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  • Vance hosts a conference of high-level members of the NCIS; he invites Eli, who accepts. Eli's presence raises security concerns; Gibbs and company take part in the protective arrangements. Threats arise, and the gang respond. [Continued.]

  • On a sidewalk in Washington, DC, Tony and McGee bust a 22-year-old chick, who turns out to be an electronic pickpocket, who causes the gang to search for a terrorist, who proves to be a pair of Mossad operatives, Liat and Malachi; meanwhile the US Coast Guard sends three bodies and other evidence after fireworks during an encounter with a small civilian craft in the Gulf of Mexico. While investigating both chains of events, Gibbs soon sees a connection between the two threads; Gibbs also accepts an invitation to meet with Eli David, Ziva's father and the head of the Mossad, who explains more. One night Gibbs and Eli take a walk downtown with friends and others nearby. During those events Vance has conducted a conference at a hotel; the next day Eli starts toward the meeting with a protective detail; however, a major multi-faceted confrontation takes place; Ziva sends Eli back to the safe house, then Gibbs loses radio contact with Eli's party. [To be continued.]


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  • A young woman scans people's electronics as she walks down the street, grabbing their credit card info. She soon comes out of a store laden with bags -- and is immediately stopped by Tony and McGee, who arrest her for espionage and terrorism.

    Back at the office, McGee plays with her toy. Hillary Lange, 22, picked two dozen accounts in under an hour. She got caught because she picked the pocket of someone flagged on the terror watch list.

    In Vance's office, he asks Gibbs if they can find the person. He also has three suspected smugglers shot off the coast of Florida, including a Navy officer.

    Gibbs thinks Vance seems off. He has a conference with past NCIS agents and directors coming up to review old cases.

    Out on the street, Tony watches while Ziva tries use Hillary's device to scan people's wallets and find the watch list person. Ziva doesn't think he'll be in the same spot he was yesterday where Hillary found him.

    "Also can't be sure that Gibbs will be swilling coffee when we get back to the office, or you will fumble a simple American expression, or that McGee will sleep alone tonight, but people do tend to follow patterns," Tony points out.

    Ziva gets a match. She follows the person she last scanned, a man in a sharp suit. Ziva and Tony follow him down an alley when Ziva feels they're being followed, she turns around and draws on a hot chick following them.

    The guy they're following turns out to be Malachi, an Israeli she knows.

    "Oh good, the Israelis are back," Tony says.

    They spend a few minutes asking what's going on, as Tony meets the hot chick, Liat, and McGee realizes she's Ziva's replacement.

    Gibbs arrives.

    "Oh hey, boss. We were just having a pretty good time lying to each other, and I think that was about to boil off, actually," Tony says.

    Gibbs orders them brought in for being in the country illegally.

    Back at NCIS, Ziva escorts Liat to the bathroom. Ziva has studied on her and knows Liat won the marksmanship competition four times -- Ziva won it six.

    In the morgue, Duckie works on the three bodies from the Gul. The report says the Coast Guard approached, fired a warning and then shots broke out.

    The Coast Guard reported another of the victims fired, but Duckie found no gun shot residue on his hands.

    In the lab, Abby shows Gibbs the .9 mm and .20 mm slugs from the boat. She found no corresponding GSR -- the smugglers never fired. The captain and crew were executed on the boat. The shooter fired at the cutter and went into the water with the crates -- which are now empty. There are holes in the crates for breathing.

    The crew was killed as a smokescreen and the people in the crates swam the last three miles at night.

    Gibbs goes upstairs and asks Malachi and Liat about the three bodies. He wants to know who they were tracking.

    Three members of a Palestinian terror network.

    Malachi tells them Ziva's father, the head of Mossad, is coming to DC.

    Gibbs is stopped outside by Mossad officer Amit Hadar (Arnold Vosloo), who asks to bring Gibbs to meet Eli David.

    Cut to a bar, Gibbs having coffee and Eli David having nothing. Eli says he was summoned by Vance to review old case files. Gibbs points out that Eli isn't there for Ziva, he rubs it in. Gibbs says he could have teleconferenced.

    He brings up a case in Amsterdam.

    Gibbs says they'll provide security.

    Malachi, Tony and Ziva review the Palestinian terror dudes, Karif Yasim, Ramsi Ashor and Abasi El Masri, the leader.

    Ziva wants to know how the Palestinians knew Eli David was coming. The Mossad agents don't know.

    Vance reviews old case files on video conference with past NCIS directors. They reach Leviathan.

    Gibbs steps aside with former agent Riley McAlister, who's upset he forgot his flask.

    Gibbs tells Vance the bodies from the Gulf were executed at close range. He asks if the Amsterdam case is up yet.

    Vance asks about Ziva.

    "Her father left her to die in a desert," Gibbs says. But he doesn't think it'll be a problem for Ziva.

    Outside the Ambassador Hotel, Ziva and Liat look for points of attack. Tony chats up Malachi, who says it's nothing serious with Liat. Tony assumes that means they haven't slept together. "Of course we are sleeping together, it's just nothing serious," Malachai says.

    Liat questions Ziva's loyalties.

    In the garage, Ziva briefs Gibbs and they run a scenario in the garage, in which Ziva plays her dad and Gibbs is security. They get two shooters and Gibbs has his eyes on Liat when she shows him how she could have blasted Ziva from multiple angles.

    At the office the next day, Tony accuses Ziva of being jealous of Liat. McGee says Hadar used to be in with the PRF and their intel guy was preoccupied with transports down the East Coast. Tony gets a call about a hijacked weapons transport.

    Checking in with Vance, he thinks it's connected to the terrorist pursuit. Gibbs asks why Vance hasn't moved the conference. He thinks it's about pride.

    In the office, McGee shows Gibbs about the super scary remote weapon that was stolen. Tony thinks he's found the stolen car from the hijacking.

    Abby goes over it. In the trunk, he files a rigged refueling system. Their hair samples match the ones in the crates.

    Abby tells Ziva she should see her dad. Ziva hasn't spoken to him since he left her for dead.

    Gibbs visits Eli David and Hadar. Eli is stir crazy. So Gibbs escorts him on a stroll. McGee and Hadar observe the stroll from a surveillance van. Tony and Ziva watch from a roof. Liat goes to check out a suspicious car nearby. It has stolen plates but is empty. Malachi sees one of the terrorists.

    Gibbs shoves Eli to safety and Liat takes out one of the terrorists. A second is about to fire in Gibbs' direction when Ziva grabs him and demands he tell her where the third man is.

    Back at NCIS in interrogation, Gibbs talks to the terrorist, who says he won't talk. He says Eli David is awful and Gibbs doesn't disagree, but says he still won't allow murder.

    The terrorist vows they'll get Eli.

    Upstairs, Eli David is unalarmed, glad the terrorists were drawn out. Vance tells him people expect them to get into it over Amsterdam. Eli says Vance should want to know the truth.

    Eli says if El Masri manages to get through or kill him he wouldn't want to go on anyway.

    Down in the garage, father and daughter see each other again. He has nothing to say to her, saying he won't beg. He tells her he doesn't have the luxury of letting his feelings dictate his actions.

    She thinks he has none.

    The next day, the team surveys outside the hotel. McGee checks a laundry van and finds the remote gun inside. Malachi thinks it was too easy.

    Ziva drives her dad, Hadar and Vance in and heads for the service entrance.

    Walking in the kitchen, Ziva sees something and stops. She tells everyone to get back just when a remote controlled gun starts firing. Everyone hits the deck safely. She and Gibbs deal with the gun as Hadar gets Eli David in the car.

    Outside, a man in a hotel employee uniform picks up a rocket launcher and aims at Eli's car. Ziva runs outside and fires at him, knocking him down. He gets back up, wearing a bullet proof vest. He fires as Tony and Ziva shoot again, killing him this time. The rocket goes off, but takes out a parked cab. Eli David's town car drives away.

    Tony rushes in to the assembled former NCIS agents and summarizes: "Dead bad guy."

    Gibbs radios Hadar, but can't raise him. We see Hadar lying in pile of ash and char, not moving.

    "What's happened?" Ziva asks.

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