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16 Jan. 2012
Weekend at Benson's
When Mordecai and Rigby accidentally knock Benson unconscious, they try to make it seem like it was a dream by dropping him off at his apartment, but end up taking him to his neighbors party to help him impress her.
23 Jan. 2012
Fortune Cookie
Benson takes the gang to a Chinese Restaurant on a count of his streak of good luck. But when Rigby switches his fortune with Benson's, he gives his bad luck to Benson.
30 Jan. 2012
Think Positive
Pops threatens to fire Benson if he does not stop yelling at Mordecai and Rigby.
6 Feb. 2012
Skips vs. Technology
Skips tries to learn how to use a computer when Mordecai and Rigby need him to fix Error 220, a virus that as infected the house computer.
13 Feb. 2012
Butt Dial
Mordecai accidentally pocket dials Margaret on his cell phone, and he has to erase the embarrassing message he left on her voicemail.
27 Feb. 2012
Mordecai wants to win a hat for Rigby by eating a huge omelet.
5 Mar. 2012
Gut Model
Muscle Man wants to be appreciated at the park so he threatens to leave and take a job as a gut model.
26 Mar. 2012
Video Game Wizard
Mordecai and Skips decide to work together to win the grand prize in a video game tournament. When Rigby finds out Mordecai chose Skips instead of him, his feelings are hurt.
2 Apr. 2012
Big Winner
Mordecai and Rigby have to tell Muscle Man that the million dollar scratcher ticket they gave him for his birthday is a fake without getting killed for it.
9 Apr. 2012
The Best Burger in the World
Mordecai and Rigby try to outfox Benson using holograms so that they can eat the best burgers in the world.
16 Apr. 2012
When Benson tries out an ostrich and a possum as replacements for Mordecai and Rigby, they have to fight for their jobs.
30 Apr. 2012
Trash Boat
Rigby changes his name and has to change it back when he realizes that he picked the stupidest name ever... "Trash Boat."
30 Apr. 2012
Fists of Justice
Mordecai and Rigby have to do Skips' work for the day when he cashes-in a coupon that they gave to him on his birthday.
7 May 2012
Yes Dude Yes
Mordecai thinks that Margaret is engaged, and he wants to find a girlfriend as soon as possible to try and get over her.
14 May 2012
Busted Cart
Mordecai and Rigby bust up the cart and have to go on a road trip with Benson to the dealership before the warranty expires.
28 May 2012
Dead at Eight
Death will spare Muscle Man's life if Mordecai and Rigby babysit his kid and have him asleep before he returns.
4 Jun. 2012
Access Denied
Margaret and Eileen invite Mordecai and Rigby to a club, but they are denied entrance because their clothes aren't good enough.
18 Jun. 2012
Trucker Hall of Fame
After Muscleman's father dies, Benson asks Mordecai and Rigby to help him get to the Trucker Hall of Fame to spread his Dad's trucker hat ashes.
25 Jun. 2012
Out of Commission
When the golf cart owned by the Park goes out of commission, Benson orders Mordecai and Rigby to throw it away. But before throwing it away, the cart comes to life asking them for one more day alive.
16 Jul. 2012
Fancy Restaurant
Muscleman has to learn proper mealtime etiquette when he decides to take Starla and her parents to a fancy restaurant to impress them.
23 Jul. 2012
Have you ever read someone's diary? Well has that diary released a giant guardian that wants to destroy you if you don't tell a deep secret? Mordecai, Rigby, and Skips does when Margaret asks if Mordecai and Rigby will water her plants they destroy her diary. But when Skips helps them a little peek from Rigby releases a giant Margaret guardian which they can only stop by like I said a deep secret. Will they reveal a secret or be destroyed by Margaret's diary?
30 Jul. 2012
The Best VHS in the World
Mordecai and Rigby have to return an overdue VHS to the store so they won't be banned from renting new movies.
6 Aug. 2012
Muscle Man vows to never prank again when one of his pranks injures Pops. A rivalry park takes this opportunity to attack the park with pranks of all kinds. The only way the park can be saved is if Muscle Man decides to prank again.
13 Aug. 2012
Death Bear
Rigby challenges Mordecai to get a picture inside Death Bear's cage at the abandoned zoo to prove that he isn't afraid of the old folklore.
20 Aug. 2012
Fuzzy Dice
The gang tries to win a pair of fuzzy dice for Pops' Birthday. But its not for sale and it is only located in a smelly, greasy arcade known as the "Fun-Fun Zone".
27 Aug. 2012
Sugar Rush
When Mordecai and Rigby are given the task of getting donuts for the morning meeting, they buy dangerously double-glazed apple fritters, which Pops eats and becomes high on sugar.
11 Jun. 2012
Muscle Mentor
After getting fired by Benson, Rigby goes into the mentor program and Muscle man turns out to be his mentor, things don't go to plan.
3 Sep. 2012
Bad Kiss
Mordecai tries to fix his bad kiss with Margaret by using Rigby's time machine.
1 Oct. 2012
Exit 9B
When everyone is brainwashed and the park is destroyed, Mordecai and Rigby have to bring everyone back their old selves so they can prevent a highway from being built over the park.
8 Oct. 2012
Starter Pack
Mordecai and Rigby try to get Muscleman to stop pranking Thomas when they realize that his pranks are getting out of hand.
15 Oct. 2012
Terror Tales of the Park II
Mordecai and Rigby are driving to a Halloween party and tell scary stories to pass the time.
22 Oct. 2012
Pie Contest
Mordecai and Rigby take over the duty of judging the Park's Pie Contest, but realize that the job isn't all that easy when they find out that they have to pick a winner.
29 Oct. 2012
150-Piece Kit
Benson tries to assemble a 150-piece drum kit to prove that he performed a famous drum solo for a well-known rock band.
12 Nov. 2012
Bald Spot
When Muscle Man notices a bald spot on his head, he tries to cover it to keep Starla from seeing it at their date.
19 Nov. 2012
Guy's Night
Pops tries to complete the Milk Challenge to prove that he is worthy of becoming one of the guys.
26 Nov. 2012
One Pull Up
Rigby must perform a single pull-up to avoid being fired on the grounds of poor personal fitness.
3 Dec. 2012
The Christmas Special
Mordecai and Rigby have to destroy a gift for Santa, to save Christmas.

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