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6 Feb. 1974
The Ghost Who Couldn't
Sylvia wants to turn her wicked uncle into a good one. Can a ghost help her?
13 Feb. 1974
Dick Whittington
Dick Whittington believed that he would be Lord Mayor of London one day, no matter how much people laughed at him.
20 Feb. 1974
The Lost Voice
Due to a magical mishap, Horace Higgs's beautiful singing voice is replaced by a ship's hooter,
9 Jan. 1975
The Queen and the Robot
While Queen Henrietta is preparing for her third 39th birthday banquet, King Horace is planning a unique birthday present.
16 Jan. 1975
The Carpet Weaver of Samarkand
The young King of Samarkand wishes to marry Zora, the goldsmith's beautiful daughter, but much to his surprise, Zora refuses him.
23 Jan. 1975
The Dragon in the Dungeon
Sir Godfrey de Gules has a problem: there is a dragon in the dungeon, and it threatens the forthcoming marriage of his daughter.
30 Jan. 1975
The Jo-Jo Tree
The fruit of the jo-jo tree is a cure for many ailments. But the garden where the tree grows is heavily guarded and the punishment for plucking the fruit is death.
5 Jan. 1976
The Sleeping Princess
The story of Princess Rosebud who having pricked her finger fell asleep for a hundred years.
12 Jan. 1976
Peter and the Princess
Fairy tale of a Princess who no one could make laugh - except maybe Peter and a magic goose.
19 Jan. 1976
The Magic Gorilla
What is the secret of the Caliph of Bagdad's Magic Gorilla? And what happened to the court tailor? Achmet the tailor's son tries to find out.
2 Feb. 1976
The Day I Shot My Dad
John just wants to make a film - but how can he stop his father getting involved?
4 Jan. 1977
The Princess and the Hedgehog
The christening of the Princess Ozyliza goes awry, thanks to a wicked fairy's curse.
3 Jan. 1984
Rolf the Stonemason
Everyone takes advantage of Rolf's good nature, until someone arrives to help him.
10 Jan. 1984
The Minstrel
Who is the mysterious wandering Minstrel and why doesn't Lucy want to marry him?
10 Dec. 1984
The Prattling Princess
A princess is cursed to talk all her suitors to death.
17 Dec. 1984
The Knighties
Sir Torrence's daughters are expected to arrange flowers, sew, and comb their hair all day, but what they really want is to become swashbuckling knights.
5 Nov. 1985
The Princess and the Lute Player
While talking to the bees one day, Princess Petronella meets a lute-player.

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