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The Mel Gibson vehicle we've all been waiting for!
HalloweenShape3119 April 2012
With Mel Gibson doing himself no favors in the public media over the last six years, GET THE GRINGO is a much-needed reminder of why we loved him so much for the twenty years prior to his scandalous headlines. While it was greatly refreshing to see Gibson on screen again in EDGE OF DARKNESS and THE BEAVER after an overbearing eight year absence, GET THE GRINGO does the best of capturing everything we truly loved about Gibson's performances: charm, wit, humor, edge. The script by Gibson, director Adrian Grunberg and producer Stacey Persky is an original and tight balance of humor, edge, and danger that can very easily be considered an unofficial sequel to the theatrical cut of Gibson's cult favorite, PAYBACK. While the character of GRINGO's Driver never reveals his actual name, he possesses a lot of the same qualities as PAYBACK's Porter, including a U.S. military tattoo, a chain-smoking habit, sticky fingers, an iron jaw, and a penchant for bloodshed. Grunberg's direction is also solid with an obvious love for Sam Peckinpah paraded throughout.

For those of us who endured so many years of understandable negativity towards Gibson for his personal troubles, GET THE GRINGO is the film we've long awaited. It's truly a shame this film won't be seen wide in the U.S. It would've been a better comeback vehicle than EDGE OF DARKNESS was meant to be. GET THE GRINGO practically screams, "Remember me? I'm still here, and I still got it!"

But if one thing is certain in the age of home entertainment, it is that every good film gets discovered by an audience. Sooner or later...
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Sadder but wiser Mel is excellent
jmr71239 May 2012
Just finished watching this excellent movie, and I hadn't realized how much I missed Mel Gibs on. Like the man himself, the main character in this film, Driver, is worn and weary, sadder but wiser, and comfortable with the ironies of life. And the world built here, "El Pueblito," based on the actual prison in Tijuana, is real and startling. Portrayal of Mexico is outlandish at the same time it's sympathetic. Not much action, but shoot out scene in middle of movie is worth watching.

I understand this movie is getting no theatrical release in the US, and that's a shame. Just hope word of mouth will get around about this great movie. It's time to rehabilitate Mel Gibson.
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Mel Gibson is back!!!!!!!!!!.....seriously back...
jithinjofrancis11 May 2012
While watching this movie i was wondering why this movie was provided on a VOD service.....with such awesome stunts ,a strong script and brilliant acting this movie deserved a wide release .I was never a big Gibson fan but now i think i like his style of action thrillers never meant to say that i didn't like lethal weapon series but this in a way is more simplistic and tough.

This movie is seriously meant for fans of tough action movies and is not for people looking out for a highly intelligent action movie.This is a smartly and slickly written piece of work which definitely has its ups and downs.The story is nothing new, first half hour is Mel settling into prison life ,but when the action begins it's a very brutal affair.

The ups of the movie include the sublimely realistic acting of all the lead actors with Mel Gibson leading from the front,a tightly and smartly written screenplay(courtesy Gibson)and a smart yet simplistic approach from the director.

The downsides include the quality of shots taken which i think they should have taken with a much higher budget in hand and also a pretty unimpressive trailer. If only it had been marketed well and had a wide release this movie would have hit bulls eye.

All in all this movie is a Mel Gibson show which is highly gripping,thrilling and which I found is all the more absurdly entertaining.

Thanks to all the folks who read the review.CHEEEERSSS........!!!
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And that little delinquent too!
StevePulaski4 May 2012
It is no secret that the public has lost a lot of respect for Mel Gibson over the years. His hate-filled rants that once scattered the internet like littered candy-wrappers, identifiable aging, and modest releases over the years have proved that he may be wandering around a plain of confusion and uncertainty. It is a shame his new film, Get the Gringo, has gotten such a limited release, playing exclusively on DirecTV before eventually getting a wider VOD and DVD release later this year.

This is by no means a great film, but it holds up a lot better than recent action films boasting a huge actor has the lead (Taken is the prime example here) and packs in half the amount of incredulity as those as well. The story is concise and well-managed, centering around a nameless man (in the credits he's referred to as "Driver") played by Mel Gibson. He is a career criminal, with a vague history, an extensive amount of sarcasm, and a classic form of mystery plagues his character. After being nabbed by the Mexican authorities, he is thrown in a rotten, slimy prison, corrupt and dilapidated, as well as being run by shameless thugs and the occasional prostitute.

At first, Driver takes on the prison lifestyle with an iron fist. He becomes fearless, setting a fire in a market so he can steal a drug dealer's money, and even one of the best scenes in the film involves him knocking a man on a toilet unconscious before stealing his money and weaponry. He then learns that in order to move up on the prison ladder, he can't always be committing thievery and pursing the life of a determined rebel. That's where a nine year old watchmen comes in (Hernandez). As he assists Driver in teaching him the prison life, it isn't long before both of them become mixed up in a whirlwind of the same corruption ruining the prison today.

The cinematography and the overall environment deserves immediate commendable recognition. It makes a seamy place out to be seamy, and doesn't take the route of The Hangover Part II where it transforms a place into something so glum and ugly that it can't be enjoyed. Get the Gringo exists in a dirty, gritty world, and it wants to show it all.

Again, Gibson carries the film, much like he did in Jodie Foster's subpar The Beaver. Gibson resorts back to the sort of grittiness that he erected his odyssey of a career on; a man with no history in a dirty, filthy world where the only role you can play to have respect is "the bad cop." He is wonderful here, and manages to inspire a number of intriguing scenes that rarely become too comical or too unrealistic. There are many shoot-outs, but they are sometimes fun to watch. Even the car chase in the beginning is a riot.

It's a shame that Get the Gringo gets a sour run theatrically, debuting only one night in Austin, and a very secluded run on a Video on Demand service. This film is fun, non-challenging escapism that pleases because of its simplicity and action. After the mild success of Gibson's Edge of Darkness and the very underwhelming The Beaver, studios believe Mel Gibson is poison to the system. Perhaps, but let me remind you guys something; he made The Passion of the Christ - one of the most controversial and daring religious pictures in history. I believe the guy deserves more respect.

Starring: Mel Gibson and Kevin Hernandez. Directed by: Adrian Grunberg.
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Payback Mel Mixes it up in Mexico, Muy Bien
yogi_333315 April 2012
Caught this movie at the cinema in Dubai (so parts may have been edited). Quite entertaining, Gibson in the Payback-type character mode (actually I think it is the same guy), kind of the anti-hero who you nevertheless root for given the corrupt scum around him. The movie is often laugh out loud funny - I know that because I was the only one laughing - but that may be you know, I was probably the only American, some things may have gone too fast for people.

The plot is a bit silly, but great characters, some memorable scenes, really unexpected locations and scenery, the production design was quite extraordinary, well-paced, good action sequences...

Overall, pretty good value for 30 dirhams. Basically, if you liked Payback, this is your movie.
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Gibson remains the best in his work...
paulinakonopka13 May 2012
I watched it, I loved it, it's brilliant! I will watch it again and again and again... I couldn't give a s**t about Mel's personal life and the crazy media surrounding it because quite frankly the man is phenomenal in his WORK, isn't this what we should really care about? and since when does his personal life HURT people in any way? Surely people have said bad things when no one is around, ey? exactly.

This was a bad-ass film, I watched it because I was curious and because of Mel Gibson, as I am an all time fan, and I have to say from screenplay to a great storyline to the fantastic directing to all the actors - main and supporting - and to the film all together, I am happy to have watched it and enjoyed it. Hollywood...this is how it's DONE.

Mel, you are legendary. Live long, live strong.
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what a surprisingly wonderful movie!!
rightwingisevil10 May 2012
i didn't expect this movie being so good, but it's turned out to be not just good but great! Mel Gibson did an outrageously great performance in this movie. an ingenious screenplay with very interesting storyline, not even one second not suspenseful. the directing is way too smooth, the editing, all the Mexican supporting actors, every one of them did such great seamless job like one of the colorful thread being woven so expertly into a wonderful carpet with beautiful and complicated patterns. salute to the director, the three screenplay writers (one of them is Mr. Gibson). this is a very difficult film to shoot but just, again, seamlessly fabricated into a great one. this is a rare film combined with nervous breaking scenarios and plots but at the same time, never forgot to deliver a subtle sense of humor. this is one of the best movies I've ever seen and i believe that most viewers who watched it would agree with me totally. go watch it, guys. I'd also like to congrats Mr. Gibson that he never did anything plastic, not even Botox injections on his old face, yet every wrinkle, every line only makes him an even greater performer. what a treat! thank you, Mr. Gibson, stay cool.
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Great film - worth watching
hazel-storr11 May 2012
Fast moving, well paced and well constructed story, with excellent characterisation and some humorous moments to leaven the dark plot.

Mel Gibson does a really fine job in the lead role, and is utterly believable as a tough, clever crook who's hard heart is moved by the plight of a mother and child threatened by powerful foes. Really great too to see the female lead played by someone who looks like a normal person (rather than some ridiculous super-model). It helps the female viewer empathise with the character so much more.

The film is quite violent, though - be prepared. I spent part of the film with my hand over my eyes, but my bloodthirsty partner loved it.

Definitely worth paying to see this at the cinema - you won't be disappointed.
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Mel Gibson is back with a bang!
GaneshKSalian24 April 2012
Get The Gringo(How I Spent My Summer Vacation) directed by Adrian Grunberg is one of the finest movies to come out in the mid-2012 and one of the best Mel Gibson movies.

The movie is scheduled to release on 1st May 2012 in the U.S.A,but luckily in the Middle East it released a few weeks back and I was glad to watch it.

Although the movie may be a bit similar to Mel Gibson's Payback,but still Get The Gringo is fresh and entertaining.

Story:- A career criminal (Mel Gibson) nabbed by Mexican authorities is placed in a tough prison where he learns to survive with the help of a 9-year-old boy (Kevin Hernandez).

Mel Gibson delivers one of the best performances ever.

Get The Gringo is a stylish move with loads of action scenes,dark,gritty,humorous,violent and above all entertaining.

The director Adiran Grunberg does an excellent job.

All in all,Get The Gringo(How I spent my Summer Vacation) is a not only a must-watch for Mel Gibson fans but also for those who are not because it is one of the best movies to come out in the mid-2012.I am giving a nine on ten for Get The Gringo.Strongly Recommended!
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Gibson Raises Mel-hem in Mexico!!!
zardoz-133 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Mel Gibson is back in top form as a gimlet-eyed career criminal in freshman director Adrian Grunberg's "Get the Gringo," a gritty, gory, hard-boiled crime thriller set inside a corrupt Mexican prison where anything goes. Good movies don't dawdle, and rarely does this bullet-riddled, shoot'em up about life behind bars telegraph its next move. Any prison where an inmate's family can move in with him while he serves time is pretty unusual. The prison resembles something out of a bloodthirsty Robert Rodriguez actioneer. Men come and go with loaded weapons in plain sight. You can even shell out bucks for a shot of heroin administered by needle in a grungy shop. Everything in this replica of Tijuana's El Pueblito has a price. "You can buy anything," asserts one character, "except your way out." As an anonymous convict, Gibson provides the kind of voice-over we usually hear in a loquacious Martin Scorsese film. Gibson's sarcastic commentary about the prison with its unusual routines and procedures highlights the surreal nature of the squalid setting.

You never really know for certain where things are heading in this violent, amoral, tongue-in-cheek, 95-minute melodrama. "Get the Gringo" opens with Driver (Mel Gibson of "Payback") and his mortally wounded partner in clown costumes careening down a highway with the cops in close pursuit. Anybody who has seen Quentin Tarantino's "Reservoir Dogs" might find this opening rather familiar, but the resemblance ends quickly. Desperately, Driver plows his car through the border fence, and Mexican police arrest him. The Texas police try to persuade the Mexicans to remand him into their custody. One glance at two duffel bags bulging with millions in cash prompts the Mexicans to keep Driver on their side of the line. Once Driver lands in the big house, he gets chummy with a 10-year-old kid (Kevin Hernandez of "The Sitter") who is plotting to exact revenge on another criminal, Javi (Daniel Gimenez Cacho of "Cronos"), who killed his father. The 10-year old's mother and father were incarcerated for selling narcotics. Initially, Driver uses cigarettes to bribe the youngster into silence. You see, the urchin saw Driver rob a fat, slimy heroin dealer after he set a fire to create a distraction.

Before long Driver's nemesis, Frank (Peter Stormare of "The Million Dollar Hotel"), dispatches professional killers to ferret out the millions that Driver stole. They track down the crooked cops who arrested Driver and start amputating toes to loosen tongues. Meantime, Driver struggles inside the prison to gain Javi's confidence and engineer a deal so he can get out, return to America, and plug Frank. Driver has no respect for anybody but himself, and he abhors Javi with a passion after he learns why the prison kingpin has singled out the 10-year old for preferential treatment. As it turns out, the youth has a liver compatible with Javi's blood type, and Javi needs a fresh liver. Javi hires a surgeon (Patrick Bauchau of "A View to a Kill") to harvest the youngster's liver and transplant it into his body. Interestingly, "Get the Gringo" could be compared to the silent Charles Chaplin comedy "The Kid" because an adult sets out to help a less fortunate child. Indeed, aside from the urchin who befriends him, Gibson is as virtuous as Saint Peter compared with the murderous malcontents who populate the prison. The suspense mounts as Driver plans to kill Frank and get back to the prison in time to save the child.

At one point, three gunmen stroll into the prison and try to ice Driver. When the gunfire erupts, they hit everybody but Driver. Bodies litter the premises. The Warden (Fernando Becerril of "Ravenous") informs Javi that the government plans to shut them down as a consequence of the gunfight. Of course, the whole point to any prison picture is how the hero manages to escape. Happily, Gibson survives with everything intact, while the treacherous villains bite the dust. Grunberg orchestrates several chaotic shoot-outs, and Gibson is by no means a typical convict. When they fingerprint him, Mexican authorities discover that he has burned off his fingerprints. Everybody is out to take advantage of Driver, including some greedy Americans. Nevertheless, agile-minded Driver turns the tables on everybody.

"Blackout" production designer Bernardo Trujillo has performed miracles with the closed down Veracruz prison where the film was lensed on location. Grunberg and he have managed to recreate a world teeming with the dredges of humanity, a microcosm of Hell, where men degenerate into brutish savages and display no qualms about killing each other. Basically, what you've got is Darwin's survival of the fittest in the worst place on Earth. Nevertheless, this miserable hell hole turns out to be a paradise ripe for the plucking for the cynical Driver. Although Gibson qualifies as the hero, he is very anti-heroic. He makes no apologies about being on the wrong side of the law. He admits that he tried to kill his worthless father and that put him in prison the first time.

Initially, "Get the Gringo" was entitled "How I Spent My Summer Vacation." At least the latter title has some irony, but "Get the Gringo" gets to the point quicker and summarizes the action. Director Adrian Grunberg gives a good account of himself. The prison setting looks thoroughly authentic, and Grunberg relies on Mexican music to evoke the culture. Fans of Mel Gibson who haven't seen him in a gripping action thriller since his "Lethal Weapon" days won't feel like they have been shortchanged. Gibson has done nothing like "Get the Gringo," and no Hollywood epic has depicted life behind bars as "Get the Gringo." Life below the border has never been presented so pungently unless you've seen something comparable like Luis Buñuel's 1950 crime movie "The Young and the Damned." Incidentally, although this film showing in theaters in the rest of the world, "Get the Gringo" is available in America only as a video-on-demand through Direct TV.
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An entertaining & violent movie that has the feel of an Oliver Stone movie. Not as good as last few Gibson movies. I say B+
cosmo_tiger4 June 2012
"To the untrained eye it looks as if crime pays doesn't it, but bear in mind for guys with my particular set of karmic could-be's there was bound to be a bump or two down the road." After a car chase ends with Driver (Gibson) being caught be the Mexican police he is thrown in to their prison. Able to come and go as he pleases within the town he meets a nine year old boy who fills him in on the local people and problems. Wanting to get his money back from the corrupt cops Driver also decides help the young boy and his mother. I have to admit that I am a Mel Gibson fan. His last movie, "The Beaver" was outstanding and really was in unison with his personal meltdown. This movie, while not as good as that one still has some similarities to his life. This is about a man trapped and trying to not only help himself to straighten out, but also realizing that helping others is just a fulfilling. I may be reading too much into this and it may be just me though. The only down side is that after a string of great movies like "Edge Of Darkness" and "The Beaver" this one isn't quite that caliber. This is a good and entertaining movie though, just not at that level. Overall, a movie that has the feel of an Oliver Stone type movie that is fun to watch and is entertaining as well as violent. I recommend this. I give it a B+.
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He's the guy you absolutely want on your side if you end up in a Mexican jail.
TheSquiss6 August 2012
There's been a great deal said about Mel Gibson over the past few years and much of it has been disparaging to say the least. Unfortunately, many critics and cinema-goers seem unable (or perhaps unwilling) to separate salacious gossip about Gibson's personal life from his quality as an actor and the strength of his films. Consequently, The Beaver divided opinion last year and barely made a splash at the box office and Get The Gringo (released in the UK as How I Spent My Summer Vacation) has similarly slipped under the surface with barely a ripple.

In both cases it's a great pity and, whilst I'm sure it will have dented Gibson's pride (and bankability as far as the studios and investors are concerned), the real loss is yours. With The Beaver you missed a quirky treat, with Get The Gringo, you've missed a summer action delight. Thank goodness for DVDs! For those who saw the trailer, it is almost entirely the opening scene of Get The Gringo and is a stomping good start. Driver (Gibson) is a criminal on the run from the American cops and heading to the Mexican border with his soon-to-be-dead fellow crook. Driver may be the criminal here but he evades one group of bent cops only to fall into the hands of another and winds up in the notorious El Pueblito where corruption exceeds that of either America's or Mexico's police forces. Tight-lipped about the origin of the huge stash of cash in his car, Driver quickly sizes up the situation in jail and makes plans that quickly become influenced by a young boy, known simply as 'Kid', and his mother, Kid's Mother (according to the credits), both of whom live in the prison and have their own fears and problems to contend with.

Don't be concerned by Driver's voice-over across the opening scenes; it quickly ends and evolves rapidly into the finest prison flick since The Shawshank Redemption, though an entirely different filmic beast.

It's a thoroughly entertaining romp where we cheer for the crook who, though far from honest, is a much better bet than anyone else around. Get The Gringo is fun, at times funny, throws in a few grimaces and is packed with action that, while not up to the pace or jaw-dropping fluidity of The Raid, is nonetheless absorbing, engaging and the most fun I've had in front of the big screen this week.

Kevin Hernandez gives a creditable performance as the boy who is both dignified and canny, a born survivor, while Delores Heredia is sensitive as his determined mum and succeeds in being warm and an obvious potential love-interest without slipping into damsel-in-distress mode. There isn't a weak link amongst the supporting cast, most of whom are unknown to audiences north of the Mexican border (and across the Atlantic) but there are a few moments of 'Isn't he the bloke from…?' although both Bob Gunton and Peter Stormare should be familiar to most.

Naturally, the star and standout performance is from Gibson in a grittier, older, weathered and more cunning version of Lethal Weapon's Riggs. He's effortless in his movement and delivery, he's the ultimate rascal, the bastard brother of Daniel Craig's Bond and the guy you absolutely want on your side if you ever end up in a deeply unpleasant Mexican jail.

How bad can it be? Early on, while wandering through the black market traders in the shadows, Driver asks, "Is this a prison of the world's sh*tt*est mall?" And if that doesn't make the point, when the warden welcomes his new inmates with a resigned "God bless you," you know it's not going to be a fun home for the duration of your sentence.
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A good piece of entertainment with Mel Gibson at his best
conny-noren14 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Mel Gibson has had a bit of controversy in his career, and went off the radar for a few years. Between 2003-2004 and 2010, he didn't make too much noise. In 2010 he return to cinema with "Edge of Darkness", and in 2011 starred in "The Beaver". Now he's back with the 2012 release "Get the Gringo". Hit or miss?

First off, this is Mel Gibson. A hardened Hollywood veteran who have given us many a great moment on the big screen. With "Get the Gringo" we not only get Gibson in a starring role, he also is credited with the screenplay, along with Adrian Grunberg and Stacy Perskie, none of whom are new to the world of cinema. Adrian Grunberg also directs this movie, and does a good job at it as well.

The story is that Gibson, a career criminal, gets into a bit of a pickle. He finds himself thrown into a Mexican prison, left to fend for himself. Not only does he need to keep himself alive on the inside the prison walls, he also needs to protect himself from forces on the outside. He makes friends with a rather odd sidekick, a ten year old boy who has a few tricks up his sleeve.

This is not your run-of-the-mill action movie. The dirtiness, sweat, grime, filth and corruption is vividly shown. The environments are very believable (at least to one who have never spent any time in a Mexican prison) and the daily life inside the walls of this particular Tijuana establishment is shown for what is is - a harsh living for both inmates and their families. Still, they portray it with a healthy dose of joie de vivre.

You won't find any perfectly made up Hollywood starlets in "Get the Gringo". You will however find a Mel Gibson in the same prime as when he played Martin Riggs in the "Leathal Weapon"-movies. His character (whos name we never truly learn) has the same type mischievous attitude and street smart - a style well becoming of Mel Gibson. Co-stars Kevin Hernandez (the boy) and Dolores Heredia (the mother) do a good job at wining the sympathy of the audience. Peter Stormare also has a role in the movie, playing less of a "whacky" role than we are used to.

Aside from good acting, you'll find this is a movie with a few quite gruesome scenes. It's not a movie to be watched with your ten year old child, it's rated "R" in the USA and minimum ages 14-18 in many countries - and rightfully so. Thrown into the mixed bag of laughter and general action are scenes of torture and very graphic violence.

The great selling points of "Get the Gringo" are, as I see it, two things. One is a Mel Gibson in great shape. He delivers a good performance and shows us that he still has what it takes. The other is the general feel of the movie. The camera work, the way we get to experience the prison and the persons in it. All in all, an hour and a half of good entertainment.

Rating - 7/10
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Refreshing, clever writing, direction and honesty
gamagoatx611 May 2012
Mel is back, and in a big way.

Vastly entertaining, it didn't sell out with any heavy-handed social message, politicization, or tokenism, which, unfortunately, has been the cheating, conniving and slippery way that Hollywood has escaped having to put forth much (if any) cleverness or hard work in its offerings.

I think that this was Mel's way of thumbing his nose at "Big Hollywood" in more ways than one and we get the benefit with a terrific, fast-moving and entertaining movie.

Maybe not the most important movie in all of history, but easily the best humorous-action movie in the last 15 or 20 years, at least, since "Midnight Run." Certainly the most honest. For that, it gets 9/10.

Some gruesome violence, but no T&A or other sexuality.
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Watch This Amigo!
lahirimoy20 July 2012
Tight script. Clever story. Bold and rough characters. Genuine acting. 96 minutes of total entertainment. This is the kind of movie that lifts the mood up and always keeps us guessing "what's next?".

This is the kind of movie Mel Gibson is best at and he should have always done this kind of movies. This movie will definitely gather him younger fans throughout the world. It is a new blend of action,crime and drama.

Adrian Grunberg is the kind of director who can stylize the crimes in his movies. He shows us there are more colors in crime-action movies other than red.

If you want to have a good time and have been missing crime oriented fast action movies for a while, this is the movie you are looking for. 7 out of 10.

Bottom line: Not to be missed.
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Mel Gibson delivers - again!
sahan-c-fernando8 August 2012
Mel Gibson is back - and back with a bang! This fast paced, action-drama delivers the perfect stage for his return

"Get the Gringo" is gritty, witty and down right dirty. It reminded me a lot of Mel Gibson's "Payback" - but this of course is an entirely different premise; that of a world closing in on an American criminal trapped in a Mexican prison.

The action and violence is intense. The acting is superb. The characters are engaging and the story is gripping. And the whole movie screams "Mel Gibson" - he is written all over it!

A must see...
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Damn fine return of the Mel-Man indeed!~
transientdreams12 May 2012
It's a killer, pulp-esque Tarantino style revenge flick with a LOT of heart, humor, intelligent dialog and severe consequences. It grabs you at the start and never leaves you alone. You really don't want it to end actually.

Everything about this film has already been said here. It's awesome and well realized. The 8+ rating is well deserved and it's damn nice to see Mel Gibson back and again dishing out his talents for humor and hard core 'Gotcha' moments.

And yes, the (Production Design) jail scenes are absolutely Oscar worthy!
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Mel Gibson Does a Strong Comeback
jayd_smpd11 May 2012
saw this movie today , with not very high expectations but as i started watching it had my full attention ,,, the jail sequences are amazing , i would say it had a slight touch of Qunetin Tarantino's style of direction and to be fair everyone loves Tarantino . it is also co-written by Mel Gibson and the story , the screenplay are amazing and so is the pacing of the movie . fans of tough action cinema will find plenty to enjoy. if u liked Mel's payback (1999) you will love this ... even though the chances of making money at cinema are quite low but i would definitely recommend this movie trust me u will not regret it . i would give it 9/10
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Go go Gibbo !
andrewhardie-862232 October 2019
Give all the hate filled drunken rants ya like mate , keep making awesome movies like this and no one will give a stuff ! Good effort, great movie !
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You've just got to separate Mel's art and life.
carbuff10 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Who would have guessed that looney-tunes Mel would make a great movie-- I thought his best days were long past since he lost his mind, but I was way wrong.

This movie is really good and an interesting twist on this classic sort of "Payback" kind of story. It is worth watching just for the Mexican city-within-prison scenes all by itself.

It is a solid action film from beginning to end with Gibson really delivering. There are a few scenes of harsh violence, but nothing too shocking considering what people are used to today.

I was totally blown away by what an amazing surprise this film turned out to be. Highly recommended as an action/adventure flick, regardless of what you think of "Crazy Mel".
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A great film... very under-rated.
richieandsam29 March 2014

So Mel Gibson can't control his mouth when he drinks. He gets into trouble with the police and pretty much everyone else with his racist views... then just when everyone has given up on his and starts calling him a has been, he whips out a great film like this.

The movie is about a criminal called Driver, who gets arrested crossing the Mexican border who ends up in a rough prison. But this prison is like no other. Men, Women and children are here. It is like a little town. The problem is this town is run by a bunch of ruthless criminals who do not care who they hurt. Driver just wants to get out and get his money from the police officers who arrested him and kept his stolen money. He gets a friend inside the prison who he looks out for... a 10 year old boy.

OK, so a good movie does not forgive Mel for his actions or his views, but if you forget his personal life and just look at his career, then the man can act and has made some fantastic movies.

This is not one of his best, but it proves he still has it in him.

The story is very good. I like the idea of a prison where the inmates start up their own little town. Mels character was brilliant. Driver took no trouble from anyone and was not scared of anyone. I loved the way he didn't let anyone stand in his way.

The movie might be called in Get the Gringo in parts of the world.

The casting was really good. Mel Gibson does a great job as I have said before. I look forward to seeing him in The Expendables 3. I just hope he sorts out his personal issues. Other cast members were Kevin Hernandez, Daniel Gimenez Cacho, Jesus Ochoa and Dolores Heredia. The whole cast was great... but Kevin Hernandez was brilliant. He played his part so well. It was shocking at first, but very well done.

The action is good and the movie is a lot of fun.

Mel is back and I hope he manages to get his fans back.

I will give this film 7 out of 10.

"Well, boys and girls. To the untrained eye it looks as if crime pays, doesn't it? But bear in mind, for guys with my particular set of karmic could-be's, there was bound to be a bump or two down the road. Ah, what the hell. I'm going to enjoy what's left of the summer..."

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Still Love it 1 Year Later
onetoten31 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Years ago Mel Gibson portrayed a hard-core cynical character with a sense of wicked fun. Well, he's back as a new character with no real name in Get the Gringo. The humour is sharp and some of it needs no dialogue. Mel's character is as cynical as they come but as the plot progresses it's hard not to love the guy. The young boy in the movie is very good and it's a relief that there is no childish whining and screaming. The boy (Kevin Hernandez) is a "natural" for the part. The supporting cast fit easily into their roles. The director deserves credit for pacing the story and timing the humour appropriately. Get the Gringo is even better the second time around. That's when I caught some of the irony and jokes that I missed the first time around. It takes charisma and a special talent to "carry" a movie. It's hard to vision anyone else but Mel as the star of Get the Gringo. I urge everyone to view this movie. It's a reminder of why Gibson has endured for so long in the movies. Gibson has carved an impressive body of work throughout his career. He has every reason to be proud of all the talented people who worked on this film.
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Not Gibson's Best, But It's Worth A Watch
DoctorRabbit26 June 2012
Not one of Gibson's more memorable or best films, but still very entertaining. Mel is back at doing what he does best, being a bad-ass and at times very funny. The films strengths are his performance and sharp written dialogue. While there wasn't as much action as I wanted there to be, there's some great violent action scenes in here including one of the best shootouts i've in a film in a long time. The film probably would've worked better for me if there had been a stronger story and more going on in the first act. Otherwise, it's not a great Gibson movie, but it's satisfying. It's nice to see Mel back in action and hopefully he will continue to do some more films of this type.
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Gibson and Grunberg are interested in selling an attitude but with little reasoning. They try their hardest to shock
Likes_Ninjas9026 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
A man known only as Driver (Mel Gibson) is fleeing in a getaway car from the US Border Patrol. In the back of his car is a haul of several million dollars and his accomplice who is bleeding to death. When Driver crashes in Mexico he is arrested and thrown into the prison 'El Pueblito'. The place has the look of a filthy, rough prison but it is also populated with children, shops and drug dens. The place is overrun by organized crime, meaning that the wealthy and the cunning stand at the top of its hierarchy and the guards are bought. Driver has a military background as a sniper and uses his vision to assess the area. He befriends a ten year old boy (Kevin Hernandez) who is being targeted by a crime boss because he is the right match for a liver transplant. Driver looks to protect the boy and his mother (Dolores Heredia) but there are people who are still keen to take back the money that he stole.

Get the Gringo is from first time director Adrian Grunberg, who was an assistant on Mel Gibson's Apocalypto (2006). Gibson helped him co-write the screenplay and was also a producer himself, which suggests that he must have thought this film was a good idea. The only redeeming feature of this appallingly savage and unpleasant film is its setting. The way that it is visualised here, as a free roaming compound overruled by gangsters, I could hardly believe that such a place would exist. Driver's voice over, narrating the film, asks us: "Was this a prison or the world's shittiest mall?" Yet according to reports, 'El Pueblito' was actually real. Prisoners could shop freely and the drug trade was so viable that it became pertinent in upholding the facilities economy. The prison was shut down back in 2002, after it was raided by two thousand law enforcement officers. I think it would make for a fascinating documentary to explore how such an institution could be so morally and politically bankrupt. The setting is undeniably intriguing but it's wasted on a subpar crime story that is increasingly implausible, stupid, cliché ("He killed my father!") and derivative of better films, including Gibson's own Payback (1999). The direction of the film is as careless as the spatiality that is depicting. The look of the film feels right. It's grubby, sweaty and ugly: the textures belong to a hardcore prison block. Yet the potential for a realistic and detailed prison drama is undone by immature writing and meaningless stylistic decisions. Gibson and Grunberg are interested in selling an attitude but with little reasoning. They try their hardest to shock. Take an early freeze- frame on Driver's friend as he coughs up blood in the backseat of the car. The image is paused momentarily so that we can see the blood spurting out of his mouth. What's the point?

Similarly, Gibson now in his mid-fifties, is intent on pushing himself as an action hero with a chip on his shoulder. It's like he's joined forces with Liam Neeson, determined to prove that geriatrics have still got it. He willingly throws himself into embarrassing slow-motion gunfights and commando rolls but gives us no reason to care whatsoever. Most of the personality in his dry, one-note performance is derived solely from his voice-over, which offers a handful of quips to lighten the mood. The one question I have about Driver is concerned with his athleticism. When he was in the army, how regularly did they practice the move of diving in midair to catch a grenade to throw it back? Did he learn this from fielding in cricket matches? The film would like to be Robert Rodriguez's Desperado (1995) but it's missing the fun. Some of the gunfights are cartoon-like, which is at odds with the violence that is offensively harsh. The boy and his mother are abused in the most heinous ways, forcing us to endure moments of torture that only the disturbed or easily amused could enjoy. I found it utterly repulsive. Violence can be brutal, as it is in any Tarantino film, but it must always have a purpose. Relying on shock value, like Gibson and his director do here, is the cheapest and laziest way of drawing a reaction from people. Interestingly, it must have been decided that the film would not bode well with American audiences as it is not seeing a theatrical release there. Wisely, it's going straight to video-on-demand services. I've already called the film a rehash of Payback but it seems as though Gibson's career is retracting in so many other ways.
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Mel Gibson kicks some ass!
brandon_lee42013 May 2012
Get the Gringo. Strange title. Hasn't been released in Australia or America, I'm glad I got the chance to watch this movie. Right from the start, the movie kicks off with a good, ol' car chase. The chase scene is quite fun to watch and it results in the capture of Gibson's unnamed character who is then thrown into a prison. Mind you, it is not a typical lights out at 10 sorta prison film but rather the prison has its own rules and to be honest, there aren't that much rules. For starters, the prison houses both males and females, adults and children, and the inmates can carry guns. Gibson is thrown into the prison and makes friends with a young boy with a knack for smoking. The two then work together to survive the harsh conditions inside the facility.

Mel Gibson is back to kicking ass and being cool. No doubt he is the highlight of the show and it is great to watch him being in one of his better roles in recent years. I think it is safe to say that he is better here than he was at 'The Beaver'. But anyway, Mel acts very cool and charismatic and his character is very likable. While the film may not star major or well-known actors, they aren't too bad. The kid he teams up with isn't too bad in this film and he is quite an alright kid. Kevin Hernandez has potential to be a great actor. It also stars Dean Norris, from Breaking Bad, who has a small but appreciated cameo in the film. This is Adrian Grunberg's directorial debut and he pulls of a fun, sort-of smart, and stylish action film.

The action in the film is entertaining enough but it is what we have all seen before in numerous other films. The thing I like about it is that it doesn't try to be anything too ambitious or over the top and throughout the film, it keeps a constant and steady pace. the film is around 1 and half hour long and while it could have been a bit longer it was very well done.

Some of the issues I did have was that some of the English-language was a bit hard to hear, especially from the Mexicans or whoever they were. Some lines were mumbled or a bit too fast and I got annoyed in certain parts. And yes, my hearing is fine.

Overall, it was nice action film to watch that didn't have a dumb story like lots of films today. Gibson has left a mark for people to see that he isn't going to be disappearing anytime soon and that he will still continue amazing us. While the film isn't going to gross much, those who do see it will like it.

'Over and out.' 13 May 2012
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