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paulorcmartins9 May 2011
Knowing there is no intent to pick up later on SG, it's a sad ending :( The first of the SG endings that is not a "happy" one...

Sadly even, it's not even a "satisfying" ending. Sure it can be said only those who want will give Eli a tragic ending in their heads, but in the end, with all the "sideway slingshot episodes" SGU had, one can never imagine in ones head what a "happy suitable" ending would even be for Eli.

Having learned that SGA movie got dumped last April, sure do hope some of those brilliant minds come up with the idea of at least "wrapping" SGU up in a movie... That's the least these guys could do for more than a decades of fans!

Anyone around the globe think of starting a petition for a comeback on SG !? Sure do think we could gather up a good million signatures on it!
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news7710 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, I'm going to just write this one from my heart, rather than spending much time thinking about what I want to say. (Note: okay, so I did a little editing- what can I say? :)

SGU started very slowly, but *really* got better as time went by. I hung with it because the premise was so good (even though it was a bit of a retread of "Lost in Space," although infinitely farther away). And when the show started to pay dividends, it paid them very well.

This was arguably the most "pure" science fiction format of all the SG series, and it came to be, to my extreme surprise, arguably the best. I really came to care about these characters over the short course of the series, which is something I never would have believed in the beginning.

As for this final episode - it was indeed very moving, indeed, poignant. I realized how much I will miss these characters. I hate, in a sense, to see the show end on a sort of cliffhanger, but they probably didn't have the chance to write a true series finale.

But clearly it was intended to be a season finale (at least), and in that respect, it works beautifully. Still, it did raise a question for me (and here is the spoiler): does Eli even *try* to fix the remaining stasis pod? Or does he just figure he has no chance to get it ready in time, and so he essentially commits suicide by simply passing the time, enjoying the beauty of FTL travel in his final days and moments? I don't know. But I do know that that final scene - where Eli stares, smiles and watches in awe and wonder as Destiny flies faster than light through space and the stars - was just poetry. As soon as I first saw it, it became one of my all-time favorite scenes, ever.

It was great to watch these people come together over time, from Rush telling Young that their friction "ends now," to seeing Young & Ming Na start getting along as well, as so on - until they really did become a family, culminating with the superb dinner scene in this episode, with Young toasting them all. Just. Great. Stuff.

But it was that last scene that will stick with me. Truly beautiful, and deeply moving. The music by series composer Joel Goldsmith played a key role in making it work so well, and be so emotional. The music (mainly piano)is a great work- moving, beautiful, poetic; and it leaves no doubt Goldsmith belongs in the first rank of composers (note: you can find it on You Tube under "Stargate Universe soundtrack- Gautlet (ending music)").

Watching Destiny slowly shut down, while Eli stands alone, with the smile and wonder on his face- knowing he got to say what he wanted to say to his mother, and hearing her tell him that, despite being gone, things have actually turned out great for him, because of where he's been and what he's see... wonderful.

That beautiful FTL blue effect never looked better than it did in that final scene. And even if we (very sadly) never see an SGU wrap-up, they did end on a poetic, moving, final note.

Farewell, my friends.
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craigyas9 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This was the perfect ending to a show that was cut off right when it was starting to get on it's feet. I am pretty sure that Brad Wright knew that the series was ending because all of the pieces just fell into place. The crew got to say their goodbyes, and we finally see Young treat Rush like one of his own. Although it does appear that the flash blindness is not temporary, but permanent.This was a tearjerker at the end when Eli, knowing he will probably die, gives a weak smile as he looks out into the passing universe. While it is a cliffhanger I also think that it was a great ending to the best science fiction show to ever hit the airwaves. I have to say that the show has really come a long way since it's dark and humble beginnings, the crew really came together as one in the end, and the writers did a fantastic job portraying their feelings into the script, it is a sad goodbye to the crew as they go into stasis, but hopefully the show will be the same and comeback to life, perhaps even after the alloted 3 years. This would keep the timelier at present which all of the stargate episodes have roughly followed. All i can say is that I hope that the show is renewed, not in another form, but the same show that i have recently come to love. But like Eli looking up at the stars, it's hard to tell what the future holds.
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Another Day, Another Galaxy
XweAponX8 August 2014
In the previous episode, Destiny had to use a different brand of "Gas" to refuel, because the Army of Drones had set up a blockade around Destiny's regular Arco stations. We never saw the scope of that blockade until this episode.

Dr. Rush figures out a way to get supplies, but the encounter drains almost half of Destiny's tank of Stellar Gas. So something new has to be done, and Eli has the only viable solution: "Another Day, Another Galaxy" Ironically it took until the last few episodes for this crew to really start acting like a unified crew - And the crew-member who gets the prize for most improvement is of course Eli.

Eli was the one person you absolutely did not want to tell any secrets to when this show started, he would blurt out anything he heard. For that reason, Colonel Young tapped him for Ship narc so he could spy on Dr. Rush - When in fact Eli should have been inseparable from Rush from the start. And of course, Rush was No Saint, but this show had successfully shown us why he does what he does - He's a man who simply won't get distracted by things he cannot change, and that makes him appear to be crass. Plus, we've seen he has a lot to be bitter about, including losing Amanda Perry twice- But he has this in common with Eli now, or rather, Eli finally understands Loss like Rush does, after losing Ginn twice himself. Even Colonels Young and Telford, who would have killed each other if left in a locked room became much more Human, realizing their mistakes. And in Telford's case it was not strictly his fault. And it took Destiny itself to kick Young in the Arse, showing him vision after vision of destiny being blown up by the CGI Aliens who infected Chloe, because he was spending too much time at "Brody's Bar and Still". In fact, all of the characters, or at least the ones who survived until the end of the series became more human as the show went along.

By this time, Eli and Rush are working together more like they should have been, and also the rest of the crew, they are doing their jobs and not bellyaching about every little thing, and they are finally attacking their problems with a unified front.

But this last conundrum has only one solution, and by a twist of fate, Eli is the only one who won't be able to take part in it.

As Destiny enters FTL drive and Eli is sitting alone in the Observation deck, he gets that smile like he does when he's figured it out. And then you realize there is really only one thing he can do. And you have to think back, where DID Dr. Franklin actually go? Personally, I go for "Ascension", but anything is possible with Destiny, and in the Chair we have seen already in "Twin Destinies" that time potentially has no meaning there.

Music has always been the best part of this show, including a song by Flogging Molly "The Worst Day since Yesterday" which was used in a 1st season episode.

In this episode, we have a classical piano piece playing as Destiny heads off in her shortcut across galaxies - And Eli is all alone, sitting in the Observation Deck - We know he has thought of a solution, so due to the cancellation of this show, we just have to have Faith that he was able to apply it. So where we start with an Eli who was a spoiled brat Gamer, we leave the show with an Eli who has grown up considerably- Even willing to lose his life to gain it back not just for himself, but for the rest of the crew, even his Mad Uncle Rush.
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the end of the first Stargate Era
mihaicosmin200724 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
As much as the fans hoped, Stargate Universe did not get it's 3rd season, nor a miniseries or other form of continuation. Unfortunately, this closes up the franchise, at least for some years to come.

The episode Gauntlet has everything you would want to find an a real Stargate episode. Not too action packed, but still enough for everyone, impressive special effects, a lot of funny moments, a brilliant idea and a open ending cliffhanger. I for one hoped Rush would find an alternative to Eli's solution...

It's a shame that SGU got so awesome during the second season, yet the management of Syfy decided it didn't worth their time, and played around with the series, moving the airing night from it's established Friday in favor of wrestling. This series had so much potential, proved by this finale episode. Unfortunately for us, neither the writers not syfy were able to hardness its potential.

And so, jumping to FTL for the last time, Destiny leaves our known galaxy and into the darkness ahead. So does our long lived Stargate close for the last time. Hopefully, in time, the series will be continued.

Long live Stargate!
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brashkutis14 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I loved SG series. I re watched them many times. I don't like cliffhangers ,but this one was good. Touching. Maybe most of you will disagree, but I think Eli had(has) a way out. The neural interface chair room. When the chair is active the room freezes like stasis pod. And Eli could try to reprogram the room himself or ask someones who knows Ancients software to make the room act as stasis chamber. As you can see I'm writing this 3 years after the cancellation and I still hope the series will be picked up when Destiny arrives to the other galaxy the crew wakes up and find Eli in the chair room. Frozen, waiting to be revived like SG series.
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Sad ending
alphau23 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Such a sad ending to what I believe to be the best of all the StarGate series. Yes people that liked the first two series complained that the series was a dark and that the characters lacked emotion but in the end they really came together. The series ending like this, with no wrap up, with Eli smiling to a uncertain future was truly sad. Since the last review's were in 2011 and being hopeful of some continuation to the story, I am sorry to say that nothing has come to fruition. It was a true SciFi, not a happy go lucky one like Atlantis was and I will always remember it as one that I truly loved, like Babylon 5. Hope to see you come back one of these days...
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