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21 Oct. 2011
Mum's Cleaner
Pete's mum Noreen has broken her arm and engaged a cleaner,Polish Gracja,who appears to be a good Catholic girl but is a right little raver desperate to screw Pete's brains out. She wants his body - which is how he ends up as a catwalk model at her fashion show, leading to an embarrassing encounter with his parents,who,thanks to his efforts to impress Gracja,take him to be a heroin addict. Just as disastrous is his stint as a dog walker for a befuddled old lady. When her dog is apparently killed in his care he buys a replacement,only for the original pooch to ...
28 Oct. 2011
Frank Leaves Noreen
Pete reluctantly hosts his father Frank who has walked out on wife Noreen but he still manages to spend the night with Chloe,returning next morning to find Frank in bed with young blonde Kiki - who forgets her phone. After causing a mishap while helping Chloe's father with his D-I-Y and actually reconciling his parents Pete's hasty supposition that Kiki must be a prostitute comes back to bite him - as Kiki plays up to the part in front of Chloe!
4 Nov. 2011
The Tennis Player
Pete gets a stop-gap job in a chicken packing factory owned by Frank's raunchy old flame Rebecca but,unlike Manfred,who gets to become supervisor and Rebecca's toy-boy,he is unenthusiastic and resigns after an offer of work writing for a national newspaper. The offer is based on an article he wrote criticizing tennis player Lottie Beaumont but when he meets and starts dating Lottie he wants the article withdrawn. He gets his wish but unfortunately things come to a head at a charity sports evening where Pete's deranged editor spills the beans to Lottie,thus ending his ...
11 Nov. 2011
A Night at the Light Opera
After winning tickets for 'Mamma Mia' Pete impresses Helene, whom he meets in a café, with his lovely new jacket. What she does not know is that he took it from outside a charity shop one evening and only donated a pound for it next day. They go to the show but Pete is arrested for indecent exposure after relieving himself against the theatre wall and she dumps him. When Anna offers tickets to 'Mamma Mia' for her birthday treat, Helene takes Pete back but unfortunately he finds himself sitting next to the donor of the jacket and the charity shop assistant, who accuse ...
25 Nov. 2011
The Veteran
Pete runs over a cat but claims that he found its corpse to get in with the cat's owner Mel,whom he helps bury it. When a guilty Pete talks in his sleep about killing and Mel hears him he pretends to be an army veteran,the scars on his leg from a drunken fall being caused by shrapnel. In fact Mel's brother Tom is an ex-soldier traumatised in Afghanistan and Pete is called upon to counsel him - which he does,claiming to be a hero and giving Tom a new lease of life. Unfortunately when Mel and Tom find out the true fate of the cat as well as Pete's other lies Tom ...
9 Dec. 2011
Does Pete Dream of Electric Sheep?
Pete and Rob score with two girls though Rob is anxious that Anna does not find out that he had passionate sex with his date whilst Pete ends up with Tilly,who is obsessed with UFOs and only wants to talk about them,mistaking a living sculpture for a real robot. Tilly watches as Pete,teaching football skills to children,is humiliated by Jake's nephew Zac,whom he 'accidentally' hospitalises. Chloe and Jake are dating but when Pete hears they have split he tries to get back with his former girlfriend. Unfortunately this is at Anna and Rob's fifth anniversary party,where...

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