The Ledge (2011) Poster


Charlie Hunnam: Gavin Nichols



  • Gavin Nichols : Love the Sinner, hate the sin?

  • Gavin Nichols : That's the problem. Like, I could never fly a jet into a building. But those 9/11 guys could, because they have faith in an afterlife. Not to mention, seven virgins. Although, why anyone would want virgins, I don't know.

  • Gavin Nichols : I guess it's always inexplicable why you fall in love, isn't it?

  • Gavin Nichols : [after Shana tells Gavin she and Joe are going to a new church that does missionary work in Uganda, that's against smoking, drinking, immodest dress for women and secular music] 


    Gavin Nichols : Jesus Christ. Restrings your guitar one day, stops you from playing it the next.

    Shana Harris : You're so flippant, aren't you? You have no idea what it's like to lose everything and to try and put it all back together again.

  • Gavin Nichols : What exactly is it that you find so abominable about us, Joe?

    Joe Harris : Well, it's not my judgement Gavin, it's God's.

    Gavin Nichols : Well, I hope God's a good shot with those lightening bolts, or one of us is going to get wrongfully struck.

  • Shana Harris : [Gavin hands Shana a bottle of beer]  You got an opener?

    Gavin Nichols : It's not a twist-off?

    Shana Harris : It's OK

    [opens bottle with her teeth] 

    Gavin Nichols : Holy shit. Note to Self: Decline blowjob if offered

    [as he passes Shana a second bottle for her to open] 

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