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As appealingly humanized by Collins and Claflin, Rosie and Alex are sufficiently flawed, three-dimensional beings for their continued attachment to each other to convince.
Likeable leads and the odd good joke makes this romance an amiable time-passer.
Collins (“Mirror Mirror”) and Claflin, of the last “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie, do well by the mooning over each other across a crowded dance floor stuff. But they have to keep us believing in “the dream” and hoping for their romance. They don’t.
The Playlist
Love, Rosie doesn't aspire to be anything more than a digestible rom-com trifle. It's a sweet movie about sweet people who are always sweet to each other and it's enough to make one sick on the saccharine.
The Dissolve
Unfortunately, the film frequently relies on telling over showing, and Rosie and Alex’s bond is rarely demonstrated through palpable on-screen chemistry.
On the plus side, Collins (Mirror Mirror, The Blind Side) and Claflin (Finnick Odair in the Hunger Games franchise) are both appealing enough, even if their chemistry makes Rosie and Alex’s we’re-just-pals stance appear even more ludicrous than intended.
Time Out London
Diehard romcom fans will have their socks charmed off, but this is no ‘Notting Hill’.
The Telegraph
Amid the bungles, Collins is a bright spark.
Like a Richard Curtis movie with an Instagram filter, director Christian Ditter makes everything look pretty.
Village Voice
The message is more pedestrian than passionate: Life is long, and full of instant messages.

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