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An enjoyable family film so some people shouldn't be so uptight....
blaineanna8928 May 2012
I saw Mirror Mirror in theaters back in April with my niece, but I just decided to write something on it because it has come under a lot of criticism and honestly I don't know why.I saw a lot of negativity on YouTube and many other places so it got me to thinking what really is the problem with movies geared more toward children?

I think fairy tales should bring out the little kid in everybody, but I've noticed that some people find it hard to revert back to their childhood or innocence because they think it's cheesy or corny.And with the recent comparisons between the two Snow Whites (Mirror vs.Snow White & the Huntsman) it has gotten more and more ridiculous.There has already been a dark-version of Snow White (Tale of Terror) if anyone remembers so there has been done already. A comedic version is interesting and new.

I can only comment on Mirror Mirror because I saw it and I enjoyed it. Snow White (Lily Collins) is treated horribly by her wicked stepmother The Queen (Julia Roberts) who is ruling the kingdom since her father's mysterious death. Somehow with the help of the dwarfs and the Prince (Armie Hammer), Snow White begins to believe in herself and realizes she has the strength to fight off the wicked Queen.

It was a really nice retelling of Snow White because it was a coming of age story. Never knew who Lily Collins was before this movie, but I think she was spot-on as Snow White. She has this innocent beauty that was perfect for Snow White, but she also was courageous, which is a great role model for young girls nowadays. Might I add, her eyebrows fit her and there is nothing wrong with them as I've seen nasty comments about it. They add distinction to her face.

The Prince was really comical and funny. Had me laughing a lot. Never knew who Armie Hammer was before this movie also. I liked him because it was the opposite from Disney Princes who usually are perfect in every way without flaws. They can sing, dance,and sword fight, but he was pretty dense in a way, but it actually suited the movie and it was intended to be that way.

Last but not least, Julia Roberts was divine as the wicked Queen. Honestly, I love her bitchy and sneering her nose at everyone. Julia is usually seen as this sweetheart but it was great to see this side of her. I liked her little on and off British accent too and her pompous narration to the story.

Love the dwarfs, they had absolutely the best one liners. They were modern and jazzed stuff up.

So again I add, every movie does not have to be sinister and Hannibal Lector evil for it to be considered a good movie. Nor does it have to have The Hangover- type jokes and vulgarity to be considered worthy of laughter.

The critics can go to hell on this one. I will watch this movie again and again, especially with my niece.
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Good family fun movie
dianajeann15 April 2012
I took my 11 yr old niece to see this movie and we both loved it. Good clean family fun. Nice to walk out of a movie singing and dancing for a change...... Julia Roberts is hilarious, Nathan Lane even more so and the rest of the cast endearing. Seems if a movie doesn't have violence or sex, not many like it. That is so sad.... life should be fun sometimes and this movie made us feel uplifted and happy.

Thanks Julia and Nathan..... I am not familiar with the actress that played Snow White or the Prince but they were both adorable and funny.

This movie was entertaining for any age, full of action, surprises and humor..... go see it, don't let the nay sayers keep you away.
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What are the other reviewers talking about?
davepaterson19789 April 2012
OK - so this is a major re-working of Snow White and in fact you could say that it is an entirely different story...bar the principle character names. But to read some of the comments here would be to be mis-led in the extreme in my terribly humble opinion. Not being a huge Ms Roberts fan I was unsure as to how I would react to her as a dominant player in fable setting - but she was capable and trod a fine line between villainy and comedy that worked. Of the other characters - as has been noted Snow White stole the show and was a capable lead and will doubtless go on to far grander things. But the actors delivering the Dwarf story-line were also in keeping with the piece - OK not hugely polished but capable of delivering in the contexts of fantasy. But the real reason for leaving this review is really because of my kids - they loved it. They were scared, amused, excited and involved throughout the film and left having sat through the credit dance sequence first. And frankly it is a film aimed more at them than most reviewers here. So let's not be too sniffy about "truth" or "thespianism" or indeed "realism" - this is a young persons film and looked great, didn't patronise them and had some great ideas brought to life - not always successfully but with a touch of humour and imagination so in my book it's a winner and not to be judged too harshly.
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Strangely enjoyed this...
fairiesfly2 April 2012
First off: See this with a good set of friends. Half of the charm for me was turning to my best friends and seeing the look of horror on their faces when they realized what I had dragged them to. Here are the reasons I like this:

A. Costumes were cute. They were supposed to be wild and outlandish but I found myself really strangely attracted to the dresses. B. Julia Roberts who? The dwarfs were where it was at! They completely stole the show. C. It's not supposed to be "stick to the storyline" type of deal because it's not serious and doesn't take itself too seriously. D. Lily was adorable. With that sort of big name character it's really hard to keep it simple like she did. E. The innuendos that the children don't understand will crack you up and no worries parents... they won't pick up on them. F. People said it was bad. This might be the hipster in me but... I was really glad that I didn't think it was.
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Better than expected.
beatrice-mcclearn4 April 2012
I walked into this movie expecting another "fairy tale" movie. So I was pleasantly surprised when the plot took a turn for the unexpected. I loved how the writers used adult humor to keep audience attention. In addition, the graphics were surprisingly creative; especially when it came to the 7 dwarfs. I didn't feel like I was watching an old fable play out on the big screen. Instead, I felt that I was being told the story of Snow White for the very first time. I would recommend this movie to anyone with a sense of humor, and an appreciation for creative graphics. If you think you are going to fall asleep in this movie, think again! Mirror Mirror is a great tale for all.
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I HIGHLY recommend this film!
nowickifl28 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I went to IMDb to read reviews of this movie before seeing it. What I read was not too encouraging so I had fairly low expectations. Boy, was I surprised to find myself smiling throughout the film while my daughter and I nudged each other to comment on how much we liked it! Julie Roberts and Nathan Lane make a stellar duo, and every role was so well cast. Conceptually, I was thrilled with the visuals, the costuming and computer animated sets and special effects. Any changes made to the original story were in my opinion quite clever. The surprise Bollywood number at the end cinched it for me! Take your family to see this movie!
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Mirror Mirror (2012) - Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen? Really?
nickmesafilms6 June 2012
This isn't the first time that we have seen a re-telling of the classic Snow White story, from the Brothers Grimm fairytale, to the classic Disney animated film. In "Mirror Mirror", there are some moments that kids will have fun with. Not that I have a problem with kids' movies, but "Mirror Mirror" is one of the most ridiculous takes of the Snow White story that I've ever seen! I would say that this movie provides family-friendly entertainment that the kids would enjoy, but that doesn't help this movie from being cheesy, idiotic, unfunny, and undeniably corny. Julia Roberts delivers one of the weakest performances of her career, as she tries to deliver a menacing performance as the Evil Queen. But we don't believe that her character is actually evil, when she's instead sad, lonely, and maniacally insane. The beautiful Lily Collins seemed adorable as Snow White, and she really stayed true to her role, unlike the other characters in the film. Armie Hammer, who was really good in "The Social Network", delivers a horrid performance as the Prince, not by judging his acting, but by judging those completely forced moments he was asked to be in. Director Tarsem Singh gives this tale a more trippy, and awkward treatment, rather than a family-fun treatment. The art direction is magical, and the costumes are colorful, but they couldn't help this movie's script. I was left incredibly mad by the humor in this movie. This movie delivers a few weird innuendos, unfunny moments, and incredibly forced moments. It feels more like an adult movie, disguised as a kids' movie. The movie was a little too cheesy and corny, and some of those moments went way too far. Like, the scene when the Queen gives the Prince a love potion, accidentally turning him into a human puppy. That was a pretty awkward moment, but kids will like it. When this movie tries to be heartwarming, and trying to deliver a message that will bring emotion, it sadly just doesn't work. Then, the ending happened, and it ruined me for life. That's the thing I hated! The kids are being forced into watching this because this is a Snow White movie. Do they even realize that there's already a Snow White movie for kids, called "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"? That movie meant a lot to me in my childhood, because that was the movie that sparked my interest in film, in the first place. But, "Mirror Mirror" is just a wild excuse to ruin my childhood. Maybe your kids are able to enjoy something like this, but just wait till they grow up, and watch it again after so long. Trust me, you'll understand! "Mirror Mirror", in my review, "a painfully weak, and ridiculously flat film that angers".
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An absolute delight
neil-4765 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
In this variation on the Snow White story, most of the familiar elements are in place, augmented by the dwarfs being robbers, and the Wicked Queen having designs on the Prince (with a view to topping up the old Exchequer).

Julia Roberts, for whom I do not care, plays the Wicked Queen and plays her very well. Lily Collins (daughter of Phil) plays Snow White, and Armie Hammer plays the Prince.

This film cleverly balances a fairly faithful retelling of the story with a simultaneous gently subversive deconstruction, and I must praise the script right from the start: it is both clever and funny. The film looks terrific. Roberts is, as already mentioned, very good, and Lily Collins is an absolute delight, sweet and vulnerable, yet also with a degree of feistiness. She is also one of those rare young women whose face is lit up when she smiles. The dwarfs and the Prince are all very funny.

This film is charming and delightful, and has a number of surprises, some of which are a treat (the poisoned apple, and the musical ending, to name but two). I loved it.
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Not all re-tellings have to be "edgy"
Left-Handed_Liz14 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I was really interested in seeing this movie from the start, but the negative press and the corny trailer made me lower my expectations somewhat. There was something about it, though, that still made me want to go see it, even if it turned out to be good for nothing except eye candy. However, my initial skepticism went right out the window at the stunning opening sequence, recounting the prologue in animation that was part puppet theater, part illustration.

Indeed, the visuals in this film are stunning, as are the costumes, both of which are fully on display, but the actors are never overwhelmed by their sumptuous surroundings. Julia Roberts is clearly having a wonderful time as the kind of character she should have been self-aware enough to play a long time ago. Lily Collins turns in a sweet, earnest performance that comes off as the perfect compromise between the traditional and "modern" fairytale princess. Her dedication to what could have been a phoned-in ingénue is actually rather impressive. The supporting cast wears somewhat thin (namely, a few of the dwarfs), but the director thankfully realizes that this is a fairytale, not a cartoon, and the audience is spared from most painful mugging.

The main weaknesses of the film, then, are the comedy and the storyline. While I had plenty of giggles, and the dialogue isn't nearly as bad as the trailer made it seem, between the dwarfs and the queen, there are more than a few gags that get repeated over and over, and lines that, depending on who you are, will elicit a chuckle or a groan. While the Snow White story isn't altered radically, and most of the revisions come off as embellishment, there are a handful of set pieces that clash with the tone, and come off as contrived or pointless. Still, several of the changes are more than welcome, even if they come at the cost of the more iconic points of the story being overlooked. For my part, I believe that this plucky Snow would handle the poison apple scenario exactly the way she did here, and it made me smile to see it in the finale.

I'm a big fan of fairy tales, whimsy (in healthy doses), and visuals as big as the imagination, so I recommend "Mirror Mirror" to fans of the same, and appreciators of films like "Enchanted" and "MirrorMask". It's a fun, heart-filled escapist artwork, good for more than a few viewings.
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Better than expected
kyrio-340-83403510 April 2012
After reading some of the negative reviews, I pretty much did not expect much out of this movie. While this is indeed a rather boring movie for adults, I did enjoy the show more than I had expected.

The story is simple and easy to understand, with a few twist here and there. Admittedly, I did not find the jokes funny at all. Considering this is a show for kids (correct me if I am wrong), I would have imagined that kids would love this movie.

Lily Collins is a beautiful young lady with high potential to become a great actress. The most enjoyable part was probably the ending with "Ned Stark"
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Good for the lazy viewer
aric-c-warner16 March 2012
While this film seems to be perfectly tailored for some audiences, most discerning viewers will find Mirror Mirror to be lacking depth. Several plot fixtures are left unexplained, and in general this movie feels like the writers are trying to shove as many fantasy clichés into one movie as they can. The movie would undoubtedly have been better had the writers simply stuck to the original story, but they did not. The deviation from the classic story was not well done, and in many ways, it did not make much sense.

On a positive note, the acting was refreshingly good, particularly on the part of Julia Roberts. Roberts played the sinister queen quite excellently, adding a seething sarcasm to each line. Along with the acting, the aesthetics were good. Makeup could have been better, but costuming was very well done, and it played a large part in making the movie coherent.

In short, the positive qualities of this film were not nearly enough to make up for the awkward timing, unexplained plot mechanisms, mediocre dialogue, and unworkable mixture of different fantasy clichés. My suggestion is that you go see something else.
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I absolutely loved this movie!
jmpstvs19 April 2012
I absolutely loved this movie and everyone in the theater was clapping at the end. I do not believe that I have seen a standing ovation before in a movie theater that didn't have a live performance. It was humorous and dramatic and silly and I just loved it! Julia Roberts was devious and cunning with a wacky edge to her part! Lilly Collins is absolutely gorgeous just as I imagined Snow White should look. The Prince's demise was hysterical and the dwarfs were the perfect touch to this version of Snow White. I liked this version better than the Disney movie! Mirror Mirror was absolutely entertaining! I WILL BUY THIS ONE WHEN IT COMES OUT ON DVD or BLU-RAY!
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Flat out boring..
oblivorc13 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this movie just yesterday and i regret that i paid for something like that! Julia Roberts is not bad but everything else falls apart as the movie progresses.Mirror Mirror stinks of predictability in every term,e.g story, humor, action scenes....everything! Maybe its suitable for a family with 10 year old kids but adults avoid this at all costs!!! Now the only thing that i actually liked was Julia's face expressions that were so natural and spot on, but that's about it. Now that ending song was so out of place that it made me hate this movie even more! I was watching it with a friend and we both started laughing when that came up.How other reviewers liked it is out of my reach! Anyways, avoid this "movie" at all costs and keep your money for something of real value!
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From a scarred mind
angel_death23 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I have no words to describe properly this movie.. It was insulting,disturbing,most of all absurd!The only reason i decided to destroy the beautiful childhood memory i had of the original Disney story was because of Julia Roberts' participation in the movie,but never the less i was left disappointed!The extreme amount of absurdity in it was unbearable,and i admit..i really didn't expect it to be this ridiculous .. still i did whatever i could to make it through the whole thing.And just when i thought there was no force in this world,capable of making a movie even more absurd than it was so far...i was wrong again.Every act was so fake and shallow,even the "big and scary monster" was kind of cute.The ending was the culmination of all the absurdity...i stood there with my mouth wide open and couldn't believe how anyone could manage to make a movie so sick,'cause it really was sick...i can't imagine if a kid sees it...personally i wouldn't allow my kid to be scarred for life!!Only wish i knew how in the world Roberts agreed to be a part of such badly made and shallow excuse of a "fairy tale" that used to bring me pleasant childhood memories.It's an insult to the REAL Snow White tale.Do yourself a favor and don't watch it!I know i wish i hadn't ..
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Pretty Decent Movie
punksharkchick7 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
My mom and I went and saw this movie today, pretty much for a girls day out and since Snow White has always been her favorite fairy tale we chose this movie to see. Over all it is definitely a good family movie. It really was great to see a strong female character that saved the prince instead of the princess being saved by the prince which is the tradition. And it was nice and different to see Prince Charming actually have a personality of sorts and not just...there like that 1937 Disney film had, not that that version was bad of course.

There were plenty of funny moments through out the film and the dwarfs being bandits and not having the usual names were great. Its just a great twist and a fresh look at the classic story. I don't know why people are blasting it like they have been...its a kids movie, why are people looking for deep meaning and character growth? Can I mention twilight? That movie is horrible yet people praise it.

Anyway overall good movie, definitely a see for a weekend afternoon.
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A Nutshell Review: Mirror Mirror
DICK STEEL5 April 2012
Not only are comic book characters finding screen time in the cinemas, but fairy tale ones as well, with films such as Red Riding Hood going through a reinvention of the character, as does Snow White this year with no less than two big budgeted productions, each with its unique take on the character in what would be a face off between Lily Collins and Kristen Stewart in the title roles, one still very much that demure teenager, while the other going by the trailers happen to be more warrior princess instead.

The Snow White I believe most of us know is likely the Walt Disney version, her trademark being that of her songs, dance, and ability to uncannily communicate with birds and other small, cute animals. Tarsem's Snow White does the same too, well almost, albeit influenced in more Bollywood terms with the supporting dancers, their twirls, colours and costumes on display (designed by the late Eiko Ishioka), and she's basically is on a mission to rediscover her kingdom's penchant for celebration all over again given the void after the disappearance of her father the King (Sean Bean). After all, Lily Collins shows she's up to the mark and a bona fide Disney-ish version with the provision of her singing voice in I Believe (In Love) in a sequence that could be liken to be as out of place as Jai Ho in Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire.

But while her Snow White is that demure damsel who's the fairest of them all, she also does show a little bit more character in her ability and grit determination to wield a weapon to wage war against her enemies, namely her stepmother The Evil Queen (Julia Roberts) and her minions, made up of court bootlicker Brighton (Nathan Lane) and other mystical creatures, including her own magic mirror reflection in a stunning CG sequence each time she calls out to her. But don't expect a full on battle ala the other Snow White played by Kristen Stewart, as this one gets trained by her seven thieving dwarfs who decide that she joins them in their mission if she wants to continue seeking refuge in their humble abode, and passes with having looks, brains and brawn, with plenty of heart going out to her people when she learns of the truth of the suffering in the villages.

Visionary director Tarsem Singh is well know for the imagery of his films, full of the fantastical, strange, but always fascinating view of the created world. While his previous film Immortals may have suffered by the lack of a strong plot and action that made it look like a poor cousin to 300, he's back in his element with Mirror Mirror, providing the audience a visual treat while treading on a story structure that is familiar with most, which more or less follows the line of the evil Queen being jealous of Snow White's beauty and gets rid of her, only to have the planned assassination attempt botched with the killer taking pity, her venturing into the woods and meeting up with the seven dwarfs, with the Queen poisoning her with an apple, and to be rescued by Prince Charming, or in this case, a certain Prince Alcott (Armie Hammer) from Valencia.

But be warned that this version too may not go down well with some, especially since the story by Melisa Wallack reworks most of the major details on how the Prince meets up with Snow White, playing a major role here rather than appearing as a cameo at the end, and giving each of the seven dwarfs completely different personalities, with names like Napoleon (Jordan Prentice), Half Pint (Mark Povinelli), Grub (Joe Gnoffo), Wolf (Sebastian Saraceno), Grimm (Danny Woodburn), Butcher (Martin Klebba) and Chuckles (Ronald Lee Clark), who are almost Robin-Hood like in a subplot about not being loved, and discriminated against. But thankfully some of their personalities come across with good natured humour.

Much has been said of Julia Robert's role as the sarcastic Queen whose heart is filled with plenty of black humour, and her character is quite man-crazy, finding it necessary to quickly hook up a rich prince/king in order to continue with her lavish lifestyle at the expense of the kingdom's coffers, raising taxes to fund her whims and fancies. Probably the first Snow White story to have both the Queen and Snow White tussle for the love of the Prince, all I can say is Armie Hammer, who did a great job as the Winklevoss twins in The Social Network and as J.Edgar's right hand man, continues to impress in his roles - in this one having a shirtless running joke - that I am anticipating his turn as The Lone Ranger come next year. Lily Collins will have you believe she IS Snow White, and carries what is expectant of the fairest of them all pretty well, and doesn't make you wonder why so many become mesmerized by her beauty. But flower vase she is not, as she has two missions to fulfill, one to bring back laughter to her kingdom, and to track down the whereabouts of her father.

Mirror Mirror has plenty of tongue in cheek jokes, and slapstick scenario at times, that puts it close to being an outright comedy, yet not quite. Instead it's as close to what a fairy tale will look like on the big screen with the plenty of beautiful sets and scenarios crafted for the characters to operate in that made it quite dream like, and Tarsem being at his element in crafting a visually impressive outing that draws first blood in rival Snow White films. The I Believe (In Love) segment has already earned brownie points from me, so let's see what the other Snow White film can come up with something unique. Recommended!
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Strangely Enchanting
billygoat107125 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Nobody is asking for another Snow White movie, but at some point, this one is interesting because it's directed by Tarsem Singh and you know his films always have quirky visuals and fascinating costumes. Nothing like any blockbusters out there. And these elements fit perfectly to the story of Snow White. As a result, it's enjoyable and amusing. Although it suffers a few missteps that aren't easy to ignore. But the merits are more noticeable than the flaws. It may be unnecessary but it's actually pretty good.

The film throws plenty of twists to the story. The only part they removed from the original Snow White story is having friends with forest animals which is important because it shows how innocent Snow White is but Snow White isn't quite innocent here. Just like the other upcoming Snow White film, she's fighting here(Shown in trailer. Not spoilers). The film is random in most sequence but it's actually fun. It's clever how they made the love triangle of Snow White, The Queen, and The Prince.

I loved the cast. Lily Collins is captivating and adorable as Snow White. Armie Hammer makes a charming Prince. Julia Roberts was meant to steal the show. They're aiming her as an annoying petty villain and it works effectively. It's good to see Nathan Lane again. We don't see him that much in movies anymore but he can still give plenty of joy and laughs to the audience. The dwarfs are enjoyable as well.

The script can be problematic sometimes, especially to one scene when Snow White says to the Prince he had no pants but what she actually meant he was shirtless. The climax twist was underwhelming and enervating. Like I say, Tarsem Singh's trademarks works best here. The quirky visuals are wonderful. The scene when the Queen's giant puppets attacks the dwarfs' home looks great though the editing is kind of messy. The costumes are simply fascinating.

Unexpectedly, the film turns out to be magical and fun in a strange way. Since Hollywood is suddenly making too much adaptations of Fairy Tales these days, at least this one has magic. I don't know what will the other upcoming Snow White movie is going to be but this one is simple and fun despite from its randomness and missteps. If Tarsem Singh directs a film, no matter how good or bad it is, it will always look fascinating.
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Awful movie... to be avoided at all costs!
killgamers24 June 2012
I truly can not imagine anyone enjoying this film. I found it an insult to my intelligence! It's not even funny, plus very slow and mega predictable.

Boring unimaginable script, cheap CGI (can do better at home on my PC lol), terrible unrealistic acting. Maybe while listening to the Beatles' song, "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds." It might be entertaining.

All the characters are annoying... the best part for me was the introduction, it almost had me interested.

Julia Roberts obviously needs some more money. When really she should retire from acting. For her looks and style are so so dated, its unreal. Funny thing is, she acts the same as she has done in all her previous films. Which totally proves she can not act to save her life! My dirty underpants put on more of a show than she can.

I had to turn it off half way through because it was so bad, it actually made me feel sick. It's films like this that put you off from ever wanting to risk going to the cinema/hire out a film again! If you are easily pleased, do not have a brain and have had zero interesting life experiences in your time. Than maybe this film was made just for you. However for the rest of the world it's to be avoided like the plague!!!
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Another visually delightful thing by Tarsem
mirwais-orbit24 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Mirror, Mirror does not deserve so bad ratings. I've seen worse movies last year with so bad direction, bad screenplay, or bad acting, and people gone mad as they were watching the best movies ever. I really can't understand people's taste.

But, yes, I can understand why Tarsem is so underrated, maybe because few understand his concepts and artistic views. I am following his career since he was just a video music director, which was a truly school in his film making process. He brought to the movies a lot of what make video music so fascinating, like the using of high colors and impressive structures, making a scene more than just a scene, but a piece of art in movement, a real dream.

The Cell (2000), The Fall (2006), Immortals (2011) and Mirror, Mirror (2012) are his examples of such visually daring movies that few directors are able to do. Even his movies suffering from the lack of a great screenplay (like The Cell, Immortals or Mirror, Mirror itself), watch his movies is always a delightful thing thankfully to another very important artist, costume designer Eiko Ishioka (1938-2012), responsible for bringing to reality all his imaginary since his first work.

Of course that after Shrek, a fairy tale wouldn't be the same, and that's why the story suffered some changes, but none of them in a disrespectful way, just some different point of views that really added something to the plot development and also for some few thrilling moments. I think that the movie must be seen by a child point of view, because I'm sure that kids would love this one. It has a funny and naive humor, but at the same time Julia Roberts provides the most interesting and sarcastic dialogs and acting, which can be pleasant for the adults. Even with all that huge costume, it's possible to note that her Pretty Woman hump prevails and she is really just having some fun in a completely natural and unpretentious good acting.

The final sequence is not that out of context as some has said, first of all because since the beginning is told that "the kingdom was a happy place where people danced and sang day and night", and everything came back to normal when the king arrived again. OK, that Bollywood thing feels out of context and surreal, but Tarsem is an Indian director, and his movies are surreal, and that's the fun of watching them.
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Quit while you're ahead ...
rsboswell14 April 2012
Obviously, we already know what story is being pulled off here. So ... why? This movie is so bad, I couldn't stomach watching it in it's entirety. That, and two people sitting in the audience fell asleep and were snoring through it. But seriously, Julia, Julia, Julia ... honey ... fire your manager. They did you no favors getting you in this picture. In summary, the bad CGI was hard to look at, the dialogue is flat, unimaginative and amateurish; the acting looks , no, is directionless. What's more appalling is how many recognizable names are in this movie. Why? what happened? Granted there is always going to be a line of bad movies every year, but you'd hope you wouldn't see seasoned talent in them. This film is flat, boring, and even the parts that are supposed to funny, aren't - comic timing is utterly absent. Sadly, I won't be able to see another film with Nathan Lane in it and take him seriously because of this, or any others for that matter. Even if this went straight to DVD, avoid it at all costs.
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Excellent twist on the famous fairy tale
dan_goldstein2 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Go see this movie. Frankly I don't get what the nay-sayers are complaining about. I studied film and literature at the university, and found this film to be one of the best family movies I've seen. I would own this in my collection. Stunning visuals complement a story line that twists along a very modern path in contrast to the old fairy tale. The story is told well. The acting is not award-winning but it is believable. Lily Collins (Snow White) is wonderful! And yes -- the outcome is a bit predictable for anyone who's ever heard of Snow White -- but wouldn't you expect that? My son (7) and daughter (9) both loved it, although some parts were scary enough to send my son cuddling up to me. We all left grateful for the experience. And, as usual, covered in popcorn. Go see it. And don't miss the dance scene after the end of the movie and before the credits. It's a trip watching the cast in 18th century French Royal costumes dancing and singing to a modern Indian beat, a fitting analogy to the film.
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Mirror, Mirror is just Awful, Awful!!
jaxbubba9 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Mirror, Mirror is just Awful, Awful!! I am in shock and awe that this $100 million dollar fiasco was ever given the green light to be produced. The problems with this film are numerous; however, I will address some of the major issues. The first and foremost problem is CASTING!!!!! Call Julia Roberts lots of things, but you cannot call her WICKED or VAIN!!! The story of Snow White is the story in which the evil queen (Roberts) is so obsessed with beauty that she would spare not means to rid the kingdom of anyone thought to be any "fairer" than her. However, Roberts cannot pull off this role, every time she flashes her pearly white smile, she eludes wholesome and purity and not evilness nor malice in which the role requires. My second issue with the film is COSTUME Design. Yes, I understand that is film is supposed to be a fantasy/period piece;however, the costumes are so over the top; the kingdom seems to be one step shy of the "KINGDOM of WHOVILLE" from the movie "The Grinch". My third issue with the film would be SET design. While the costume design went over the top, the set design was sadly underwhelming. Every scene(except the forest set) seemed to be so minuscule and stuffed with extras that it looked tiny on the screen. The Kingdom looked like a 16x16 seedy alley way, while the "Royal Wedding" looked to be hosted in a Coleman pup tent!!! However, my number 1 issue with the film had to be director Tarsem Singh's vision. Was this film supposed to be a comedy, a fantasy, an adventure, or a Bollywood reincarnation of a beloved fairy tale... I have no idea; and after watching this film, neither did he. I know that Hollywood offers very little for the wholesome family audience to venture out to see; but it would be shameful for me to recommend this film, which I cannot. Save your money, this film with quickly end up in the Walmart Bargain Bin or the Walgreen Redbox $1 Rentals. P.S. Please do not get me started on the Cirque du Solei Dwarfs; and the Bollywood production number at the films end....... Enough Said! Please read more of my reviews at THE FARIS REEL on Facebook.
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Julia Roberts, Nathan Lane, and Lilly Collins are pretty good in the fairy tale spoof Mirror Mirror
tavm28 April 2012
Just watched this fairy tale spoof of a movie with my movie theatre-working friend. Julia Roberts plays the Evil Queen who wants Snow White (Lilly Collins) killed but her henchman (Nathan Lane) is very reluctant to do so. Ms. White eventually falls in with some...well, let's just say diminutive warriors and a prince (Armie Hammer) who's being tricked into marrying the queen. What the queen does to make him fall for her is the most hilarious thing in the movie. Nothing is as funny as what I just mentioned but there's a fun atmosphere throughout even during the more intense dramatic parts. And check out the Bollywood number that ends the whole thing! Really, I'll just say that Mirror Mirror is very much worth a look.
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Who's the fairest of them all?
info-355-57872727 April 2012
MIRROR, MIRROR is one of two major Snow White movies coming out this year. The second one is SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN, which premieres in June. From the trailers the two movies look absolutely nothing alike. While I don't have any problems with a fairy tale princess taking levels in sheer awesome being a competent woman, I'm not sure if the grim and grittiness is the best way to do it. Why does a woman have to become grim and gritty to be badass? But this is neither here nor there. I have yet to see SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN because of an unfortunate lack of a time machine so I can't compare the two. (If I did have a time machine, I'd be going to see other movies, such as THE HOBBIT in December, among other worthwhile pursuits.)

What I can do is review MIRROR,MIRROR. Directed by Tarsem Singh (who also directed THE CELL) it stars Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen, Lily Collins as Snow White and Armie Hammer as Prince Alcott in a fun and often tongue and cheek romp through the fairy tale.

The movie starts with the basic premise of Snow White's father, the King (played by Sean Bean), marries the Evil Queen and then mysteriously vanishes into the dark woods while trying to find an evil and dark creature threatening his kingdom. Snow White is left with her stepmother who proceeds to lock her up in the castle, forbidden, for her own good, to leave. Snow listens to the Queen but on her eighteenth birthday things start to change from the traditional fairy tale as she meets the prince and decides to take matters into her own hands.

Julia Roberts' queen is a petty and not really malicious evil. She wants the finest things in life and will do whatever she wants to get them even if it bankrupts the kingdom. She wants to be the most beautiful in the land, and if that requires Snow White to die then so be it. She is fun to watch as she tries to get Prince Alcott to marry her.

On the other hand, Lily Collin's Snow White is a bit on the bland side. She has to play the innocent and naive waif who learns to stand on her own two feet, which generally isn't a role with much to do. However, her Snow White actually does things. She doesn't wait for her prince to come to change things. She actively goes out to try and stop the queen herself.

I think the best thing about the movie was Hammer's prince. He manages to keep an awkward straight face to the Queen's flirtations and is a capable warrior. Later on in the movie he seems to be having a great deal of fun with the situations handed to him.

One thing I have to mention is that the costumes – especially the Queen's – and the sets are utterly gorgeous, a delight to look at. Most of the sets are in shades of white and gray while a lot of the costumes are brilliantly-colored, creating an interesting and delightful contrast to watch as the characters move through the world. They aren't completely realistic, but the story isn't realistic either and so it helps create the fairy tale illusion.

The story is sufficiently different that it keeps you guessing on how it's going to turn out. You know that the Evil Queen will be defeated and Snow White will get the prince, but the how is left up in the air well enough to keep you entertained. It is most definitely not a serious movie, but one that is a nice way to spend a lazy afternoon. It leaves you with a satisfied feeling… if a bit bewildered by the sudden Bollywood style dance number during the credits.

– Gabrielle Lissauer

This review first appeared in Geek Speak Magazine - www.geekspeakmagazine.com
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Funny and innocent comedy, a sweet version of the classic fairytale.
eden_garnet25 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is what I expected it to be: funny, innocent, refreshing and magical. It's recommendable for all ages and enjoyable for families, couples and also individuals.

First of all, you need to keep in mind that this is NOT a dark twist of the original fairytale and also is NOT a deep movie. It's simply, with some modifications, Snow White. A funny and ironic turn while yet colorful and innocent, we find a Snow White (Lily Collins) locked in her own castle by her party-loving and evil step-mother, the Queen (Julia Roberts), who exploits a hungry kingdom.

Special effects are good, story plot is also good (both classical and original) and characters are interesting. The best of the movie is, without doubt, Julia Robert's acting. To be honest, Collins didn't sound so reliable in some scenes.

The new "mirror mirror" version is better than fine, along with the apple scene. Plot ends complete without unanswered questions, and, if you listened correctly to the beginning of the movie, the end will make perfect sense *SPOILER ALERT* (since they say the people of the kingdom used to dance and sing all the time, and once the kingdom is restored they dance and sing again).

The only thing I would change about this movie is Sean Bean short appearance at the end of the movie, such a good actor should have had some more scenes in the movie.
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