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Mooie film
wim-eising-spam15 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Very good cast: very good actors. Especially Dik and his father are great, in a very warm way, very pleasant. The story is great as well. Very funny details in the movie, like the cycle machines in the class rooms. ha ha ha. And the scene with mom in the change rooms in the shop. And daddy in the supermarket. ha ha ha What a pleasure to watch this story unfold. We enjoyed it thoroughly, my daughter and I on the couch, on a Friday evening. The end with the dancing team is heart-warming as well. Good-feel movie. and the extras in the form of the making off and flash mob were nice to see. All professionally done. One little pity is that the movie had a bit too much of a message fat is beautiful since happy people, and thin people are normally not friendly. Dik is going to be a famous actor in the near future. Recommended for kids 6-15 I reckon.
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Are these people serious? Wrong message...
mustafabasaran6724 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
There are problems with acting but not so serious since this is a family movie targeted children. Also there is no special effects that attract children who are used to special effects and fast pace. So what you would expect from a slow movie about obesity; good story and good take home messages about the merits of fitness and health. For this movie, forget everything. This is a story about a obesity, however, instead of making a film against obesity, in the era of obesity, these people preferred to make a film that praise obesity and create an ending that obesity wins over fitness and exercise with lean people were persuaded to eat hot dogs !!! This should be a joke. Especially, families with obese children, you should stay away this title.
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