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10 Oct. 2010
Return of the Kings
During their coronation as kings of the mystical island of Kinkow, twins Boomer and Brady accidentally destroy a sacred ruby, causing Mount Spew to erupt.
22 Sep. 2010
Beach Bully Bingo
Brady and Boomer are banned from the beach by the top surfer who is known as "The Big Kahula" who's also known as Hibachi. After being banned from the beach they return and they make an impossible bet with Hibachi that they will beat him in a surf competition and take back the beach. Hibachi states that if he wins, then no one will be able to surf on the island ever again, but him and his friends. Brady and Boomer enlist in a boot camp run by Mason, who attempts to train them so they can learn how to surf, and take the beach back. Mason was formerly the top surfer, ...
29 Sep. 2010
A Mermaid's Tail
Brady and Boomer meet some mermaids on the beach.
6 Oct. 2010
Where the Wild Kings Are
The twins discover a cute little animal and decide to make him their pet.
13 Oct. 2010
Big Kings on Campus
Brady gets jealous when Mikayla starts hanging out with her friend Tristan who is into extreme sports. To impress her, Brady joins school and tries to do extreme sports. Meanwhile, when Boomer and Brady are placed with all the little kids, Boomer becomes attached with the kids.
20 Oct. 2010
The Brady Hunch
Boomer becomes good friends with a boy from the Flaji clan, a neighboring tribe that Brady begins to suspect are cannibals and want to have Boomer for dinner, so he hatches a plan and attempts to infiltrate the tribe's village while Mason also gets the crazy cannibal theory in his head
27 Oct. 2010
Junga Ball
The guys get ready for the Junga Ball tournament against other islands so Brady becomes the leader of the guards who made the team. When Boomer doesn't get to rule the team as much as Brady, Boomer starts his own team with help from Kinkow's residents. The two teams compete to see which team would represent Kinkow.
3 Nov. 2010
Revenge of the Mummy
The mummy gets revived with help from the bat medallion and he starts haunting the kings. The kings try to get it back before Mikayla and Mason find out.
10 Nov. 2010
Oh Brother, Where Arr Thou?
The guys use a special map to find treasure with the help of a pirate, but the pirates trap the whole gang and plans to steal the palace.
20 Sep. 2010
No Kings Allowed
Brady and Boomer want to join the Riptides, a gang famous for pulling pranks all over the island. Their final test before they will be accepted into the gang is stealing Yamakoshi; Lanny's pet fish.
29 Nov. 2010
Pair of Jokers
When Brady and Boomer attempt to pull pranks on the villagers, they go too far and karma comes full circle, just as Mikayla said.
17 Dec. 2010
Pair of Prom Kings
Brady and boomer go back to their Chicago high school's prom. Boomer hopes to see a girl he asked out 4 years ago, while Brady hopes they'll be more popular than before.
17 Dec. 2010
Tone Deaf Jam
Boomer is excited to sing for the Harvest Festival, thinking he has a great voice. Brady tries to save him without hurting his feelings.
17 Jan. 2011
The Bite Stuff
The king's uncle and aunt come to visit when they think that everything is too dangerous. The guys try to prove the kings are safe, but Brady gets bitten by a bug that gives him horrible side effects.
24 Jan. 2011
Brady Battles Boo-Mer
Brady tries to prove to Boomer that ghosts exist.
31 Jan. 2011
The King and Eyes
The two kings are told that they have to try to win a competition when they attempt to arrange a treaty with an adversary island. The winner receives the reward of a princess, but Brady and Boomer discover she is not a typical princess.
7 Feb. 2011
The King Beneath My Wings
To increase their popularity the kings hold a contest, and allow the winner to follow them around.
20 Apr. 2011
Fight School
After learning their father was the best warrior in island history, Boomer and Brady enroll in Kinkow Fight School. When Mason gives the kings special treatment, jealousy overcomes Mikayla. Taking Lanny's advice, she decides to test the kings' newfound confidence and skills by pitting them against Atog the Giant. But when Mason finds out, Mikayla tries to get the kings to back down, but it's too late, the kings are eager to prove their inner warrior
25 Apr. 2011
The Trouble with Doubles
Boomer and Brady discover Vault 14, a secret vault which protects Kinkow's most mysterious and powerful artifacts including Duplicatus Plantus, a plant that copies anything it touches. The kings make clones of themselves and while they go surfing, they send their doubles to the Kalooki Island Peace Summit. Filling in for the brothers, the clones impress Mikayla, the island dignitaries and the other Kinkowians with their intelligence, hygiene, and professionalism. However, when Brady and Boomer overhear the clones' ultimate plan to takeover, the kings must figure out ...
2 May 2011
Journey to the Center of Mt. Spew
Boomer wants to find out whether he or Brady is older, so goes to consult the volcano's oracle. His friends try to stop him as they don't want to lose a king.

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