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Iris Beckley: [Both sitting down in Iris's living room, having coffee] I'm sorry I couldn't get an address or anything.

Patrick Logan: You got me everything I needed.

Iris Beckley: Good. So... then I guess...?

Patrick Logan: Ah! Of course.

[hands her an envelope full of money]

Iris Beckley: I know you've been looking for Angie for a long time but there's not gonna be any trouble, right?

Patrick Logan: Trouble?

Iris Beckley: Well, you're not gonna like, hurt her or anything?

Patrick Logan: She took something of mine. I want it back.

Iris Beckley: Okay. It's just I like Rose and I don't ever want to hear that something bad happened to her kid.

Patrick Logan: You should get that money to the bank. This place doesn't seem very safe to me.

Iris Beckley: What are you talking about? Look at all those locks.

Patrick Logan: Yeah, but what if someone were to come up this fire escape?

Iris Beckley: Oh, that window is always locked.

Patrick Logan: You think that's gonna stop them?

[Opens the window and wraps his scarf around his hand, leans through and punches the other window]

Iris Beckley: [Startled] What are you doing?

Patrick Logan: They reach through, unlock the window,

[he tightens the scarf in his hands straight across]

Patrick Logan: and now you're in trouble.

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