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7 Mar. 2011
Toda la paz del Mediterráneo
Crematorio starts with a tense conversation between Rubén Bertomeu and Traian in which they discuss the participation of the Russian in the new project "Costa Azul", an urban complex of spectacular proportions. At that time, Silvia Bertomeu calls to announce to her father the death of his brother Matías. Each member of the Bertomeu family faces the news in such a different way that there seems to be no blood ties between them.
14 Mar. 2011
El barranco
Collado abandons his family and tries to flee with the favorite prostitute of the Russian Traian. During the break, Collado suffers an assault that leaves him in serious condition and makes him think that Bertomeu has betrayed him. While he recovers in the hospital, he recalls the shady deals in which he supported Bertomeu to get funding for his voracious real estate business. The ramifications of its corruption have spread for almost two decades, and reach members of the municipal corporation and other businessmen in the area.
21 Mar. 2011
Cambio de pareja
The priority of Bertomeu is none other than the presentation of his most ambitious real estate project, "Costa Azul". But the arrest of one of his frontmen, the pressures of Traian and the resentment of Collado obscure the event. To complicate it further, there is a strange robbery in the builder's house in which revealing documents disappear. Ruben tries to use the circumstances to dissociate himself from the Russian in the "Costa Azul" project, but he does not intend to sit idly by Bertomeu's unilateral decision.
28 Mar. 2011
La oveja negra
Bertomeu suspects that Traian is behind the assault on his home, and moves all the threads within his reach to recover what was in the safe. Meanwhile, Silvia proves disappointed that her uncle Matías has not left her the inheritance of the family inheritance that he had, and reproaches her father for destroying the family to feed her greed. Ruben's ability to manipulate lives inside and outside the family environment seems to have no limits. The police find the stolen documents, among them the notebooks where Bertomeu picks up bribes from his beginnings to his allies...
4 Apr. 2011
Día de pesca
Rubén and Llorens, town planning councilor and one of the pillars in the game of speculation led by the architect, are in jail. Zarrategui, discreet man and lawyer of the Bertomeu, tries to put order in the chaos as a result of the information that his confidant passes him within the police. The situation is getting complicated for the builder. Llorens and Bertomeu signed a pact without papers to benefit from municipal corruption and now the judge seems to have found the thread to advance through the real estate plot.
11 Apr. 2011
Mónica tries to contribute her bit to the release of Rubén, further complicating things and placing herself in the target of the police. Silvia goes to see her father when he leaves prison, worried about the implications that the scandal may have on her own family. Thus she discovers that she is the involuntary figurehead of her father, despite the distance that has always mediated between them. Now she must get acquainted with the financial frameworks of patriarch Bertomeu. Meanwhile, Rubén perceives the progressive complexity of the situation when he receives the ...
18 Apr. 2011
El General
Blocked the bank accounts of the family, Silvia tries to get financial resources by all means, but nobody wants to get involved in the affairs of Bertomeu. Monica is worried about the consequences of her action to free Rubén. She has the whole family against her and intuits that things are going to get even more complicated for her. She does not know the true extent of her unconscious involvement in Rubén's business.
25 Apr. 2011
No dejamos nada
The siege narrows around Rubén Bertomeu. Miriam has been kidnapped. Monica is about to appear before the judge. Zarrategui has disappeared with the most compromising documents. To make matters worse, Traian is losing patience, is not willing to forget the piece of real estate pie that Ruben promised. Silvia assumes the reins of the situation in a desperate attempt not to lose everything and discovers a facet of her father unknown to her. In the spiral of detentions and betrayals that surround the Bertomeu, Silvia seems destined to become the natural successor of her ...


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