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calebgarcia4627 July 2018
As always, DC's domination in the animation field exceeds all expectations. Young Justice is far superior to Justice League/Unlimited, Teen Titans and every other animated super hero series. To start off YJ's animation is much higher in quality then the other shows not to mention far more detailed. The action sequences are also more realistic and enjoyable. The show is also better scripted than past DC shows as well as more mature in themes and dialogue. Watching just one episode you can't know what's going on, the long story arcs make it more consistent as well as entertaining. The show also focuses on the main characters which gives it more intensity and depth. You may not relate to all the characters but you do connect with them as the voice actors give amazing performances. All in all this action packed, emotional show will not disappoint, and will definitely keep you hooked until the end. I'd say many would agree that Young Justice is the best DC Animated Series since Batman TAS. Glad the show was popular enough for renewal
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One of THE best DC cartoons of all time, in my opinion.
tollyjamesmaggs15 February 2012
DC has always been well known for making fantastic children's cartoons that can be aimed for the hardcore adult fans as-well, bringing nothing but top-notch shows. However, in recent years, it seems that the quality of DC cartoons have dropped. The two main shows that come to mind are "The Batman", a terrible show which is clearly aimed at the younger audience, and "Batman: The brave and bold", A decent cartoon that isn't on par with classic DC cartoons.

However, this cartoon has brought back the best parts of the best DC cartoons and combined them into one. The "Justice League" series was fantastic, but as the series went on it was clear that each episode focused on the development of particular characters (Especially in JL: Unlimited) which did not have an ultimate affect in the series. episode was a one-off that usually didn't require viewing of the previous or next episode. Young Justice saw this, and tried to do something new. Firstly, it made sure that the team stays small, like the early days of the Justice League, so that it could make these characters actually important to the plot lines. Secondly, it made each episode a one-off adventure that tied to a single string plot that brought each episode together. JL and JL:U did this a few times, but Young Justice has a clear sense of what's happening in the plot, and what the characters are going through. THIS is why I love Young Justice: it knows what it is trying to do, and it makes you constantly want more.

The cartoon style is an updated version of the Justice League's animation style, which shows both seriousness in the tone of the storyline, and the professionalism of the series as a whole. Teen Titans was a 'fun' series, but it was difficult sometimes to accept the serious moments amidst the childish artwork. That's not so much a complaint of Teen Titans, but I appreciate what Young Justice is doing and I prefer it.

Voice work is fine, and the music works. Both are easily above par. I actually think EVERY voice is great, even Batman's (even though I am a die-hard Conroy fan, Bruce Greenwood gives a voice I would definitely expect from Batman). There is one exception, though: I was not impressed by the Joker's voice, or his character. I could see they were trying to make him more "Sane", but that doesn't work, as the character should be the definition of insanity. However, he only appears once, and the other actors are really good.

If you look at my other reviews, you can see that I often give good scores in my reviews. Let me clarify that I am not always giving full marks to what I like, but I prefer to review great shows/movies which I think deserve to be praised. This is definitely a show that deserves to be praised, and I hope the show goes on to be very successful.

Bottom line: Fantastic. I would recommend to anyone, not just DC fans.
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DC - This is the Series We Needed and the One We Need Right Now!
sayen_shin2 January 2013
Everything fits perfectly in this magical series. These days, if a series shows quality, it is because it was taken seriously by high- ranked people. I love the tone, the characters, the plot-line, the themes, the secrets, the chemistry between many characters, the relationship between Justice League (mentors) and Young Justice (sidekicks), the way they make superheroes used to be forgettable now memorable, etc. I absolutely didn't care about Superboy, Speedy, Blue Beetle, etc., but now I really am interested and I think that is the strength of this show.

The only tiny, small and little complaint I have concerns the music. Actually, I love how it is played throughout each episode, but to make it truly epic, it needs a better introduction or a standout song just like ''The Batman'' (90s, ''Superman'' (90s) and both ''Justice League'' and ''Justice League Unlimited'' : Tananan! Tananan! Tananananan! ... Of course, it is only a personal opinion and it certainly does not diminish the quality of this show.

I have watched the entire ''Young Justice'' season 1 and everything that has aired of season 2 in the last four days and whaouh! I want more and more and more. Whe I started watching season 2, I was utterly surprised to see a 5 years jump from where season 1 left and CHUCK NORRIS or GOD was I pleased! It truly is an intelligent move because it allows to bring new young superheroes like Blue Beetle or Impulse, etc. I am 20 years old and this show certainly is for young teenagers and young adults and even adults. Many theme are for mature people, with life and death decisions.

I can't believe how great the animation is, almost as great as every single DC animated movie they release each year, last one being ''The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1''. I truly hope they'll continue this series for many years to come because it is AMAZINGLY AWESOME! This series take risks and it works just fine in my book. That is what keeps it fresh. However, I hope they stay focus on the main characters they developed in the first season, not making the same mistake of some episodes of ''Justice League Unlimited''.

I can only give it a minimum of 9.5/10, but IMDb approximates, so to me, it is a 10/10! If any of the designers see this review, I encourage your awesome work and make you know that you have my total admiration. I was searching for a good show and I found yours by total luck. I am not very lucky in my life, but I think, that day, I totally was!

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DC got it right
polo2popa20 July 2011
DC Universe finally got it right with this series; this is one animated series that I look forward to seeing the next episode. This is a more advanced and updated version of the comic book which I like a lot, and allowing the youngsters to go on covert missions learning how to be a team as they stumble through how to be heroes is a real watchable and enjoyable delight. Hopefully they won't stray too far from the storyline that they've set and allow us to see the progression of the cloned Super-Man Connor as well as Speedy or the Red Arrow, which will make this one of the best superhero action series since Super-Man and Batman. I think this will give other animators something to think about and will definitely put DC in the upper echelon rivaling the new Marvel series (TAWMH), keep up the good work.
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Second season picks up fast
magooford1236 October 2012
I've seen a couple of reviews that say the jump between the second season and the first is a huge mistake, and initially I would agree with those reviews. The team from the first season was the one I knew and loved, and for the first couple episodes, the decision seems to be a mistake. However, as they have fleshed out this seasons story line and developed these new characters, I have liked the series more and more. Impulse and Blue Beetle have turned into some of my favorite characters, and the plot twists throughout this season have been absolutely incredible. I know it might be hard to jump into the first few episodes of the second season, but if you give it a chance, you will enjoy it just as much of the first.
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Better than Teen Titans
langsts2129 December 2010
This series has most of my favorite DC Comics characters whether it be from Young Justice or the Justice League. The show unlike Teen Titans' TV-Y7 rating is rated TV-PG which promises more mature themes and better action sequences. My favorite Young Justice member is Robin followed By Speedy. Robin is my favorite member because I'm a huge fan of the superheroes that Batman regularly teams up with and the super villains that he regularly fights. Not just the storyline is better than Teen Titans, so is the animation. The animation reminds me of the straight to DVD PG-13 movie Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths. The action, the comedy, the characters, and the animation are all top-notch.
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It was the best!
jlmeyer0126 November 2010
I watch the show without any spoilers believe me you will not waste time watching this great new show. I watch the Justice League and Teen Titans. It seem to have the best of both worlds. My kids and I did not take our eyes off in till it was over and even then we saw it again. If every episode is a least half as good as the first one, this is going to turn out to be new best cartoon on Cartoon Network. There was great graphic, good voices and great story telling. So even you don't have kids check out this new cartoon it is more then worth your time. Well they telling me I have to type more lines. I already told you what I thought about this great new show. So there not really much else to say.
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Young Justice is the follow-up to the DC-Animated-Universe we all deserved.
Don't confuse this show with Teen Titans or anything like that; yes there are adolescent teens in this show discovering their potential like many other great kids shows on the market, like Avatar, Steven Universe, Adventure Time, DragonBall, The Legend of Korra and so-forth, but Young Justice is like a spiritual sequel to the Justice League & Justice League Unlimited cartoons from the 2000s and more. This cartoon is super kick-ass stuff! It's what superhero shows like Ultimate Spider-Man WANT to be, but struggle to find the right balance between entertainment and broadly appealing wisdom that kids and adults can enjoy in the same way. Young Justice masters that: it's got solid drama, nice splashes of humor throughout and of course some great action that shows this great team working some difficult stuff out.

This superhero fest gets 4.5/5 stars.
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'Independence Day' or 'All we want to do is save the world!'
paperback_wizard27 November 2010
There has been no lack of series about the young, troubled, and super-powered set. Arguably, the very concept of the super-hero genre has been called a teen power fantasy. The hero IS the teenager, striking out at the world, righting wrongs in a way a kid never could.

And I can see that. I can also see the implications of that notion. Because teens are sometimes scared of themselves. Scared of the new thoughts and feelings they have, the older they get. Scared of the changes in how they perceive themselves and how they see the world.

Why, even Robin has days when Batman seems like a weird control freak rather than the beloved mentor who keeps Gotham City safe! There comes a time when a young super-hero wants to venture out with his peers.

This is the core premise behind Young Justice, the latest series based on DC Comics' vast and rich mythos of super-heroes. Heading the series is Greg Weisman, perhaps best known for his work on the cult classic Disney series "Gargoyles" and the highly popular "Spectacular Spider-Man" animated series.

His strengths are character development, intelligent and complex villains, and world-building. We get quite a lot of each in the first episode.

The partners (do NOT call them "sidekicks") of the sixteen-member strong Justice League are getting ready to take their first step into, well, the Big League. Access to the Hall of Justice. Participation in the missions that save the World, the Universe, All of Reality, etc.

But when the League does get an alert, they're left to pose for tourists and stay put. How infuriating.

Why, it's almost enough to make them want to sneak out and investigate a mysterious fire at a top secret genetic research facility! Which they do…only to find that someone's after-school science project involves cloning the most powerful hero on Earth, and transforming him into a loyal, brainwashed slave. My, my, my… The banter is crisp and funny, ranging from Robin's pondering on why people are always being over or underwhelmed, yet one never hears about someone just being "whelmed", to the classic bit about confusing codenames: Bystander #1: "Hey, look. It's Speedy!" Bystander #2: "Oh. Is he the Flash's sidekick?" Bystander #1: "No, he's Green Arrow's." Bystander #2: "…*…well, that makes NO sense at ALL." Most of the episode sets up the cast dynamic. Speedy is the hot-headed rebel. So rebellious, in fact, that he storms off in a rage a mere eight minutes into the episode. Robin is the tech geek. Kid Flash is the plucky comedy relief ™. Aqualad is the calm, natural leader who always finds his center, despite increasing misgivings about the world and his place in it. And Superboy is the freshly-minted son Superman never knew he had…much to each other's mutual confusion and anger.

I loved the usage of obscure characters from the DC mythos, such as Blockbuster, the Golden Guardian and Dubbilex the DNAlien. I loved the twist about the true goals of the eerie creatures being created by the Big Bads.

The Big Bads themselves, an ominous unseen council of ominous known as "The Light" managed to seem creepy and smart rather than cliché and trite. Always a plus.

If I have a complaint about the pilot, it's that the female members of them team were either absent entirely (Artemis won't join until episode six) or only made a cameo in the coda (Miss Martian, the sweet-natured niece of J'Onn J'Onzz, Manhunter From Mars). Hopefully they'll be given a prominent role in the actual series.

All in all an exciting, witty, satisfying pilot. The scope of the series looks ambitious, the animation budget seems to be sky high, and the young heroes are now basically the Black Ops branch of the Justice League! That's a notion as disturbing as it is awesome. I'm sure the moral ambiguity will be addressed.

Count me in for the regular series, coming out January of next year.

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Too awesome for words
Rectangular_businessman22 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
"Young Justice" is simply one of the best animated shows from the recent years.

At first I thought it was going to be another anime-influenced series like "Teen Titans". Fortunately, it surpassed all my expectations, following the same tradition of other mature and well made animations inspired in DC comics, like the "Batman", "Superman" and "Justice League" series from the nineties.

"Young Justice" had a great script in every episode, is funny to watch, has likable and interesting characters, and also has a great animation with pretty cool designs, which combine modern and classic elements, with excellent results.

In my opinion, this is a flawless series which I would recommend to anyone.

10/10 (And I would give this 11 stars if I could)
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pmcuol25 January 2014
This is the best animated series. I just miss it. Make a new season as soon as possible. Best graphics best story best action best execution. I just love this show. Making a logical and good story with so many super heroes is really difficult and they did it so nicely. Its amazing, really great. Only one character is somehow not fitted for long run (for me) that's "Impulse." He came from future to change it, he succeed but did not succeed and stayed in present. That's not working for me. He should not be stayed more than 2 or 3 episodes. Other than that show is awesome. Must watch the show. It keeps telling me to write more and more lines but i have said enough. If it insists i say it again, This is the best animated series. I just miss it. Waiting for the new season sooo badly.
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First two seasons are best DC has to offer, but season 3 is just uhh
markq-7565431 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The first two seasons of this show are amazing. The best DC has to offer, it gives us in depth characters and story. The first season is God's with getting all these side not wanting to be known as side but as their own people. It lets you connect to the heroes it also shows them grow as a team. With them being kids having crushes, or dealing with school or even with their parents.

Season 2 takes things on a whole new level. With a five year tone jump, now seeing new heroes. And heroes we loved from the first season grown up. Suck as Dick Grayson, who is nightwing. It also gives us Aqualad who is now evil, and Wally and Artemis retried. And Connor and Megan not together anymore. And our new heroes are Blue Beetle, Impulse, wondergirl, batgirl and etc. This season is crazier with villains such as the reach, Mongul, and of course the light. With season we see our heroes undercover and keep secrets from other team members. It is an Insane and intense fun season.

Season 3, after six years of no young justice we finally got a new season. This season takes place two years later. With the major issue being meta human trafficking. It also includes new characters like Geo Force, Halo, Cyborg and etc.

All in all this series is great, but season 3 is alright. The story seems to be all over the place and it has a little too much political stuff in it. It's not as in depth with its stories and it feels the team aren't as connected. With some episodes not really having villains or only half the episode being about them on a mission. I'm at watching the show but this season is not the same. I hope that the writers do a better job with season 4. But there is still six episodes left this season hopefully their all great.
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One of Cartoon Network's best shows in recent years, not perfect but terrific all the same
TheLittleSongbird17 August 2013
Not quite among Cartoon Network's all-time best shows(Dexter's Laboratory, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Johnny Bravo, Powerpuff Girls, Cow and Chicken). But in recent years, alongside Regular Show, Adventure Time and the first three Ben 10 series- Omniverse is a huge disappointment- it is one of their better shows in recent years, The Amazing World of Gumball is also mostly great apart from some weak writing early on. Young Justice isn't quite perfect, the season 2 finale does feel too convenient and incomplete and not all the voice acting was quite there; Brent Spiner is nowhere near sinister or insane enough as Joker, too restrained, Kevin Michael Richardson is over-parted and all his characters sound exactly the same(Mal Duncan is the worst case), and while Nolan North has times where he is right on the money at others he is not powerful or heroic enough as Superman.

The rest of the voice acting though is fabulous, all the Young Justice team are voiced with depth and a great dynamic. Even if Jesse McCartney does start off a tad too lightweight for Nightwing he does mature, as Robin and Dick Grayson he is spot on. Bruce Greenwood is pitch-perfect as Batman, he doesn't erase memories of Kevin Conroy but is suitably dark and brooding. There are no complaints to be made of Vanessa Marshall and Maggie Q as Black Canary and Wonder Woman, and Phil LaMarr is a good Aquaman. For the villain roles, Miguel Ferrer, Oded Ferr, Mark Rolston, Keith Szarabajka, Danny Trejo and Arnold Vosloo are particularly good, though all except for Joker are good. The secondary characters are memorable, the likes of Phil LaMarr, Tara Strong, Edward Asner, Crispin Freeman, Jeff Bennett Geoff Pierson and Cree Summer are without fault. G. Gordon Godfrey is annoying in a way and the only character who isn't (intentionally) likable, but Tim Curry voices with such adept smarmy drollness and sinks his teeth into Godfrey's monologues.

But it's not just the voice acting that makes up and comes across strongly in Young Justice. The animation is great here, somewhat anime in look but colourful, detailed and atmospheric, when it calls for it to have a serious approach- and there are numerous cases of that- it does so very effectively without being overly so. The fluidity of the backgrounds and character movements and how dynamically the colours and shadings are used are to much admired. The music has a feel and orchestration that suits the tone perfectly without making too serious or upbeat, with some beautiful and haunting moments. There's nothing cheesy or forgettable about the theme tune either(unlike other Cartoon Network shows like Ben 10: Omniverse and Johnny Test, how is that show still airing?)

From a writing and narrative standpoint, Young Justice also scores. The dialogue is very thought-provoking and intelligently written, doing a great job at giving the characters depth and complexity and also with an ability to provide emotional depth and a some subtle humour. The story lines are always compelling and succeeds in drawing us into the world the characters live in, there is great atmosphere and the action is exciting and well-animated. It is true that narratively the first season is better than the second, the second season was still interesting and well done on the most part if not quite as well-developed and focused in tone. The characters really make the show work, Robin and Speedy stand out in the Young Justice team though all of them have likable and resourceful personalities. Batman, Black Canary, Wonder Woman and Aquaman come off best in the Justice League, and you even root for the fun and charismatic villains especially Vandal Savage and Ras'Al Ghul.

All in all, a terrific show and it is a shame that it was cancelled- maybe its erratic scheduling got the better of it- because it did have potential to have more and the ending of season 2 did suggest that somewhat. 8.5/10 Bethany Cox
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I can't watch this show anymore 2019
cruzwindt-4653429 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I loved season 1 and 2. But it has been a decline since that time, why would you be asking ? Is it because plot ? The plot has remained almost the same, they are trying to take a new approach being ''more mature'' and I don't dislike it, but I don't like it that much either. It is in the subplot and political correctness where this show fails miserably to me. The subplots are cliche and not well thought, the most interesting characters like Forager have been completely wasted and left as comedic relief. Black Lighting's relation with Virgil has been completely wasted, so has been Virgil, and as a fan of the 2000 Static Shock character it pains me to see Static so underrepresented in this show. He has absolutely nothing special here, nor any reminiscence of what he was in the comics not the old cartoon, he is not inspiring, nor a hero, he is just a guy with super powers. And that's been a problem with most of the show third season, most of the new adds to the undercover super hero team, or the original team, have been pretty much just for the lolz, oh look this young super hero is now inside here, nothing to make them special, they are just secret agents, no more, no less.

Now to the main dish, the political correctness. I have no problem with homosexual relationships, there are quite a few that I like in cartoon shows, for example, Jeff's two mothers in Clarence, THAT'S how you represent a non binary relationship. They were loving, they were caring, BUT THEY HAD DEFECTS. All relationships, have defects, even if you like someone from your own gender, that will not exempt you from being HUMAN. The girl who worked in a retail store on the other side of my street just had a break up with her spouse over their life choices, one was a trucker the other an employee in the store and pretty much never saw each other, there were also suspicious of infidelity etc. Being homosexual, doesn't make you perfect, doesn't make you an untouchable being incapable of doing no wrong, YOU ARE SILL HUMAN. But many shows in doing the homosexual couple for representation only forgets this, they show a loving caring couple with nothing wrong on it, just for the sake of it. That's it, nothing more. I also hate when they change a character's sexuality for representation, which DC does a lot, see Alan Scott, Maxima, etc. In this case Kaldur Ahm, and no, he is not bisexual in the comics, you are thinking of Jackson Hyde, who looks like Kaldur from the show. But you know what ? They could have made this through by adding spice over their relationship, making it a grief relationship where they got together to get over the pain of Tula's death, they could have been showed struggling with this, is their relationship real ? or are they just trying to ease a common pain ? But nooooo, that would make it interesting, we can't have that in PC representation for the sake of representation.

But no, it's not the over representation for the sake of representation what ticks me off in this show. NO. You see in one episode, when Superboy said '' We have to know what the other side is saying of us '' or something along those lines, I actually had hopes on the show, I thought ' ok, this guys are saying, we're leftist PC, BUT that doesn't mean we're not open to dialogue, we will hear your point of view '', it should've been a red flag that they did this on an obvious parody of Fox News, but Superboy's phrase gave me hope. After Nevermore, that hope is completely destroyed.

Luthor says this is fake news ! Ever heard of that before ? I'm not a Trump fan, I've criticized many aspects of his administration. But if you are telling me, that his fake news thing is fake, when I can google his full quotes and see how CNN and many others completely take him out of context and even go as far as lie about the intention of what he is saying , then we have a problem, furthermore, this is beyond of being right or left, this is having a political bias against someone, this is not saying '' I disagree with you on this policy '', this is just blatant '' Orange man bad ! ''. This is partisanism at it's finest. Are you really telling me, after what the news have been doing, after they threatening people over memes, they are the good guys ? Or that there is no chance the media lies ? What happened to that of hearing what the other side says ?

I can't watch this show anymore. It has become a cliche PC propaganda. A bad written one.
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Best DC show ever
WeAreLive16 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I must say I am very impressed by this series it almost made me forget about Teen Titans. The episodes are all well written, the stories are amazing, the voice acting and character development is awesome and the animation is top notch.

I am very happy this is coming back for a season 3 which I have been wanting for the last two years and unlike some people I actually patiently waited for season 3 and didn't watch the show a billion until I lost interest. (not going to mention who) Instead I got into other shows which I had never seen before like the rest of the DCAU, Green Lantern the animated series, Beware the Batman, the Star Wars franchise, some marvel shows and Yo Kai Watch (which kept my mind off the show for a bit)

Okay at first when discovered this show I thought what the hell am I watch but when I watched it from start to finish the show grew on me alongside the characters within this show. However it did take time for me to get used to Superboy getting angry a lot, Miss Martian saying "Hello Meagan" every two minutes and Kid Flash being annoying. But this wasn't always the case because I got used to it after 5 episodes.

This show even showed me never to judge someone by there appearance (Image and Episode 25) and not to hide secrets behind your close friends (The Fix). Spoiler alert: Kid Flash dies but lets hope that is not true.

Even though there was one thing I didn't like about Miss Martian as I stated above call me crazy but I actually had a crush on her in the first season her cute looks, human form, and outfits she wore won me over. I also had a crush on other women on the show which includes Zatanna, Bette Kane and Batgirl/ Barbra Gordan.

I would defiantly recommend this show to any DC fan.

Avoid shows like Teen Titans Go!, Justice League Action and DC Super Hero Girls and watch shows like Justice League, Teen Titans, and this shows. I just hope season 3 can save DC because at the moment DC in terms of animation isn't doing very well.

Trust me once when you get into young justice you will enjoy it. For people who hate it or just aren't interested, I can respect that but you don't know what you are missing. The whole series is a blast after episode 5 and more fun stuff will be coming your way when season 3 gets made and if that is successful then Greg Wiseman and Brandon might be generous enough to give us season 4 and 5.
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Liberal politics ruined season 3
zw-green12 July 2019
The first two season were great, season 3 however is very underwhelming. All the heroes you have come to love will not be in this season and the new heroes that are introduced are very annoying, flat, one dimensional, and their personalities/voices get old fast. I am all about self acceptance, but making superheroes non-binary is a little over the top. The writers forced liberal politics into the show, and it is very annoying. Do yourself a favor and skip the third season.
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DC - Best super hero series, addictive and awesome
rajaramautt7 April 2018
Best super hero series I ever watched. After DC failure in movies, I lost interest in DC characters. But after this series I understand , DC got lot more potential. I love the young justice team, looking forward to see the team in live action movie. DC got their own style , I would like if they don't change their style like marvel comics, it don't suit for DC for some hero's like batman ( best super hero of all time ), suicide squad .
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Gone too Soon
me-998-97803326 July 2016
Young Justice, it could have been a pathetic attempt at a kids show with superheroes, but it became an icon for everyone from 10 to mid 30s.

The show tackles difficult boundaries not just young love, but identity, morality & many more.

Young Justice follows the story of the sidekicks of the Justice League, Robin, Superboy, Kid Flash, Speedy, Miss Martian, Artemis & a whole lot more.

The show doesn't just deal with fighting the bad guys & saving the day, there's also their "normal" lives they have to traverse through.

With 2 spectacular & heartbreaking seasons, fans are still waiting & petitioning for a 3rd & rightly so. Young Justice did something, no other show, superhero or not, at such a short amount of time, they made you care for the characters, both hero, villain & anti hero.

If you're a fan of good storytelling, great characters & don't mind getting a little misty eyed, you'll love Young Justice.
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Pretty Much a Perfect Show!!
ter-6392714 July 2015
Young Justice from the get go grabs you and reels you in. The characters all have the right amount of screen time and story behind them. The show makes you not only enjoy them but actually get behind them all. From Miss Martians identity issues and Superboys need for acceptance from his mentor to the relationship between Zatanna and her father. And that is just season one! Season two brings a host of cool ideas and relationships as well. The interaction between the characters and the stories are all a breath of fresh air. Especially for a show really for kids. However, it came out when I was in my late 20's. And growing up with Batman the Animated series and Superman the Animated series I was no stranger to good animation and cool story lines. And Young Justice does not disappoint in the slightest way. Every aspect of the show gets a 10/10. The stories, the characters, the action, the animation... all top notch. The only disappointing thing about the show is that it got cancelled. One of Warner Bros hugest mistake since they let someone make that Catwoman film.
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Quite possibly the best superhero team ever put together
jwwaltherppk15 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
To begin, this show is really two separate shows with the same title, such are the differences between the first and second seasons in tone and content. This is largely due to the ageing of the team and the absence of the Justice League for large parts of Season 2 leaving the team in a position where they have to step up.

Season 1 is lighter in spots and has enough comic relief to keep the chuckle in. The ages of the team mean that there is little or no scope for more adult humour and the villains don't engage in it either, but nevertheless, cameos from fan favourites such as the Joker etc. (more "Under the Red Hood" than "Animated Series") will always go down well.

The five year gap between the Seasons is one of the reasons that this show is not worth ten stars. It does two things that should make any fan of this show annoyed. 1. It meant that the show's writers were running out of ideas despite the brilliant set-up that they had left at the end of Season 1. This includes the development of the fringe characters and sub-plots a bit more, who have enough in them to justify a few episodes apiece. 2. As the title of the new season suggests, the crew are dealing with an alien invasion, the ending to so many brilliant series, which would be a travesty for this show.

However, the five year gap also matured the team to allow the inclusion of more adult directed sub-plots, such as relationships taken to the next level, our place in the world and the effects and consequences of decisions made earlier coming back to affect team members in quite brilliant and believable ways. While the raft of new characters is slightly annoying, most are well known enough for even the most casual of fans to know who they are and their probable roles within the team.

With that in mind, apart from clunky dialogue, from some of the Justice League in particular, that has not stood the test of time but is nevertheless expected by fans, along with the trigger-happy nature of introducing the alien invasion plot-line, the show is nigh on perfect and will stand the test of time while, as time goes on, some of the other, brilliant DC efforts may date poorly and not blow fans away like this one will.
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Excellent Show
ironnight24-352-2002722 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
An epic tale that includes a huge portion of the D.C Universe, Young Justice is must see for any fan of comic books. I haven't seen a quality show like this since the original batman cartoons. Season 1 began and ended exceptionally well, and despite the five year time Skip, Season 2 is just as good. While some fans criticize the five year time skip i believe it was necessary. Robin's transference to Nightwing, Zatanna, and Rocket coming in the league Kaldur going undercover in black manta's organization. All these changes are keeping the plot exciting , and interesting to watch. The show is currently on hiatus, but i cant wait till it comes back again in September. It left so many questions unanswered. What happen to L'gann? How is Artemis going to work for Kaldur? Hopefully these questions will be answered soon. Young Justice has accomplished something few shows have been able to do: Incorporate several genres into it. Action,Adventure,Tragedy, Romance, and Mystery. A great show, and highly entertaining
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A great show that I would highly recommend to anyone
anonymousbrowneyedgirl1 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers

Just watched this show from episodes 1-18 and can I just say that I loved it! As a kid I would have watched Batman, Batman Beyond, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, Teen Titans and can I just say that this show beats something like Teen Titans hands down.

The animation and art style is similar to Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths. The series focuses on the sidekicks of comic book legends like Superman, Batman, The Flash and many others.

For the beginning of the series we are introduced to four characters of the soon to be arranged team, Robin, Superboy, Kid Flash and Aqualad, Speedy does make an appearance in the first episode for only a short time. I was actually surprised with some of the character changes, like Drake Grayson replacing Tim Drake and Wally replacing Bart and some of the other changes. What gives this show a plus is that it focuses on each member, including future members like Artemis and Miss Martian and how they work on becoming a team, it also shows that even though your a hero's side kick or in Superboy's case, clone, that they, themselves are developing and trying to get through some personal things as well as learning how to work together and on who to trust.

there are also some relationships and turmoil within the group, Aqualad the leader, is sometimes unsure on whether he should be leader or not and waits for Robin to mature so that he could handover command, Superboy at first seems to be going through some issues with his "father", he and Miss Martian start forming a relationship and like every couple go through some bumps on the road as well as maintaining their work. KidFlash is comic relief although he shows to not be totally useless since he has a good amount of scientific knowledge and seems to have a soft spot for Artemis while the latter seems to have a secret that she does not want everyone else knowing and the only ones that seem to know are the older members, Speedy (Now known as Red Arrow) and Robin seems to know.

There are Cameo appearances by the senior members of the Justice League, as well as Barbra Gordan, Zatanna, Garth, Tula, etc.

However I have only watched up to episode 18 but so far I am enjoying it and would recommend anyone who has seen previous DC Television shows or read the comics to give this show a go.
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Season 3 is destroying the entire Animation!
danielvinicius-e31 July 2019
Why, for god's sake, do these writers must, shove down their values in the viewers's throat? Movies and Animators producers sometimes forget that their main mission is entertainment pure and simple, and not spread the politically correct agenda. For my values, It is not OK for people of the same gender kiss and make out in a kids show and is definitely not okay to try and spread that non binary gender must be accepted. If the writers believe that, great, but they have no right on spreading that nonsense through their work. That is just amateurism.
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Great first season, however...
eforest7723 August 2012
Young Justice was a show that I was keeping up with for a long time, but have recently stopped. Keeping up with the show was tough, because it wasn't broadcast on Teletoon where I live, it went on numerous hiatuses, but I found a way. And I always found a way, because I loved the show.

The first season, that is.

Young Justice in its first season was amazing. The tone of it, the way it was set up, the character development, the relationships between characters (yes, they were a little cheesy, but so be it) would all make for a normally good show. But what propelled Young Justice into the realm of greatness was the tone of it and how it handled the source material it drew from. The show was mature, but not dreadfully dark like a lot of 'mature' works are nowadays. It felt very modern, in a word, because it 'updated' all its characters.

Which is why the second season has been so infinitely disappointing for me. Season 2 introduced heaps of new characters, such as Batgirl, Wonder Girl, Blue Beetle, and Lagoon Boy. And it also skipped 5 years forward in time, ageing up the entire Young Justice team into the 18-21 years old range.

This is where the show went downhill, and fast. With so many characters suddenly introduced, as well as the 'alien invasion' plot it's attempting to carry out, the maturity and modernism of the season past has been lost. The show has waded into, dare I say it, 'dark' territory. By skipping 5 years, I've lost touch with the original team. I have no idea what they've been doing, how they've changed - and so I can't care about them anymore. The new characters introduced feel shallow and underdeveloped, and the writers have failed in juggling them equally. The second season has dropped the ball so much. So, so much.

I was so disappointed by the second season, because I was so emotionally involved with the first one. I felt for the entire team, and now, in season 2, I end each episode with a sense of hollow disappointment. I personally will not return to watching it once the current hiatus ends, and I predict many other people will drop it as well.

And that is why, with sadness, I cannot recommend Young Justice to anybody. Nor can I recommend the first season alone, because it will leave you wanting more. And, sadly, the second season does not provide what you would want.
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It's just the best DC animation out there
sarpesen15 January 2019
Best DC animation because of a lot of reasons. Great story, great animations and great themes.
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