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Season 2

9 Feb. 2013
The Con Man
After Connor unsuccessfully tries to infiltrate the dojo, the Ninjas learn that he is after the Floating Sword, and they realize he is much more treacherous than they ever imagined.
16 Feb. 2013
Flint Forster
Amanda develops a crush on a thief named Flint Forster; Owen misinterprets Amanda's cagey behavior.
23 Feb. 2013
Shadow Fly
Owen gets an ego boost when a photo of him in his ninja suit goes viral. Before Owen can reap the benefits, The Shadow Master, an impostor looking to capitalize on ninja popularity, comes forward and steal's Owen's moment.
2 Mar. 2013
Grounded Ninja
Mike is grounded after getting caught sneaking out of the house; Mike must find a way to help the ninjas stop Evil Grandpa and the Ishina from locating the dojo.
9 Mar. 2013
Kid Q
A scientist's assistant steals Owen and Quentin's science fair project and uses it for vengeance.
16 Mar. 2013
Cheer Fever
When a rival cheerleader from Amanda's past resurfaces, Mike and Owen go under cover as cheerleaders to catch her.
30 Mar. 2013
The Ishina Strike Back
Mike throws Martin a last-minute birthday party; Martin's birthday party is overrun by Ishina.
6 Apr. 2013
Enter the Dojo
After the dojo is destroyed, the Ninjas bring in Kid Q to fix it and bring Hologramps back. Kid Q overstays his welcome and then lets the Ninjas' old nemesis Two Ton Harley out of prison.
13 Apr. 2013
Finding Forster
Flint Forster learns Amanda's real identity; Mike must rescue Flint and Amanda when they are taken hostage.
20 Apr. 2013
Owen pursues his crush on Paloma Peru, while Gina, a twisted Benjamin Rush student, pursues her own obsessive crush on Owen. Meanwhile, Mike and Amanda bond after they both get hurt filming an audition tape for a game show.
20 Apr. 2013
The Ninjas investigate Mayhem, a social media star who organizes flash mobs to incite chaos. Owen is getting closer to Paloma, but Mike and Amanda have concerns since she made it her mission to investigate the Ninjas.
27 Apr. 2013
Spring Fling
Mike is crushed after Flint asks Amanda to the Spring Fling. The night gets worse when he must team up with Flint to rescue Amanda who gets kidnapped. Amanda struggles with a decision to stay in Empire City or study in Paris.
27 Apr. 2013
The Floating Sword
Cousin Connor returns as a spy for Evil Grandpa, and discovers that the Kata, an old martial arts form, is the key to finding the Floating Sword. Amanda struggles with the results of a career aptitude test.
20 Jul. 2013
The End of the Ninja
After Grandfather quits, his new assistant Andrea takes over and the ninja's have to save the day by getting Andrea things? That means that there is no mission for them to go on and Mike isn't handling it well.

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