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Sex & Nudity

  • The game is the best game in the universe
  • No sexual content whatsoever. Female characters are slim.

Violence & Gore

  • As you walk through the game there is a lot of dead corpses that have been brutally killed. They have body parts removed and there are a lot of blood trails
  • Before you jump out of the plane Carter (noble 1) is driving you see blood all over the window and see carter with a very beat up and bloody face. This could upset younger players
  • Grunts die very gruesomely in warfare even though they have blue blood. They can be shot in half. There are also suicide grunts that run at you with two armed grenades hoping to blow themselves and you up in the process
  • Explosions, crashes, fire, buildings being destroyed etc
  • Some aliens have red blood but when you shoot them a medium amount comes out. Also both aliens and humans leave pools of blood when shot and killed.
  • Most of the game is filled with basic gun violence from assault rifles to rocket launchers. Both aliens and humans will bleed when getting shoot, aliens do not have red blood. The amount of blood is more than the previously Halo games.
  • When you are not using firearms, you are either using a turret, or in a spaceship, or shuttle.
  • In the level New Exodus the city has been invaded by "The covenant" civil people are lying dead all around the city, killed by the aliens. The mission is quite suspenseful.
  • The game also offers the player to attack aliens with a knife, however the enemy must not be looking at you, making it a pretty rare occasion.
  • You can stumble upon some civilians or soldiers with an injury or wound.
  • The brutes are much larger than the player and aliens, and can be intimidating to younger players.
  • In space battles if you die, there is an explosion, and the pilot perishes. This may disturb some younger players.


  • F##k can be heard once or twice from marines. You probably won't hear it because it is so rare.
  • Bitch is used a lot
  • B###h is frequently used
  • The most diverse team in all of halo to show that they accept all races and genders
  • uses of mild profanity throughtout the game, such as (hell, damn, crap, shit, bastard).
  • Online players may use foul language. It is recommended to disable online chat for younger players.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Alcohol is referenced throughout the game
  • There is no drug use throughout the whole game
  • Smoking used about 3 times

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The aliens may frighten younger players, specially the Elites when they're seen up close. But the aliens have a pretty realistic appearance, and most aliens are covered in heavy armor. And not much of their faces are shown.
  • At one cutscene, your team are attacked by some elites (an alien spicie). They storm over your team and takes two hostages. One of the elites jump over you trying to kill you with a blade, he's face are really shown up close, he screams loud, and you'll se right up in he's throat. The sound of he's screaming may be frightening, the whole scene is intense.
  • Lots if intense scenes, similar to other Halo games.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • In one scene one member of your team is sniped in the head. You can see blood and sparks fly out. This scene is more emotional than violent and is brief
  • A man gets stabbed with an energy sword (no blood) Two men commit suicide, the first crashes a plane into a huge alien machine and the other blows up a ship while he is in it. Your death at the end of the game is very violent, you are thrown to the ground and stabbed repeatedly with an energy sword to death.
  • Almost all your teammates in this game die. Sad for younger players.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Sadly, this game may give people emotional scars after you gain emotions for the characters, who then are tragiclly killed or sacrifice themselves too give humanity a fighting chance
  • Sadly the planet is 'glassed', but it was not entirely as shown in the last scene where your helmet is a monument of the people who sacrificed themselves for this planet and people come back to the planet reach where it is full of glass
  • The whole game is about a planet being destroyed, it's a very dark and tragic atmosphere throwout the game with heavy causalities.You will se atomic bombs fired at reach (The planet) killing billions with only one goal, and that's to destroy Reach and humanity. *This may be physically distressing to someone.

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