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MPAA Rated R for language and brief nudity

Sex & Nudity

  • From a camera angle above a large bed we see a woman and a man, completely nude and lying on their sides, facing each other, with knees bent; we see her breasts, and their chest and buttocks.
  • A close-up shows the hip and buttocks areas of a woman playing guitar while wearing short shorts that reveal full thighs and legs under sheer hosiery.
  • An older man and a woman stare at another man and another woman kissing outdoors at night and we see the kissing couple kiss passionately for a couple of minutes and rub each other's arms; the woman's top has thin straps that reveal bare shoulders, arms and cleavage, as well as some of her abdomen.
  • A husband and his wife meet one night and kiss for several seconds; he opens his mouth wide and places his mouth on her throat under her long hair.
  • A man and a woman embrace briefly in an alley and later, they kiss briefly.
  • Three scenes feature a husband and wife in bed, tangled in dark sheets and covered.
  • A man and a woman dance to rock music in a bar; his hands are on her buttocks and her hands on his as they sway and writhe.

Violence & Gore

  • A woman discovers a living room wrecked and several vinyl records and guitars broken, and then a dead man in a sitting position on a couch, with the side of his throat and neck featuring teeth marks and fang holes as well as blood covering the throat; a woman sitting on the couch has a bloody mouth reaching to her chin and we hear that she "drank" the man, sucking his blood and the first woman puts her out of the house and throws her suitcase after her as the blood covered woman shouts obscenities while she walks away; the first woman summons her husband and together they roll the dead man into a carpet, put him into their car trunk, they drive to an abandoned parking garage and throw the dead man in the carpet over the side of a short wall and into a pool of toxic waste, which instantly dissolves the flesh to leave only a skull and clothing, which sink into greenish-black water.
  • An elderly male vampire lying on a chaise and under a blanket wheezes, saying that he drank blood from a batch of contaminated stock; he closes his eyes and dies and a man and a woman in the room cry loudly.
  • Men and women in close-ups drink a deep red liquid in several scenes and we hear that it is blood from liqueur glasses; they lean back in chairs or on a couch, smiling open-mouthed in ecstasy for several seconds (please see the Substance Use category for more details) and their teeth and fangs are covered in blood and look yellowish/red.
  • A man and a woman drink from a small flask several times and we see blood on the corners of their mouth and on their tongue.
  • A woman drops a flask of blood; the blood pools on the carpet and then coagulates.
  • A woman points a pistol at her own chest and her husband slaps it away fast, with a loud whoosh.
  • A male vampire and a female vampire stare at a man and a woman kissing outdoors at night; they approach the second couple with eyes shining and mouths opened to reveal fangs as they quickly approach the camera lens and the screen cuts to black.
  • A husband and his wife talk about hundreds of years of human rights violations and the slaughtering of intellectuals during inquisitions, as well as about wars and floods and fires; the woman says that it is a waste of time to dwell on them while the man says repeatedly that humans are zombies who are ruining the world.
  • A man poses as a doctor in two scenes, wearing a surgical cap and mask, and a white coat with a stethoscope; he enters a hospital at night, proceeds to a laboratory, startles the technician in both scenes and purchases several containers filled with blood.
  • A man posing as a doctor passes an ER cubicle where a woman's thigh and knee are undergoing a re-bandaging and blood appears on the leg and sheets under her (he stares for several seconds and moves on).
  • An actor dressed as a vampire with large fangs and a cape dances with six music video dancers, looking at their throats in turn (please see the Sex/Nudity category for more details).


  • About 21 F-words and its derivatives, 9 scatological terms, 2 anatomical terms, 10 mild obscenities and 3 religious exclamations (e.g. Oh My God and My God).
  • Name-calling (weird, nutcase, Dr. Strangelove, Dr. Caligari, old pack rat, zombies, snobs and philistines.)
  • Stereotypical references to men, women, vampires, non-vampires, zombies, jealous sisters, intellectuals, writers, musicians, drug dealers, the French, Detroit and Los Angeles.)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Two men in a doorway in an alley at night offer a woman an unknown substance by calling out.
  • A man in an alley tells a woman that he has "What you need" (implying drugs) and she walks on.
  • A man and a woman walk down an alley at night and two men at different points call out that they have something they need and a third man says that he has "something very special," (implying drugs) and they move on.
  • We see a few bottles of alcohol in a bar and some tall glasses of liquid on the bar.
  • Men and women dance in a bar and hold beer bottles while two men drink from bottles of beer.
  • A man and a woman drink several times from a flask while standing or sitting in an alley.
  • A man in a café rolls a cigarette and smokes.
  • A woman in the background of one shot sits at a bar where cigarette smoke seems to be rising.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There are no particularly intense scenes.
  • The vampires drink small glasses of blood several times throughout the film.
  • A person is found dead with a bite mark on his neck.
  • A corpse is thrown into a corrosive fluid and we see it dissolve.
  • ((for lack of a better place to put this warning- - a character contemplates suicide to the point of holding a gun to his chest, no shots are fired but this may be unsettling to some))

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