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Season 6

9 Oct. 2014
Maxin' and Relaxin'
When Mordecai offers to pick up a mix tape from his parent's house, CJ decides to go with him and meet his parents. But, from past memories, Mordecai worries that his Mom will embarrass him.
16 Oct. 2014
New Bro on Campus
In high school, Muscle Man wants to show that he is cooler than the new student on campus.
23 Oct. 2014
Daddy Issues
CJ joins the mini golf tournament but finds out that her dad signed up. Will she beat him?
29 Oct. 2014
Terror Tales of the Park IV
Mordecai, Rigby, and the gang decide to visit Muscle Man's mother on Halloween. On the way the group tells ghost stories, including one where Mordecai and Rigby die and return to haunt Benson.
30 Oct. 2014
The End of Muscle Man
The gang tries to help Muscle Man finish his bucket list.
6 Nov. 2014
Lift with Your Back
Rigby tries to prove he can earn a paycheck, but the only job he is qualified for is a strict moving company with a boss that requires him to life boxes with only his back.
13 Nov. 2014
Eileen Flat Screen
After Eileen winning a flat-screen tv, Rigby decides to install her new tv to surprise her. The only problem lies within Eileen's roommate who wouldn't let anything new come around her house.
20 Nov. 2014
The Real Thomas
After Rigby finds out something unusual about Thomas in the night, he decides to explain his friends about the incident. Meanwhile things starts to turn dangerous when they find out the mysterious truth of Thomas.
4 Dec. 2014
White Elephant Gift Exchange
The gang gets back at Muscle Man after he gives them bad gifts.
4 Dec. 2014
Merry Christmas Mordecai
After preparing for Eileen's Christmas party, Mordecai finds out that his ex-girlfriend Margaret will be there which leaves him extremely nervous since he doesn't want things to go complicated when he's together with C.J..
8 Jan. 2015
Sad Sax
Mordecai tries to get back with CJ.
15 Jan. 2015
Park Managers' Lunch
The gang follows Benson to his Park Manager's Lunch hosted by Gene, the rival park manager, thinking that it is all just and elaborate hoax.
22 Jan. 2015
Mordecai and Rigby Down Under
During an early morning after a late night of partying, Mordecai and Rigby try to take a nap in a patio furniture crate and accidentally get shipped to Australia.
29 Jan. 2015
Married and Broke
Muscle Man and Starla participate in a game show to try to win their dream wedding.
12 Feb. 2015
Format Wars II
When Mordecai, Rigby and their friends decides to rent a movie on laserdisc, a new prophesy tells them that an all new Format War is heading so they need to be prepared to end the Fomat Wars once and for all.
19 Feb. 2015
Happy Birthday Song Contest
Mordecai and Rigby enter into a contest that gives the winner a chance to re-create the "Happy Birthday Song".
26 Feb. 2015
Benson's Suit
Benson finds a suit that is designed for battle. But some bad people want it
5 Feb. 2015
I See Turtles
Eileen and the gang decide to watch the hatching of the turtles and their descent into the sea.
5 Mar. 2015
Gamers Never Say Die
After Mordecai and Rigby play an old video game, they earn a map that leads them to the special prize, "Maury Moto's Golden Game Badge".
12 Mar. 2015
1000th Chopper Flight Party
Mordecai awkwardly attends a party at Margaret's house, hoping to take a piece of cake for C.J.
19 Mar. 2015
Party Horse
After a horse, with a love of partying, crash-lands on Earth, Mordecai and Rigby learn that he has to pass his U.S. History exam, or else he can never party again.
26 Mar. 2015
Men in Uniform
Party Horse: The guys want to help Party Horse pass his U.S. History test. / Men in Uniform: The park guys want to keep the park open for business.
2 Apr. 2015
Garage Door
When the garage door gets destroyed, after a practical joke played by Mordecai and Rigby, they must traverse through a dangerous warehouse to get a new one.
9 Apr. 2015
Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special
The Gang fights a giant robot monster bird.
22 Jun. 2015
Not Great Double Date
Margaret's double date isn't going so well. Del Hanlon has to pretend he's her boyfriend, but he isn't so good at acting.
23 Jun. 2015
Death Kwon Do-Livery
Death Kwon Do-livery: Mordecai and Rigby want to help save Death Kwon Do sensei's life. / Lunch Break: Mordecai and Rigby want to finish a ten-foot sub.
24 Jun. 2015
Lunch Break
Mordecai orders a ten foot long sandwich and Benson will fire him and Rigby, if they don't finish the sandwich before the day ends.
25 Jun. 2015
Dumped at the Altar
The gang helps Muscle Man get married, but problems arise that involve Mordecai and CJ.

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