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Yes, excellent!
arne_brathole6 May 2011
This has to be, by far, the best episode yet. I have been a little disappointed by this season as a whole, however this does more than enough to rectify that. I was so amazed, I started it over the second it ended. Its absolute madness and humor made with directing at Hollywood level makes this show arguably the best NBC has in its roster.

The episode had so many moments you want to watch over again and again. Especially Alison Brie comes to life in this special. Would love to see her more in that role!

Being a two-header, I can hardly wait till next week!
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Flawless and stands with modern warfare
Br4ve-trave1or30 May 2018
With film studies episode, we're shown how well this series can be directed as its immediately filmed on a dolly and looks great.

This is Sergio Leone paintball in Greendale!! Josh Holloway rounds it out to make it perfect as the night Ryder.

Allison brie wins this episode hands down for her performance and being the most attractive paintball gun slinger! Season 2 has been great but not as good as season 1 imo but this episode put it over the edge to stand up on it's own leading to the next installment, part 2 of the $100,000 prize.

Does Josh Holloway really like cold play? That wanted gay and alive poster of jess and his forehead was awesome Pierce and he really showcases how he made his way to become the villain of this series in season 2! His character has grown a lot since the first dozen episodes of the first season. Chevy Chase did a masterful job even after his indent on his chin grew in!
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