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Tweekums12 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
As the episode opens the gang are just about to finish a successful con... or so it appears, as they suggest having a celebratory drink with the mark after claiming to have inside share information he says he can't drink as he is on duty and promptly arrests the lot of them. In custody a woman approaches Mickey with an offer he can't refuse. If he and the gang steal the contents of a safety deposit box from the London branch of the Bank of Syria they can go free as well as keeping any money they steal from the second vault. Of course Mickey isn't one to trust the authorities and does a little investigating to find out who he has agreed to work for, then he sets about insuring that he isn't double crossed.

The robbery scenes were fairly exciting and when the inevitable double cross occurs it was fun to see the gang turning the tables although it was fairly predictable how they'd done it. Being Hustle it was all very slick and enjoyable though.
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