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  • Sheriff Nick is haunted by the of Teresa, the vindictive ghost ghost of the man he had to shoot in Chicago. Worse, she now corporally attacks his family, nearly drowning clueless Charlie, who is already so badly shaken by his break-up with Andie that his sister starts mediating. Dylan and Claire just felt comfortable inviting Emily to question them about her adoption, when her aunt Nancy invites herself and a social worker to subject the Radcliff family to endless questions.

  • A grim secret has been buried and forgotten in the sodden banks of the river . . . or has she? Nick's past once again comes back to haunt him, and this time the demons are more real than he could fathom. Claire fears her own family is in jeopardy when Emily's Aunt Nancy shows up with a social worker in tow, asking pointed questions about life in the Radcliffe home. Dana realizes that a lovesick brother is a miserable person to live with, and endeavors to reunite Charlie and Andie. But the teen romance is put on hold when someone - or something - plots to torment the Monohan family.


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  • "The Gates" - "Surfacing" - Sept. 12, 2010

    Fresh hell is unleashed in the Gates tonight in the form of a tortured teen, a tortured spirit, and a Children's Service worker bringing torture.

    First up is Nick, because he's having nightmares about Theresa's death. Devon sneakily figures this out by giving Sarah a "dream sachet" that she claims is supposed to help Nick sleep when Sarah slips it under his pillow but doesn't. Instead she brews the herbal contents and is able to see Nick's vision of Theresa's death. Later she makes Sarah forget she came seeking her help so she brings Nick back in and Devon offers up one of her special teas. Even though Nick takes it you can tell he's not having any of Devon's flaky business.

    Meanwhile, Devon actually uses a summoning spell to bring Theresa back from her watery grave to haunt Nick. First she stalks him via visions at the office, then his car, and then he has vision of her on the street. He's worried she's not actually dead so he gets her gravesite location from Dylan and goes to dig. All he unearths is wet mud and the necklace he remembers her wearing. In the process he cuts his hand.

    He goes to see Dr. Peg who coaxes out of him that he's seeing visions of something and she counsels him to confront the spirit to help it move on. When the angry Theresa shows up again at the station he yells at her to leave him alone and the vision vanishes. He goes to her swampy grave and throws the necklace in it.

    Nick's thinking everything is hunky dory except Theresa has decided to move on to his family. First she frightens Dana by making spooky noises and spilling muddy water everywhere. Then she almost drowns Charlie in the pool. And in her coup de grace she submerges her necklace in the garbage disposal, Sarah fishes it out and puts it on, thereby later allowing Theresa to actually possess Sarah's body undetected.

    As Nick frantically calls Dr. Peg for help ThereSarah pulls a gun on Nick. He begs her to leave his family alone. She wants justice, which means Nick's death. But she'll take whoever she can get apparently because when Leigh comes in, weapon drawn, ThereSarah shoots her. Nick acquiesces. They go out to the swampy gravesite and Nick shows genuine remorse for accidentally killing her brother. This must be enough justice because as he puts the gun to his head Theresa leaves Sarah's body and Sarah collapses.

    Nick brings her back into the house, where it turns out Leigh is fine because she was wearing a vest and the kids slept through everything. When Sarah awakes she has no memory of what happened. Nick finally comes clean about everything nutty and supernatural about the Gates. Not surprisingly Sarah is flabbergasted and wants to leave.

    Charlie has his own problems and they include sulking about his succubus ex. He's taking his frustration out on Dana, who doesn't care for this behavior. So she invites Andie out for frozen yogurt and tells her to do what she needs to do to get back with Charlie so he'll be happy and subsequently so will Dana. Andie explains that she told Charlie a very personal secret and he rejected her so there's not much she can do. So Dana goes to Charlie and tells him to get over it. After almost drowning, that's exactly what he does. He reads up on succubi and goes to Andie and apologizes and tells her they will make it work somehow.

    It's a similar happy ending for the Radcliffs after Aunt Nancy springs a surprise visit from Children's Services on them to make sure Emily's home life is "safe." Although the pair worry that Emily may tell the social worker something weird since she caught Clair "drinking" - to be fair what looked like wine from a wineglass. But Emily instead paints vivid stories of a happy home life and tales of dragonslayers so Clair and Dylan don't have to kill anybody. The social worker is satisfied but you can tell Aunt Nancy is still suspicious and she asks to see the adoption papers as the final piece of giving her approval. Clair and Dylan decide it's time to tell Emily the truth about what they are so she understands they aren't ashamed. They sit her down and before they can confess she says she knows already. She asks how old they are and though they don't give specific ages Dylan says he used to walk the streets of London before there were cars. Clair says she's not as old but the cool part is she'll never get old. Emily seems happy and intrigued and Clair and Dylan are happy and relieved.

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