The Haunted Poster

(2009– )

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Season 2

3 Oct. 2010
The Demonic Seduction
A paranormal researcher is seduced and then repeatedly attacked by a female demonic entity known as a Succubus. After calling on a demonologist for help,the researcher's wife battles with the Succubus who has possessed and is trying to steal her husband.
10 Oct. 2010
Demon Attack
A young girl describes a vision of a bloody girl and a car crash and her mother begins to suspect her daugher can see spirits of dead people. Her suspicions are confirmed by a paranormal group after her daughter attracts something demonic into the home.
17 Oct. 2010
The Bloody Man
After a woman's daughter sees an unknown figure in the bathroom and her son tells her about a bloody man he saw in the basement, she and her husband become extremely uneasy and fear that their house is haunted.
24 Oct. 2010
Return from the Grave
Terror takes hold of a family who moves into a new home with no knowledge of the horrors that have taken place there. With nowhere to turn, the family invites paranormal researchers to investigate their home. What they discover is truly shocking.
31 Oct. 2010
Closet of Horror/Told to Die
A home's gruesome past is uncovered when a paranormal group investigates a family's horrifying encounters with a ghost. Then, a paranormal team encountes an enexplainable evil entity in the house of a young homeowner.
7 Nov. 2010
Land of Misery
A family's animals have tragic, inexplicable illnesses and their own mysterious health problems that lead them to believe there is something paranormal going on. They soon discover that their land was a cursed Native American battle ground.
14 Nov. 2010
Touch of Death
A couple begins to wonder if something is amiss in their century old apartment building nestled in the mountains. When they are tormented by a shadow figure, they decide to look into the history of the property and discover something shocking.
21 Nov. 2010
Dead in the Water/Curse of the Evil
A paranormal team investigates what could be bothering a family and their animals. The team's efforts uncovers a long buried family secret. Later, a woman notices unusual activity in her home after the sudden disappearance of her mysterious roommate.
3 Dec. 2010
House of the Rising Dead
A family is frightened by strange occurances in their recently purchased New Orleans home. As they continued repairs, they found mysterious and unsettling objects in the walls and under floorboards from ancient tarot cards to human remains.
10 Dec. 2010
Invasion of the Poltergeist/Relative Evil
A woman and her children are menaced by a dark, shadowy presence and tie it to a recently deceased relative with ties to the occult. Later, a family contacts their local paranormal team when they believe they are being victimized by a poltergeist.

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