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Sad copy
stefan-574-69012212 August 2014
It is a petty to see how they took the Australian (or UK) show and changed it to break people instead of building and teaching.

It is a completely different atmosphere compared especially to the Aussie version.

The Brits and the Aussies also have the MasterClass episodes that are really educational.

There are elements that are interesting in seeing how contestants form informal teams as well as having to team up with "enemies". Still - quite more subtly executed in the original series. I recommend watching the Australian version.
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What a joke
firststriker25 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I haven't even seen porn more over scripted than this! This show is an absolute cracker of a joke. For those of you who've seen the Australian version, just compare the first episode where they simply rip off the scene of an Australian contestant during the auditions. It's where an Asian woman seemingly got a second chance to cook in front of the judges and got sent back home to grab some ingredients in order to cook her mom's traditional Asian recipe. Classic.

It's a shame to see Ramsay whoring himself away on US television as well. The man has done a genuinely good show with the UK version of Kitchen Nightmares. And just being a complete prostitute on American television. I guess he's in need of the extra dough trying to botox reduce away his wrinkly arsed face.

The other two judges are just a bunch of extras on the set. They don't add anything to the show. With the bald guy trying to be completely over the top giving every contestant the "evil" eye being all pimpy and tough and then the remaining judge who would even pass on his 'OK' if he got served a Mc Donalds meal in front of him.

Nah. Masterchef Australia ftw!
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Dorjee_Wang7 March 2016
As someone who has seen the other country versions of Masterchef, I personally expected fun. But this show is awful. There's a lot of things wrong with it.

First up - The contestants. Mix Big Brother-Real World with cooking in the middle and you'll get Masterchef US. My God, they are terrible - Arrogant, cynical, whiny. There is not an episode where they aren't insulting each other. Which is an extreme surprise because it's supposed to be a cooking competition and incredibly unlike the other Masterchefs (Australia for one is very viewer friendly) and even Top Chef might I add (which is also viewer friendly and actually has contestants keep up with their professionalisms). I personally don't know if it's scripted or spontaneous but it's a terrible watch full of probably psychologically challenged contestants who have anger issues and were probably bullies during their high school days.

Then it's the judges. I'm sorry but they are terrible, even Gordon in this one. One can watch Masterchef Aus and compare it to this one and witness major differences. The judges in the Aussie version are demanding, unrelenting, whilst being caring, and sharing genuine insight with the contestants as well as the viewers. It's dreadful, how the judges in this show acts. Absolute disaster.

The 1 star is just so that this review could pass for submission, my ratings for this show is absolute Zero out of Ten (0/10). Not recommended unless you want to be angry, and like to see people tear each other with no sense of decency instead of competing whilst showing class, then by all means you should watch it.
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Just bad.....
icetech21 May 2015
Every year i try to make it through masterchef US, and this year i just can't do it..

Between the loud music that sounds like its out of some action movie, The replays of the last 2 minutes after each commercial, And the badly done fake winners its ridiculous..

As an example of the bad setups, last year they had a woman that was cutting stuff on her board and throwing it all on the floor.. not just scraps but everything she was cutting onto the floor. was just horrible..

Also, making sure the right people make it into the show so that you cover every demographic possible.. its just so bad..

For those of you that don't watch the real masterchef shows.. you should check out masterchef UK.. the original and still great.. OR... the best.. masterchef Australia. Which is by far the best of all the masterchef shows. The guest chefs are tops in the world. It's been mentioned by a few of them that what you see is what happens, no one is allowed to win to build drama.. And unlike the US version not everything ends in a tie breaker.. and i mean EVERYTHING seems to in the US version. And the Australian one is 5 nights a week for about 3 months..

I know that people will disagree with me and thats fine.. just had to vent after watching the first episode of this years US version.. and it was just as bad as the last seasons..

P.S. whoever films it needs to go back to school.. the color saturation is just unreal. tone it back there a little.
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Culinary pro wrestling
tubastuff28 June 2014
One could just about name the winner of this show by about the third episode. Eliminate the trash-talkers and the physically unattractive and the contestants with the personality of a wet tortilla and you have your field. Add points if there's some sort of a sob story behind the contestant.

If you think that the judging can't be rigged, then you must think that TV professional wrestling is the real, true and honest thing.

Consider the following (which have been addressed with other countries' versions of this series, but not the USA):

1. The judging isn't blind--the judges are perfectly aware of who cooked what and are perfectly free to feign criticism or praise.

2. The actual prep work performed by the contestants is shown in very carefully edited clips. As this series has progressed, less and less of preparation has been shown, so you really don't know what's being done by anyone.

3. Apparently, the rules do not allow a kibitzing Joe, Gordon or Graham to be told to go away during prep. It's amazing that fingers haven't been lost. But if you want to throw a contestant off balance, just try jabbering at her or him while he or she is trying to cook.

4. The judging criteria aren't made public beforehand, so something that the judges will allow to pass in one round becomes a fatal error in another.

I gave up on "Hell's Kitchen" because of Ramsay's screaming and cursing and the penchant of the show's producers to select contestants who are incredibly stupid, smoking (what chef really wants to abuse the most valuable tool in his arsenal--his sense of taste?) trash-talking and mean-spirited.

I'll go back to watching Jacques Pepin, thank you.
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Ramsay and his love for young women
promo_scan19 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this entire season.. Well except the last episodes where it was just to much.. I fast forwarded to the end judgement since it was obvious what they wanted to do with the show.

Its just sad to see the judges cut all the best chefs one by one to be left with one mediocre and one really bad chef at the end. All the while the judges keep repeating that we are left with the best after each cut even though that is clearly not the case.

I really wanted to see a final with Mike and Jake, the two most interesting chefs of the bunch. But instead Ramsays love for young women leads an ill-suited 22 year old pretty face through the competitions onto the final. Its really a parallel to the horrible last seasons of hells kitchen were its clearly just about the show and not at all about the cooking skills and creativity.

I gave this 2 out of 10 since it had some nice dishes along the way. Unfortunately the creators of said dishes were nowhere to be found in the final 4.

All hail "master show man/girl".
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vsg-8809330 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I occasionally watch MasterChef when there's nothing better on the boob tube. I was disappointed with the female judge chastising the Asian home chef/cook. Maybe he did roll his eyes at the other contestants when one of the judges was not impressed with his dish, but since all the judges are rude, belittling, sarcastic, and downright ugly to some of the contestants, they ask for it. I realize ugliness from the judges probably brings in more viewers, but I really believe you can have a good, popular show without being really nasty to the "contestants", and I also believe that if the judges are so ugly to the contestants, they deserve the contestants respond in a like manner. Next time I flip to this show, I'll turn it off!
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Who the heck are these people....
dagobert_298 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The only person I've heard of is Ramsay. The others may be known to the restaurant world but that doesn't mean they should be on TV. They have as much charisma as low-sodium chicken broth.

This is an excuse to humiliate people and allow the hosts to think they are better than everyone. They have probably all known a lot of failure in their careers but lucky for them, except maybe for Ramsay, no one was on TV ridiculing them while it was happening.

Ramsay would probably host a Hooters events if asked, so his presences lends no credibility to the show.

The skills test are not about judging a cook's skills, only to see how much trash they can talk about the other.

This is a waste of airtime.

I've returned to this review after seeing season two and things are just getting worse. Ramsay if far more aggressive than in the past. The other hosts are just pointless. The larger of the men was apparently a 1 Micheline star in the previous season and now he's only a three star chef, no mention of Micheline, so I guess he's known his own failures recently.

They are all pathetic.
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Cooking among Fools
tboneincali22 May 2015
I am a huge fan of cooking shows. In fact, Masterchef Australia is one of the best cooking shows out there. The judges are kind, caring, supportive and yet demanding, inspiring and results oriented. This, along with the fact that they select the best amateur cooks in the country make for excellent cooking and cuisine driven television.

Masterchef US, however, is merely ratings based. It tends to gravitate towards idiots and cooks with anger, psychological and/or personality disorders in order to drive the pseudo drama that occurs in nearly every episode. Not only that, but these guys can't cook. If this show thinks that they are representative of America's best cooks then the producer and director need to be fired or watch and episode of 'Top Chef'.

Everything in this show is predictable and overwrought with fabricated drama including the sound effects and the comments. Additionally, these judges are ***holes. They have no empathy for the struggling home chef and all these facets create one dull drab show that is not worth its salt or the hour wasted watching this drivel. Ramsey and his two cohorts should stay abroad as they seem to have only taken on this show for the money and an opportunity to make Americans look the fool.
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Too dramatic, too scripted
rutietooty4 June 2013
I really, really want to like this show. I love cooking shows, I love Top Chef, I love Gordon Ramsey. For me, this show is far too dramatic, the judges are too hostile and there is not enough focus on cooking...especially the fun of it.

Who is Joe going to yell at next? How many more plates is he going to slam into the garbage? For Christ-sakes these are amateur cooks, not Michelin starred chefs! It's all a bit too scripted and too much for me.

Masterchef Australia is a joy to watch, unfortunately, the same can not be said about Masterchef U.S.
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Ramsay's the only proper ingredient
2pxl16 November 2011
I'm very fond of Ramsay's other shows. Gordon's Kitchen Nightmares, Hell's Kitchen, Gordon's Great Escape and more.

There are several issues with this series, and the most significant is that it's US made. Rather inexplicably, all the US versions of said shows are edited in the same, very American and outright dreadful way. There is no difference between episodes or even the shows in that regard. The usual Hollywood narrator quickly gets tiring, there are only a handful of repetitive sound effects which applied to the same moments throughout the show - mostly to combatants' and the judges' reactions to comments and odd behavior. To make things worse, the reactions are also the same. The result watching it is very tiring, like a visual broken record. The cuts are quick and overly dramatic, as if I'm watching a blockbuster action flick. Obviously, I'm not and while some drama is to be expected, the blatant use quickly make the show ridiculous and I feel outright stupid watching poorly seasoned tartar and undercooked chicken in such a dramatic setting. It's so bad it's insulting.

The storyboard is at it's heart not too bad, but it also suffers from repetitiveness. Most of the challenges are the same, albeit set in different environments. They are also linear and not very sporadic which make them predictable. Whenever there's a freestyle cooking challenge, I expect an elimination contest and subsequently a team challenge. Repeat. Masterchef US's storytelling is like Hell's Kitchen US's short menu - scallops or elimination contests, wellington for freestyle cookings and new york strip for team challenges. Really uncooked and lacking in imagination.

The people are portrayed at a fault and their personalities eschewed to create characters that provide intrigues. Some participants are always arrogant, others always cry and some are never recognized by the trio of judges, making this editing going on really easy to spot when a contestant suddenly achieves great respect and skills out of nowhere. The focus of the show is clearly on intrigues when it should be on food and chef skills. In a sense, even the characters are repetitive.

Product placement is also readily apparent. The camera pans across Global knives and Viking appliances, but the most disgusting instances are frequent occurrences where Graham Elliot pitches the apparently new Masterchef pans' non-sticky surfaces. I've seen it at least three times in season two. Same pitch, same lame response from contestants. It's brutal.

I have a lot of issues with this show, but there's one more minor editing problem that just boggles my mind. All the contestants always finish their dishes exactly on the clock. In each competition, Ramsay counts down and they all put their plate on the workbench exactly when the clock stopped. Every. Single. Time! This is to shake things up for the viewer of course, but to think that we're that easily fooled is offensive, just like the rest of the editing problems. Masterchef ridicules itself even further by counting down the last 5 seconds visually on a large clock face to then stop at 00:00. Problem? The units are in minutes and there is no hand for seconds. It looks amusingly stupid.

All the things mentioned above are reflective of each and every episode. Watching two or more in a row is painful. In fact, watching any US remake of Ramsay's program makes for the same experience because of the ubiquitous dreadful editing.

To conclude, the saddest part is that Masterchef is a great concept, executed horribly. Watching unique people of all varieties cook great food to Ramsay's socially inept personality should be a winner for all food lovers. But alas, this show isn't.
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Masterchef UK & Australia Hands Down
siemad19 September 2014
Wow - I find it astonishing that the BBC have allowed Ramsay the crow's feet philanderer to hack to pieces it's version of Masterchef.

To my knowledge he's never done any cookery shows for the BBC, he's always usually commissioned by either Channel4 or ITV. His only appearances on the BBC is usually when he's in the news i.e. extra marital affairs, losing millions from his business portfolio's because of a major fall-out with his father-in-law or because he was named and shamed for palming off ready made meals as being freshly cooked on premises.

Little wonder he spends so much time across the pond!
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rich-862221 June 2018
Masterchef US is probably the worst Masterchef series I have ever seen.As someone who has seen different versions of Masterchef series especially the Australian version I can without a doubt say that the difference between Masterchef US and Masterchef Australia is like day and night.The Masterchef series is about celebrating food,learning about various kinds of food and techniques involved...Also the journey the contestants make to the top to take the trophy.All of this is lost and washed out in Masterchef US.Though it's a cooking show Masterchef US is mainly and I think it's only goal is about DRAMA,DRAMA and MORE DRAMA.The contestants shouts and throw shade at each other and show no respect to each other.You also won't learn a lot about food or even cooking when compared to the Australian version.Each season I would hope that it will be different but NO.Masterchef US is a DRAMA show first "NOT" a COOKING show.If you want to know about food,learn about food and enjoy cooking food please avoid I mean really avoid Masterchef US and instead watch Masterchef Australia....and I bet that you will know and notice the difference immediately.In the Australian version the Judges,contestants and the challenges are complex and delightful where as in the Masterchef US is all just mediocre and frankly completely dull.Masterchef US is the "laughing stock" in the entire Masterchef series.I wholeheartedly hope that they stop airing Masterchef US and spare itself some embarrassment from other Masterchef series especially Masterchef Australia.I gave one star because I couldn't give less than one star to post this review.
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Barely talented contestants, annoying diversity.
charlie-610-18581030 August 2016
First off, I absolutely love the masterchef series. Masterchef UK has been a long time favorite, and recently I started watching MC:Australia.However, this year's masterchef has been so frustrating I stopped watching after a couple episodes.

Why? 1. Ridiculously, annoyingly chosen contestants. Obviously chosen for their "diversity." 2. Very low level of talent.

I had just finished the latest season of masterchef AU where the contestants are all exceedingly polite, incredibly talented, and professional. MC:AU contestants are competing, over and over, at the michelin star level. Massively complex dishes. Switch over to MC:USA, and contestants are failing at the most basic things.
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Fake typical Fox-Produced Reality.
AlexZander4520 August 2015
Though I can watch this show and enjoy it a little bit. The fake Fox-Produced drama has worn thin. It has gotten worse each season of this American version. I get sick of the contestants always degrading and yelling at each other. Very disrespectful to each other. And there is no doubt in my mind that Fox producers pushes these contestants to be that way. There was probably 3 or 4 contestants out of all the seasons that I was actually rooting for.

I find the Australian Masterchef version to be superior in just about every way. 1. Many, many more episodes. A journey 2. Several more challenges. Including a multitude of top chefs to compete against to try to win an immunity pin. Pressure tests for another chance to survive. 3. Contestants that I actually care about and several each season that I root for to win. 4. Contestants that actually use teamwork and have respect and care for each other. 5. No fake-produced drama. Real emotion displayed by the contestants. 6. And several Mentor elite Chefs to help contestants learn.

I do like all the judges from both the U.S. version and Australian version. But the Fox version is a fake-drama filled 'Express' version of a reality show.(no big surprise there.) Masterchef Australia is an 'Epic Journey' to truly find a top amateur chef, with contestants to truly care and root for. I highly recommend watching the Australian version.
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Forget this and watch the Australian version!
sul_gi19 August 2010
I gave it a try again after the completion of season 8 of Masterchef Australia. I am SO embarrassed for this show. Please stop with all the grandstanding. It isn't funny. It isn't exciting and it just makes you look like a jerk. It is embarrassing, as someone who lives overseas, to think that this represents Americans. Nothing to be admired.

After watching two episodes of season 7, my original review stands and I will now stop watching....again.

I have watched both seasons of Masterchef Australia as well as Celebrity Masterchef Australia and I love the whole thing. I can't wait until Children's Masterchef Australia starts. This version is just too mean. I love the pace and the length of the Australian version. The US version is all about ratings and drama for the sake of drama rather than the amazing drama of coming to care about a contestant and then watching his or her dreams shattered. The contestants and the judges handle themselves and the competition with respect on the Australian version while there has already been nastiness on both sides of the US version. I'll keep watching because I am stuck here in South Korea without many choices and it is better than watching rice grow...but barely!
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Loosely food based drama crap
LeParas-121 June 2014
If you want to watch a show for culinary purposes this is not the show to watch! You should take a look at Masterchef Australia, which is leagues above this drama loaded TV crap in terms of actually taking time to teach dishes and the contestants are actually able to make restaurant style dishes. But if your looking for a show that is loosely based around food and has the typical American high school type drama then this is the show for you. This is by far the worst Masterchef. The contestants are disrespectful and are only bullying each other, covered by the usual dramatic background music. The judges acting like big bullies and beasts. The money from FOX can not buy the standards of Masterchef UK, Australia, New Zealand or Ireland!
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Not good
rdduran-158214 September 2017
I can't recommend this to anyone. It's just not good. It's all about food. People cooking food. People reviewing the food. Too much food. Food is food, who wants to watch a show about food? Ridiculous. Worst idea for a TV show ever. It's like wasting my time looking at my wife cooking dinner.
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really bad TV
chrisdillon3321 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This show is so below the standards set by the Australian and UK versions. It has the feel of a show that is scripted badly and little things with the camera and editing from the point of view that when it shows a particular scenes of food there is more food on the plate a split second later which is really bad. In my opinion this show is reality TV at it's worst i would give this a minus 1 star if IMDb had such a rating system which i believe they should. I would not recommend this show.
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chandlerfreakusmc24 June 2018
This show has went wayyyyyy downhill. You clearly can hear all the cookie cutter lines and ego buffing. This show used to be about the it's just to fuel Gordon's ego. Terrible. Long time fan but I just can't watch anymore.
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Wrong contestant kicked off
siteorg30 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I think how they got Kate off the show was ridiculous. She is a very good chef, but she is not a dessert chef. So what challenge did they have them do towards the end-desserts. Kate won more times than anyone and I think she should have been in the finale instead of the joke of a chef Eboni. All Eboni knows how to cook is for a family. She had a worse attitude than Jeff. I will not say what I think she was, but she was not a person I would want as a friend. Dino is not a chef, but a good dessert chef. If he did not get help from judges more than once he would have been kicked off like he should have. I think the two finalists should have been Kate and Jason. Dino should not have won. Gordon, Christina and whoever is the third judge should not help any of the contestants in any way. Christina told Eboni what to do to get a flame in her fry pan because Eboni had no clue what she was doing and Gordon telling Dino what to with his lamb that was under cooked after he pulled it out from the pressure cooker. That is just two examples of judges helping contestants. NOT RIGHT!! I will no longer be watching Masterchef!
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Masterchef US is like a severe accident: you want to look away, yet urge to watch it is bigger!
opinionated-alchemist21 September 2017
Masterchef is quite an installment! It has highly acclaimed chefs as hosts. It seems that they have the best of the best of props.

The issue is, that from year to year, it loses appeal (at least to me). And this has some more obvious and some more hidden reasons:

1) The TV format... I know, that cliffhangers are used to increase the suspense - but techniques like that are totally overused in Masterchef US. Every commercial break is after one of these cliffhangers. Supposedly suspense moments are repeated over and over again. Yes, Masterchef is a commercial program but does it need to be that obvious? It almost becomes one of those bad reality TV shows. It is so bad, that I have stopped to watch some seasons after a couple of episodes - despite the fact, that the content was quite good. 2) The "dictator: Gordon Ramsey" The show has Gordon Ramsey written all over it. The other main judges seem to be chosen to be as compatible as possible with him. What is more disturbing is the whole cooking - it is an amateur cooking show, but the participants are consistently asked to cook "Gordon Ramsey's dishes" (and at times dishes of the co- judges). Even in the semifinals, this repeated. Further - despite the fact that we never see, that the participants attend workshops (for sure they do), the cooking technique and cooking equipment seem to be extremely stipulated. Every sane chef who cooks on an event will use an instant-read thermometer to ensure, that steaks (...) are properly cooked. Not the Masterchef contestants. Oppose to previous installments it seems, that Masterchef is not looking for the overall best home-cook, but for the best conservative home-cook - and they seem to do everything in their power, that nobody is touching any contemporary technique or equipment. That is Gordon Ramsey, I guess... 3)The Drama. Yes - I understand, that you want to include drama into the show because it will have a bigger mass appeal. But it seems that the judges and the producers are adding artificial drama, just to make the show more gripping. This can be seen from the selection of the participants, over the selection of the competitions, to the reaction and outbursts of the judges.

... and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

It is unfortunate, that a successful and appealing TV format like that is so exploited, that it becomes annoying and unappealing, but the producers are exactly doing this. Please take Gordon Ramsey on a shorter leash and let him not dominate the whole competition. And let the show be produced and cut having people with an interest in cooking in mind - it isn't a stupid reality show. Get also some fresh blood as guest judges or maybe even replace those judges. I like Aaron Sanchez as the next cooking show fan, but putting him as the godfather of Mexican cuisine is pretty overstated. What is about Rick Bayless - who 100% proofed himself to be one of the spearheads of Mexican cuisine in the USA. Or what about Carlos Gaytán- who is the first Mexican chef who earned a Michelin star? Same applies for Christina Tossi. She really converts into a mini-me Gordon Ramsey - she is cool and good, but what about Dominique Ansel? Or another question - why not completely taking out the baking stuff and have another show which concentrates on baking (Masterbaker US?).

Cooking is such a widespread hobby or activity, and there is not one but many ways. However Masterchef US is not much interested to explore talent, but more into turning every contestant into an amateur- Gordon. That is sad, that is annoying and overall this will kill the show.
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Make the food the hero of the show
kevinacharles-7481521 September 2017
US MasterChef, what can I say about this show? I only stumbled across it recently whilst channel surfing. Being from the UK and knowing and loving the original MasterChef, I was intrigued to see what it was like. At first, I enjoyed the different format, but once I saw a few of the episodes, it frustrated me more and more.

The overly dramatic music; the over-the-top contestants and pathetically staged bickering between them; the judges constantly ripping into the "home" cooks as if they were professional chefs; the constant reminders of the contestants' backstories and them always crying; and finally, the way in which contestants are eliminated, where you see stronger ones being knocked out and weaker ones surviving. The show's a bit of a guilty pleasure, but I do not consider it a serious cooking show. To use an overly used phrase on the show, "make the food the hero of the show, not the fake drama.

If you want to watch a decent MasterChef show, watch the UK one, or surprisingly the best one IMO, the Australian MasterChef, which mixes the best parts of the UK and American show.
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is this show even about cooking?
ymatir31 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I MEAN COME ON! this show seems to be about Gordon Ramsay, it is so not a nail biter yet the music seems to think it is about a protagonists journey to take over the world. THE FOOD is sh*t. My 8 year old sister can plate better? S08E02 a woman paired unseasoned salmon with badly fried potatoes and some "indian" broth? AND WON AN APRON!? The food takes up 10% of the show and the rest is annoying music and OVERLY DRAMATIC personas, its so obvious that they casted the weirdest people and told them to amp it up to the point were they are almost sh*tting themselves. It is definitely some manuscript here somewhere, and it is BAD. If you like food, don't watch this cr*ap hole of a show. Masterchef Canada is like the US version was in the beginning, almost good and pretty enjoyable to watch. Masterchef Australia HOWEVER is the reason why i absolutely hate this show. There its about food to 100%. The judges are professional chefs. If master chef Australia is a seared rib eye you are eating at the base of mt Fuji in the finest weather possible, master chef us is a dry Kraft mac and cheese at the base of a lake of sulfur. The 2 star rating is because of Joe, he was a damn good judge and i very much get why he jumped of this train of crap in time.
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Classic Trash TV
TheReallyWeirdOne28 May 2013
I've watched both the British and Australian versions of Masterchef which were never perfect but the US version just elevates them in comparison.

It feels like a contrived soap opera with random, forgettable people screeching about for no rhyme or reason. There are no master classes, over the top sob stories, scripted drama and predictable judges. The show has the least amount of episodes but they're the most tedious. It gives me a headache to be honest.

This show is only for people who have short attention spans and no interest in food.
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