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Season 3

24 Mar. 2014
Episode #3.1
Whilst Adam is conducting Ellie's wedding service Archdeacon Robert is delivering Alex's baby daughter in the back of a taxi. Ten months later Adam meets Yusef, the Muslim imam, in a dilapidated children's playground where he has taken baby Katie and they decide to join forces to raise money for its renovation. Yusef does very well, collecting most of the money - despite being electrocuted by the church's faulty wiring system. This is as well as most of Adam's funds come from Colin selling crack cocaine. Both Christians and Muslims, however, put the Smallbones under ...
31 Mar. 2014
Episode #3.2
Archdeacon Robert confronts Adam over his church's lack of funds, sending in celebrity vicar Roland Wise to give financial advice though Adam is not receptive. Then Jez and Rob, a gay couple, ask Adam to marry them and, against Nigel's advice, he conducts the ceremony in the guise of a routine Eucharist. Alex gets drunk at the reception and tells Robert what has happened, although, after initial disapproval, he shows himself to be an ally after all.
7 Apr. 2014
Episode #3.3
At a charity lunch Adam meets award winning sculptor Mike Tobin who is keen create a new work and exhibit it in the church, as well as making a generous donation. Soon afterwards Adam enlists the help of newly-divorced Ellie and her school class in his anti-litter campaign, which leads to the couple sharing a passionate kiss. Given Mike's iconoclastic reputation Nigel and Robert are wary about his offering but it turns out to be a statue of a couple kissing. However Adam wrongly believes that it depicts himself and Ellie and almost causes a disaster.
14 Apr. 2014
Episode #3.4
Alex finds out that Adam kissed Ellie and throws him out. After crashing at Nigel's he ends up in the hostel with Colin but is thrown out of there as well for being unregistered. Fortunately Alex agrees to a reconciliation and takes him back. He also meets George, a qualified accountant who agrees to doing the church audits for free. George admits that he served a prison sentence for downloading child-porn but Adam agrees to give him a chance and to employ him. Sadly the other parish council members are less forgiving and George moves away.
21 Apr. 2014
Episode #3.5
News of Adam's kissing Ellie has reached the bishop, who tells Adam that he will be suspended, pending an investigation. To make things worse the church is in danger of closing due to poor attendances whilst, thanks to Nigel, the kiss has made it to the local paper's front page headline. Having carried a wooden cross through London foe another vicar's passion play Adam meets a mysterious stranger, who gives him hope - and next day he learns that he has been wholly exonerated. However circumstances have led to his decision to resign from the clergy.
28 Apr. 2014
Episode #3.6
Adam and Alex are rather enjoying his unemployment and then, as a stop-gap, he gets taken on at the local mini-mart where he faces the wrath of disgruntled parishioners. He intends to become a management consultant and, despite Archdeacon Robert's attempts to dissuade him, he goes for an interview though he deliberately sabotages it, realising it is not for him. As the church closes he becomes despairing and withdrawn, taking to his bed. However Alex gathers his flock to prove that they believe in him, as he delivers an Easter sermon which he now hopes will not be his...

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