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MPAA Rated R for violence and a brief sexual reference

Sex & Nudity

  • A girl talks about "doing him".
  • 2 girls talk about someone having porn mags and they had something "not glue" on them. Implying masturbation.
  • A woman is seen undressing to her underwear. She walks around in her bra and knickers.
  • A couple are seen kissing. They start to undress each other. We then only see their shadows. The male caresses her butt and breasts (clothed). The male kisses her stomach.
  • 2 friends talk about another friend "getting some".

Violence & Gore

  • Amount of people killed: 11 - most of them pretty gruesome.
  • A man is seen from behind holding a bloody knife. Blood is seen on his hand.
  • The body of dead woman is seen on the ground. (not graphic)
  • A dead naked woman is seen being dragged and hung upside down by a rope. Only her arms and legs are seen.
  • A man pushes a woman to the ground but is taken away.
  • A man is seen on the floor, he spits out blood.
  • A man is pushed to the ground a stabbed repeatedly. Blood is seen.
  • Blood splatter is seen on a wall, a body is then seen covered in blood. The killer is seen above with blood on him.
  • A man is strangled from behind with a towel. The killer is seen with blood on his face.
  • A dead body is seen face down with blood on him.
  • A man is beaten and dragged.
  • A naked corpse is seen under a sheet. Only his head and torso are shown.
  • A man is attacked (not shown) blood splatter is shown.
  • A woman is seen stumbling through the woods. She falls and screams.
  • 2 dead bodies are seen being strung up. Their faces are shown.
  • A man stubs out a cigarette on his own head.
  • A dead body is seen in the mirror of a car.
  • A gun is pointed at a man's stomach.
  • A man is stabbed (some blood is shown) his assailant is tasered.
  • A naked male body is shown being buried in a shallow grave.
  • A female body falls out of a cupboard. Something is stuffed inside the mouth. Her eyes are open and she looks quite scary.
  • A man approaches a man with a knife, a shot is heard.
  • A dead man is seen on a hospital bed, blood is seen on his face.


  • No f-words. Words such as: Oh God (as a profanity), Jesus (as a profanity), bastard, ass, friggin

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There are quite a few gruesome murders.
  • There is thunder and lightning throughout the film and there is no power so everywhere is dark.
  • A peeping tom is seen looking through windows.
  • A girl creeps up on her friend frightening her, this happens a couple of times.
  • A knife plunges through a camping tent and a womans scream is heard.
  • 2 girls look out of the window and a man's face appears at the window.
  • A window slams shut frightening a girl.
  • A hand bursts through a wooden door grabbing at a girl.
  • A man drags a girl along, she stabs him in the shoulder.
  • A man is seen behind a girl, she turns but he is not there.

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