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Sex & Nudity

  • Anytime nudity is in a film it is censored. Sex is shown as long as no nudity is.
  • The critic makes many sexual jokes.
  • The critic will call people pervs if they talk about 'balls'
  • The critic reviews Milk Money, a PG-13 rated romp about a group of boys wanting to see a woman in full nudity.
  • In his review of "The Last Airbender" the critic calls the Princess' hair phallic and uses a joke that says "Hey what does she use for a headband, a censor bar?"

Violence & Gore

  • All comedic of course but the show involves critic blowing the heads off characters he doesn't like and getting killed himself.
  • In the "Battlefield Earth" episode, he bashes a hammer on his head in pain during his mental breakdown. However, it's not shown and is done for comedic purposes.
  • In one episode the critic talks about the ways he was prevented from committing suicide.
  • In some episodes (Home Alone 3, Mr Nanny) he comments on scenes being exceedingly violent, especially for kids movies.
  • The critic's anger causes a building to blow up in the Quest for Camelot episode.


  • More recent episodes have contained less profanity (occasional use of shit, son of a bitch and asshole), and less frequent use of the f word, as opposed to previous seasons.
  • Strong, but needs some getting used to.
  • The curse words that the critic uses the most are, Shit, Fuck, Ass, Damn, Dick, Pussy etc.
  • The critic is very creative with his cursing; for example, an annoying internet troll is named Douchey McNitpick (who appears in the Fuckups episodes no less) A one time character (who appears only in his Sonic review) is named Fuckup McDumbass. He also describes Ninja Turtles 3 as "horribafuckus"
  • He also comments on language being too harsh for PG-rated movies (Warriors of Virtue, Richie Rich). Also in his Doug's First Movie review, he asks why "funkytown" sounds like "fuckytown".
  • He makes a guy call his sister a twat in one episode. "The WORST Christmas Special Ever".
  • While reviewing Les Misérables, the critic exclaims Jesus's name in vain
  • In "A Christmas Story 2" Mike Jeavons almost says "c*nt" but is cut off mid-word

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • He plays the Stephen King drinking game in his It review.
  • He has a top 10 drug psa episode.
  • He yells "You are on meth" in the Doug's First Movie review.
  • He also referred to We're Back as "Land Before Time on crystal meth".
  • He and his young self boos the screen during the scene in "Scooby-Doo" when they're roasting burgers but it looks like bong smoke.
  • In that same review, he says "Dude you should totally meet Mary Jane's sister!...POT!"
  • In the review for "Reefer Madness", Chester A. Bum makes a cameo and proclaims that due to the effect the film had on him he has quit marijuana and instead will be switching to crack and holds up a ziploc back filled with a white substance. He then sticks his face in the bag and inhales loudly.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The garbage pail kids in his garbage pail kids review could give adults nightmares.
  • The Bat Credit Card, seen in Batman & Robin review may upset certain viewers.
  • In some episodes, there is a gag called "Scary Slo Mo" where an already unsettling part is slowed down.
  • He reviews many weird & outrageous things that can be very weird, or even a little tense at times.
  • Dark humor is used throughout the show as well as jokes at others' expense. All comedic but may turn some off.
  • Overall the series is not very intense at all. The violence is cartoonish, and it really is just a wacky humor show with very occasional drama (but even this is most of the time in a comedic context).
  • The content depends on what type of review you watch


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The critic smokes bongs for comedic purposes and in the Mario episode talks about pot land

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Arnold Baby in his junior review.

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