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Update 3: BSG at Comic-Con, cast round-up, new interviews & trailers

All right, the final update for the day. You can read the previous two here:

1 - Caprica UK DVD, Blu-ray release, soundtrack & new interview with Bear McCreary

2 - Torchwood: Miracle Day premieres tonight

Battlestar will have a panel at this year's Comic-Con. Coming Soon has the announcement:

Thursday, July 21

11:45-12:45 Battlestar: So Say We All— Richard Hatch hosts a panel and fan discussion of the Battlestar Galactica universe, politics, and philosophy. Richard (Tom Zarek, Capt Apollo), Michael Taylor (Battlestar Galactica, Caprica, Blood and Chrome), Dr Kevin Grazier (Bg science consultant), and surprise guests for this exciting round table and Q&A session. Room 6Bcf

Alessandra Torresani’s interview for the Gunaxin podcast has been posted. Check it out here. She talks about Caprica and Playback among other things. has a short video interview with Sasha Roiz. He talks about sexuality in sci-fi and the fan response to Caprica.
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TV Or Not TV: 8/23 - 8/29

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One of the shows that I was most looking forward to seeing this fall after hearing about it was No Ordinary Family on ABC. If you’re a regular reader of this column this probably isn’t a surprise at all since the shows I like lean towards a geekier flavor and No Ordinary Family certainly fits the bill.

Before viewing the first episode of No Ordinary Family I understood the premise of the show since it is one very familiar to most comic book readers. A family survives a plain crash in Brazil and not long after they start to experience super-human powers. The premise at first sounds very formulaic and I for one was left wondering where they could go with this? What new ground could they cover? Is the ordinary people with extraordinary abilities story ready to be taken in again after so many were burned so
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What to Watch: TV Picks for August 23-29

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What to Watch: TV Picks for August 23-29
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Monday, August 23

'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' (10Pm, Bravo) season 2 finale

Could this be the last hurrah for Danielle? If those rumors that she's been fired from the show are indeed true, she's going out in true drama mama style tonight: a showdown with fierce mama Caroline. With the whole gang back from Italy -- funny how people who've filed for bankruptcy could have afforded such a lavish vacay, no? -- Caroline, Teresa and Jacqueline get together and vow that the next phase of their lives will be Danielle-free. But since no one has been able to make that happen so far, Caroline volunteers to have a sitdown with Ms. Staub. And while tables may not be flipped, and the words "prostitution whore" might not be uttered this time around, we still wouldn't want to be the ones staring down the business end
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Greg Grunberg cast in Lifetime movie

Greg Grunberg cast in Lifetime movie
Greg Grunberg has been cast alongside Grey's Anatomy and 24 star Kim Raver in Lifetime's original movie Bond Of Silence. The plot revolves around a woman (Raver) who delves into the mystery of her husband's murder after he dies while trying to "quell a wild teenage house party" on New Year's Eve. Grunberg will play a detective who helps Raver's character with her (more)
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