and, to add further egregious insult to already abject injury, we don't even get any decent gore or gratuitous nudity to alleviate the mind-numbing tedium. The big problem with this blandly done dud is that it not only brings absolutely nothing new to the table, but also it suffers from a crippling paucity of any essential energy and urgency. A real clunker.
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Funny in it's badness
ilaming30 May 2019
There is no doubt this is not a good film. The plot is weak and choppy, and the premise is ridiculous and so far fetched that it's impossible to suspend even the smallest bit of disbelief.

But that being said, I rather enjoyed this film. I watched it after a particularly vile day at work and it improved my mood considerably. It was so bad, it was funny. The best thing about the film, aside from Dominic Purcell, was the the silliness of the whole thing took my mind off the day I'd had.

Definitely wouldn't recommend it for someone wanting a good/serious thriller but if you enjoy a bad film for the sake of it being a bad film or to make fun of it, then give it a watch.
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nogodnomasters8 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This film was originally released in 2011 under the title "Escape" and was changed no doubt because of confusion with the C. Thomas Howell film by the same name. This feature opens with the murder of a woman. We see the killer wash his knife and hands. The hands have no blood, then a moment later they do? Plot point or an Ed Wood moment?

Once our criminal is caught and then escapes from a mental hospital 5 years later, the film focuses on three college girls. Abbey (Christine Evangelista) is the main character. She is serious and studious. She looks similar to the ex-girlfriend Harmon (Dominic Purcell) killed. Lynne (Carly Chaikin) is refreshing with personality, a character I wish would have been more utilized. Then there is Renee (Melissa Ordway) our blonde eye candy in bra and panties. In a different way, I wish they had utilized her more.

Yes, our criminal is headed toward Abbey and there is a twist which was rather meaningless. A twist for the sake of having a twist. I enjoyed the banter among the college girls, but the rest of the dialogue was boring. The slasher aspect was off camera. I would recommend watching " The Slumber Party Massacre" instead. A fairly boring slasher film.

Parental Guide: No f-bombs (I recall). No sex or nudity. Near sex.
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Loved ESCAPEE!!!!!
rprice195212 September 2011
I just saw the movie ESCAPEE for the second time and I absolutely loved it! I very seldom view a movie twice. I had to go back to see every detail I may have missed. It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time! The settings and sound effects gave me the sense of eeriness that pulled me into the story full force! Dominic Purcell's portrayal of the ESCAPEE seeped into my skin and I couldn't get it out of my mind. He had an unforgettable sinister glare that will stick with you!!The plot was filled with unexpected twists and turns. It makes you really think. The decisions that young adults make can sometimes come back to haunt you!! It is the chilling must see film of the year!!! Love it!! The only reason I gave it a 9 rating is that it left me wanting to see more!!
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excellent thriller
msmonicala3 September 2011
This movie is an excellent thriller. Shot in a Hitchcock type style. Lots of eye candy for the ladies and the men to enjoy. There are several actors and actresses that are beautiful. The plot is occasionally predictable, but overall it will leave you thinking could it really be... I had to give it nine stars instead of ten because of poor sound quality from the conversation scenes between the girls, in the beginning that were shot inside the older home. The actors did a wonderful job. The visuals were stunning and creepy at the same time. Music was perfect. Makeup was wonderfully natural. Costumes well done. Faith Ford as a police detective was totally believable. Her Boss and co-workers were funny-as intended ( I hope). Dominic Purcell did a great job making my skin crawl. Scott Elrod- can put on his police uniform and put me under undress, I mean arrest, anytime. He was a scene stealer, and a pleasure to watch.
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Give it a watch
cavegeta3 November 2011
Since it's already been said a few times I'll first mention that Escapee does have a certain Hitchcockian quality to it. Like Psycho, it does a good job of blurring the line between horror and suspense and it has twists that you don't see coming. Having said that, I'd probably liken it more to the earlier Halloween movies and the movies they inspired in that era. It's genuinely scary and fun to watch. Also like those movies, it was shot on a lower budget and contains some flubs that really only add to its appeal.

Bottom line, if you're a fan of this type of movie (see Halloween, Terror Train, Prom Night, etc.), Escapee will not disappoint.
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Heady Thriller Without Cheap Violence!
devonoday21 September 2011
A big fan of Hitchcock and horror that keeps an understated mind-game going the entire length of the film, this movie definitely does NOT disappoint! Lots of a-ha moments, that unravel at the end of the film leaving you with a sense of uneasiness. There are cliff hanging suspense moments that give thought that there's more than meets the eye even as final credits roll. Very well done, incredible edits, and a perfectly suited soundtrack make this a great'scary night at the movies'. Casting is believable and strong. New stars born in this film and a steady acting course held firm by the veterans, make this an interesting array of discoveries and familiarity. While JAWS made you want to never go near the water, there is a feeling that this 'land shark' is lurking in your will make you want to avoid camping trips from now on!
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Escapee Fright Night
Bprice43421 September 2011
I was home visiting family in Louisiana and decided to go see Escapee. I had heard it was filmed in Louisiana so I went. Boy was I glad to see a great thriller for a change. It was so good and scary! I loved Dominic Purcelll's portrayal of the Escapee! He was so believable and was a great actor. The other actors were not bad to look at either. Also loved how the fright moments got you. You could hear others jumping in their seats. I would highly recommend this thrilling film. I hear it was only a limited release but would like to see it go to other theaters. It is a must see thriller that will stay with you long after you leave the theater. It also had great messages about people making bad decisions.I would say the rating is a 9. Loved it!
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Scary in the old style Hollywood suspense-thriller tradition!
danforest121 September 2011
Escapee, the latest offering from Faith Ford, is awesome! Written and directed by Campion Murphy, Escapee is a non-stop thrill ride. Cinematography adds to the suspense, and helps keep the audience on the edge of their seats...Dominic Purcell is VERY frightening in this film...He portrays the psychotic killer/stalker with such realism that you will leave the theater looking over your shoulder...the rest of the cast, including the lovely Faith Ford, turn in solid performances as well! The refreshing thing about this film is that it is totally scary without resorting to graphic violence, nudity, or foul language. I'd happily recommend this film to ANYONE looking for a good, old fashioned fright fest!
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Wow! What a movie!
Cgrem318 September 2011
I just saw ESCAPEE and I have to say Yikes! I thought it was a great ride. The main characters were all nice looking too. They were really good actors also. Dominic Purcell was so realistic as the ESCAPEE. I loved his intense facial expressions. It kept me fixated the entire movie. I Noticed the entire movie theater didn't move either. I would highly recommend this movie to especially high school and college students. I am in my 30's and still enjoyed it! I would rate this thriller a 9 because I would see it again! You can't say that much lately with the movies coming out now. Thumbs up for ESCAPEE! I plan on spreading the word about this movie!
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Clever Mystery!! Spoiler Alert!!
cp5629 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I was worried that watching this with my teen aged kids would be too violent. I was pleasantly surprised to see that this film unlike others was not centered around senseless violence.It actually had a clever script built around a story that had you guessing right up until the end about who might be the "bad guys" in the movie. Both of my kids (they are so smart) claimed they figured out who was a secondary villain in the film.I didn't but what can I say, I missed the clues probably because I was too busy fixing them snacks.LOL I recommend this thriller/ mystery to anyone that wants to exercise their brain a bit and not be force fed gratuitous violence with a shell of a plot.Thank You for publishing my review! :)
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