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  • That seems to be a matter of debate. The filmmakers insist that it IS a completely true story and that they filmed everything as it happened.

    Others, such as documentarian Morgan Spurlock, have referred to the movie as a "fake documentary". Some of the arguments for this are circumstantial. Some reviewers have found it hard to believe that these young internet savvy guys would have been so taken in by such an obvious hoax and would not have checked out Megan's identity before traveling cross country to meet her. They also question why the filmmakers would have started filming Nev so early in his relationship with Megan, before anything seemed out of place, and also question the fact that every significant event in the story seems to have been captured on camera. More substantively, the movements of the group as depicted in Catfish conflict with their locations as given in blog postings at the time.

    Some critics claim that while the basic story of the film is real, or at least based around real events, it contains numerous scenes which have been recreated or dramatized. Some even suggest that the trio discovered the truth about Megan early on and chose to exploit it to tell an engaging story. Edit



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