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[Tony waits in Jane's office, irritated after the embarrassing scene Jane made in the restaurant. Jane enters her room]

Tony Nicastro: What the hell, Jane?

Jane Bingum: It's nice to see you, too. Would you like something to drink?

Tony Nicastro: [angrily] Jane...

[Jane puts her handbag down and turns to face Tony]

Jane Bingum: OK, I'm sorry. But I don't feel bad about it. I mean, maybe I went a little overboard, but I was not the one on a date when all we were doing was slowing things down.

Tony Nicastro: You keep saying that...

Jane Bingum: Were those or were those not your words?

Tony Nicastro: You got to let me finish!

Jane Bingum: By all means. Finish.

Tony Nicastro: It wasn't a date. It was a job interview. Her name is Elisa Powell. It was a second interview for a job with the US attorney office. One I'm pretty unlikely to get at this point.

Jane Bingum: [quietly] Oh... well, now I feel bad about it.

Tony Nicastro: [nods] Wish I could help you out with that.

Jane Bingum: I am sorry. Genuinely.

[Jane turns away from Tony, then faces him again]

Jane Bingum: You know, but I am not entirely wrong here.

Tony Nicastro: Oh, for god's sake, you can't just apologize, can you?

Jane Bingum: Well, had you bothered to return one of my phone calls, I might have known what was going on.

Tony Nicastro: That doesn't excuse...

Jane Bingum: I don't exist well in limbo, Tony. So I just wanted to know where we stand.

Tony Nicastro: Fine. You want to know where we stand?

Jane Bingum: [sniffles] Yeah!

Tony Nicastro: It's over.

[Tony walks toward the door]

Jane Bingum: W-wait. It's... it's over?

[Tony turns back to Jane]

Tony Nicastro: [sighs] Goodbye, Jane.

[Tony exits Jane's office, wiping his eyes. Jane bursts into tears]

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