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jotix10031 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Charles and Amita's big day finally arrives. They are getting married! The wedding is a private affair with only a few in attendance. Don is the best man and Alan gives the bride away. Larry, a minister in his own right, officiates the ceremony. Right after the exchange of vows, Don receives a call about a suspect he has been following, who is seen at an outdoor cafe. As Don and his team try to apprehend the man, a disgruntled man who was talking to the con man, feeling he was cheated, comes barreling on Don and the suspect knocking everyone to the ground. In the process Don's loses his Glock, which he sees a passerby retrieve and walk away with the gun.

Don Eppes' gun turns up in a few unexpected places where it has been used to commit a crime. Charlie, who will be leaving for London with Amita in a few days, gets involved in trying to trace the weapon. Amita gets lucky when she looks on a social network and she is able to point to a possibility. Jim Mazzolla, a family man, is the person that has the gun, but when Don and the team go to interview him about the Glock, he denies he has it. In fact, the Mazzollas have been living next door to a bully that is feared through the neighborhood. It is Jim Jr. who has an interest in bringing the neighbor to justice using Don's weapon.

The finale of "Numb3rs" was not exactly exciting. The creative team must have known the show was canceled and they went for cute, instead of action. One of the creators of the series, Nicholas Falacci directed the material he wrote with Cheryl Heuton. One realizes not all the episodes were going to have the same impact, but the ending of "Numb3rs" did not measure against the rest of this season. Instead, a lot of loose ends were tied. David Sinclair will go to Washington. Charlie and Amita's new careers take them to England. Don Eppes will try for a promotion and will get married. Alan is going to live in the converted garage to make room for the newlyweds. The rest of the agents will have to carry on without their comrades.

We are saddened by the departure of "Numb3rs", but looking back, this series had a great run. We wish the creators and everyone involved good luck in whatever they will do next. Thank you for the many hours the creative team spent giving us a great entertainment.
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