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williemanga1508 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
As a fan of The Nostalgia Critic, and a former fan of Nicktoons, this was an interesting episode. My experiences with the shows reviewed here were kind of similar to his. He first reviews Ren and Stimpy. He already talked about this, but we can't have a Nicktoons episode without mentioning this. The animation was crazy, some situations were just off the wall, and it was all a great show. While I'm not a fan of crude humor, it can be good when done right. And by golly, it does! Plus, I've always been fascinated by surreal imagery and creativity. As for whether or not Ren and Stimpy are homosexual, I'd say they're at least bisexual. So next show is Rugrats. I watched that show all the time as a kid. Like I said, crude, controversial humor can be fine, but Rugrats kind of pushes it. But like before, the imagery is kinda creative at times, and that's what I enjoyed most about the show. Then, there's... *sigh* Doug. I only remember watching one episode, that's how stupid it was. Not only was it boring, I found it to be incredibly annoying. Forgettable characters, little strangeness, and insulting to anyone named Doug. This is where the Critic started making a few mistakes. For example, the character Doug was actually a middle school student, not in high school. The show was forgettable, so I can forgive that. Next up, Boo-Yah, Rocko's Modern Life (Officially known as Rocko's Modern Life.) It's another of Nicktoons's tamer shows, but it's no less cool and demented. Critic mistook Rocko for a kangaroo, but he's actually a wallaby. And I kind of liked the sitcom references, and Critic's "unintentional" Daffy Duck reference and fourth wall breaking was my favorite moment in the episode. I wasn't fortunate enough to catch a single episode of AAH! Real Monsters! back then, but it looks interesting. It's not as wild as Rocko, but it was still creative. While it was hardly crazy, it was pretty controversial, like Ren and Stimpy. Just watch the video, you'll know what I mean. Up until Hey Arnold! the review was pretty agreeable. But I felt he was pretty critical about the show. He does lose points for that. The animation is good, the characters are diverse, and that thing that Critic thought was a kilt... that's a sweater. I watched it all the time. Despite my disappointment of Critic's review of the show, the review was funny, like when he compared Helga to Gollum. It was priceless! One show I wish he'd review is Invader Zim. I grew up thinking it was just a typical alien show... I WAS FREAKING STUPID! Made by a dark cartoonist, Johnan Vasquez, the show was the ultimate controversy. I'll review that a bit later. I felt the review wasn't perfect, but still a very interesting and funny episode. The Nostalgia Critic; he remembers it so you don't have to. 8 out of 10.
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