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Sex & Nudity

  • In a (optional) side mission the player character is instructed to recruit 3 individuals to work as prostitutes for a casino. One of them is a robot refered to as a "sex bot", a man, and a zombie like ghoul. This can be very weird or uncomfortable to the player.
  • There is some very suggestive things in sex & nudity, however these do not serve as the main purpose of the game. Also other than occasional characters seen in revealing clothing and some suggestive dialog it is avoidable as the rest only happen in specific locations which can be mostly avoided.
  • An (optional) side quest deals with freeing several people who are forced prostitutes.
  • Couple locations offer sexual encounters, although everything is off-screen.(completely optional).
  • There are strip clubs with dancers, although they are only partially nude.
  • Some Suggestive sexual dialogue.
  • In a couple locations, loud sexual moans can be heard in the background. (Hard to hear, and lead to nothing. If you're not listening hard, you will probably miss them)
  • There are prostitutes on the strip in revealing outfits, although they can't be hired.
  • The player character can be disrobed, leaving them in (very modest) underwear. As well as dead enemies and any dead npc's if you take their armor.

Violence & Gore

  • Melee weapons (such as knives or baseball bats) are often seen with blood on them by the end of a fight.
  • Gameplay consists of alot of gun violence throughout including some sci/fi violence which is more mild (such as laser guns, robots or creatures fighting eachother).
  • Although its not its only purpose, a perk in the game titled "bloody mess" is eventually unlocked and when chosen as a perk it makes deaths more violent with greater amounts of blood.
  • Infrequent offscreen and non graphic depiction of cannibalism as well as some people are implied to be cannibals.
  • Fallout: New Vegas is extremely violent and bloody.
  • Limbs and heads can be shot or chopped off, with copious amounts of blood splatter.
  • Heads can explode if shot, spraying blood and brain matter all over the environment.
  • There is occasional disturbing, graphic violence in cut-scenes and scripted events.
  • The player character can and will find things like mutilated dead corpses, heads on spikes, and people crucified on telephone poles.
  • There is also graphic violence against the various mutated creatures across the wasteland.
  • (Killing is not glorified, per se, and there is a karma/reputation system that discourages wanton violence.)


  • The profanity is suggestive for young teens, although most profanity is infrequent there is some mild to strong language used throughout, as well as a couple derogatory terms, and occasional sexual dialog.
  • Couple infrequent explicit phrases; "son of a b**ch", "i don't give a...", and "c*cksucker".
  • Couple locations have explicit graphiti/writing, such as a door has "f--k you" written on it. (These are very infrequent as they are in few locations and can be easy to miss). But one of the loading screens has the phrase "f--- the n.c.r." written on a billboard, this may be seen more often.
  • Fairly strong
  • About 3 or 4 uses of F*** in the campaign, depending on the choices made, and a couple more in side quests and some may be shouted by enemies. So, although it is fairly infrequent, there is still some strong language. (Not entering the Gommorah will cut a lot of the language out, as most of the characters in there will curse whenever you look at them.)
  • Infrequent uses of milder language, such as "S***", D***, A**, and Hell.
  • Infrequent racial slurs
  • There is however an easily accesable mod for pc that removes all strong language: F***, S***, G*****n, and other such things.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Couple people often appear drunk on the strip. In one random encounter on the strip, a drunk soilder is seen throwing up.
  • In a random encounter 3 drunk women are seen dancing on a fountain outside a casino. A soilder approaches and scolds them till the women run across the street into the other casino.
  • Packs of cigarettes, cigars, and their ashtrays are seen around during exploration. You are also able to pick them up. But all acts of smoking can only be done by other characters.
  • Theres a couple casinos open in new vegas, they have a bar where alcohol is sold but mostly consist of gambling, which the player can participate in by placing bets while playing roulette, blackjack, and slots.
  • Characters drink and smoke.
  • Alcoholic beverages and fictional drugs can be purchased and used, causing the screen to go blurry and altering player attributes.
  • The player character can become addicted to alcohol or drugs and need to seek treatment.
  • Many supporting characters are junkies and drug manufacturers.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • If it were a movie it would be rated R for graphic and sci/fi violence, gore, strong language, disturbing images, use of drugs and alcohol, and some brief sensuality.
  • This game takes place in post apocalyptic america from a nuclear war. Destoryed/abandoned structures and towns as well as mutated or deformed animals and creatures and the overall feel of the game may be found unsettling or a little eerie at times to players.
  • Some dark humor. Especially if a player adds the perk titled "wild wasteland" random encounters and easter eggs occasionaly happen and are seen as humorous or quirky but are often very dark.
  • If this game were a movie, it would be rated R for Graphic and Brutal Violence throughout, some language, and for Drug and Sexual Content
  • Thematically more disturbing than Fallout 3.
  • The rampant drug addiction could be considered disturbing.
  • Depiction of slavery.
  • Gross, irradiated creatures.
  • The horror aspects have been toned down from Fallout 3, and the setting is much more civilized.
  • without the mods that tone down violence and language, 16+. With those mods, probably 15+


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • If you play as a female Courier, and you have the "Black Widow" perk, you can sleep with Benny, the man who shot you, almost killing you, but he makes funny jokes while you have sex with him. And you can either kill him in his sleep and take his things, or let him live and have one of the Mojave's greatest factions, Caeser's Legion; a Roman War-based faction, take him and either kill him yourself when you find him, or let them crucify him

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