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With a question about the old myth of cats and their nine lives, scientist Beakman and his trusty team have a ball, untangling the facts about felines. Contrary to popular belief, cats only have one life. However, they have an amazing ability to escape serious injury or death, because of their keen instinct to land on all fours. Beakman demonstrates these safe landings with a cat in the studio, and its easy to see how the grace of cats can add a couple of years to their lives. In Beakmania, Beakman answers questions from viewers who want to know if animals ever get sunburned (yes, pigs do) and if Eskimos have refrigerators (yes, to keep things from freezing). He also discovers that the dung beetle is the world's champion eater. Nurse Phoebe gives us some helpful hints on getting rid of lice and preventing future outbreaks. The next dynamo question about dynamite, gives Beakman a chance to explain the wonders of explosive substances. Explosions happen when substances go from a small ...

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