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  • Skyler looks to continue her family's trend of appearing poverty-stricken by forcing Walt to return the car he bought. A concerned Walt chauffeurs Hank to Los Pollos Hermanos, and the articulate yet immobile DEA agent collects prints.

  • The car wash is now in operation but Skyler isn't prepared for the amount of money Walt is bringing in. She also arranges for Walt to return the car he bought Walt Jr. but in the end decides he has other plans for it. Walt still believes his life is in danger as long as Gus is alive and speaks to Saul about how he wants to hire a hit man. He finds someone closer to home. Hank and Walter Jr. visit Gus Fring's chicken restaurant and Hank has something very specific in mind. He's slowly putting the facts together in his quest for Heisenberg. Facing a series of conflicting emotions, Jesse goes back to his group counseling session.


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  • Open with Jesse playing a first-person shooter video game. As he shoots the characters on the screen he flashes back to shooting Gale.

    Skyler arranged for Walter Jr.'s new car to go back to the dealer. Walter Jr. hasn't talked to her since she told him the car had to go back.

    Cut to Walt in a parking lot making donuts on the pavement. He loses control of the car and puts it up on one of the concrete parking spot dividers. He rolls up the title, sticks it in the gas tank and sets it on fire. He walks a safe distance, sits down and calls a cab. Near the end of his conversation the car blows up.

    Walt has Saul handle his car-burning incident so that he doesn't end up in the system for destruction of property. Walt is upset, telling Saul he's basically waiting for when Gus decides to kill him. Walt asks Saul if he knows of a third-party hit man to take care of Gus. Saul has a few names, but they all know Mike. Walt mentions he can't get close enough to Gus to handle it himself, and Saul tells him about Jesse's interaction with Gus.

    Walt asks Jesse about his brief talk with Gus. Jesse tells him what Gus told him about "seeing something in him." Walt points out how strange it is that just weeks after Gus wanted them both dead he's telling Jesse things like that. Walt starts to remind Jesse about his history with Gus and Jesse says he'll do it: "I'll kill Gus. First chance I get."

    Marie stops by the car wash and tells Skyler that Hank is doing better. Walt drops by and Marie eyes them as they awkwardly kiss hello.

    In the back, Walt pulls out a ton of cash to put in the safe. He tells her that he makes $7.5 million dollars a year and she is worried because it's more than she thought it would be. No car wash in the world does that kind of business. She's also not happy that his cash is in 50-dollar bills. Walt doesn't appear sympathetic to her complaints, saying "If you want out, tell me."

    During the next cook, Walt makes something in the office microwave.

    He gives the vial of powder to Jesse and we learn it is ricin, the same poison that he used to go after Tuco. Jesse needs to put the powder in Gus' food. 36 hours later Gus will be dead and it will look like natural causes. Jesse hides the vial in a cigarette.

    "Don't smoke it," Walt adds.

    Hank and Walter Jr. go to Los Pollos Hermanos. Walter Jr. tells Hank about having the car for 15 hours. Gus drops by their table and offers Walter Jr. a job if he ever needs one. Gus refills Hank's soda and we see that when Hank gets to the car he carefully puts the cup into a plastic evidence bag.

    Mike and Jesse drive to Gus's remote compound which is heavily guarded. Mike puts in an ear piece and the two go inside. Jesse is told to make coffee while Gus and Mike discuss what sounds like a meeting with the rival drug cartel. Jesse gets his cigarettes out, but his hands are shaking. Mike comes up from behind and gives him a gun. An SUV pulls up and young bearded man gets out with one guard.

    Inside the trailer the man tells Gus in Spanish that he is the only one there because his employers feel "[he] can adequately represent their interests." Gus and the man sit at the table, with Mike sitting in the back. Gus offers a one-time payment of $50 million in exchange for an "absolute severance." The response is that Gus knows what the Cartel wants, and anything else would be a waste of time. "Is it to be yes . . . or no?" and then tells Gus that "this is not a negotiation."

    Outside Jesse smokes nervously. The man leaves and Gus walks outside after him.

    Mike tells Jesse he's going to teach him how to shoot. Jesse responds by asking Mike what Gus sees in him. Mike thinks it's loyalty, "though maybe you have it for the wrong guy."

    Jesse shows up at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. He says he fell off the wagon and has been clean for four days. He says a few weeks ago he killed a dog. He put the dog down and looked him in the eyes while it happened. An obviously emotional Jesse says the dog wasn't sick, it was just a "problem dog." One of the women at the meeting is critical of him and Jesse begins to rant about the pointlessness of acceptance. Eventually he tells them he originally started coming there to sell them drugs and asks the group leader if he accepts the fact "I made you my bitch." The group leader says no and Jesse leaves.

    During the next cook Walt asks Jesse why he hadn't done it yet. Jesse lies and says he hasn't seen Gus.

    Marie drops Hank off at the office and leaves him with Gomez. Hank meets with Gomez and Merket. He tells them about the Gale case. He thinks Gale was Heisenberg's former cook and could give them a line to catch Heisenberg. The series of numbers written on the Los Pollos Hermanos napkin is a part number for a $300,000 HEPA air filtration system which would be perfect for an enormous meth lab. Six months ago one of the devices was shipped to Albuquerque. Gale signed for it but there is no record of who paid for it. The company that makes the part is based in Germany, but also owns the Pollos Hermanos chain. Hank wonders if perhaps Gus is their guy. Merket and Gomez think he's reaching. Then Hank drops a bomb: He found Gus's fingerprints in Gale's apartment.

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