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lonmonster7 September 2009
I have seen/heard about 6 Oswalt specials/TV appearances, and I would rank this second to Feeling Kinda Patton. That isn't faint praise, since I consider Feeling Kinda Patton to be in my top five comedy sets of all time. My Weakness is Strong is brilliant, simply brilliant creativity applied to ordinary events that might otherwise blow right passed the rest of the world. That's Oswalt's genius, in my opinion. There are moments in life where you don't see how insanely humorous it could be until someone tells you. Just from the first bit about text messaging, which would fail in nearly every comics hands, is delivered in such a way that makes you appreciate the bizarre events of everyday.

I cried laughing twice. Cried laughing, I haven't done that in I don't know how long. No spoilers, but I'll just say the parts that got me involved an iPod case and then a Tom Waits song.

Kudos, Mr. Oswalt. I loved it all.
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A strong set from weak-chinned actor
estreet-eva26 November 2014
Oswalt has logged some of the more compelling character performances over the last few years with "Big Fan" and "Young Adult" as standouts. Turns out his stand-up entertains as well. He brings a broad set of references and flights of fancy to many oft-sown comedic fields including technology and dealing with the wife. To call his flourishes Robin-Williams-esque does not overstate the matter. The material stays saucey and very much adult but doesn't cross the line into the Sarah Silverman shock comedy so much in vogue. It also avoids the pedestrian, family-oriented stuff from comedians most particularly Jim Gaffigan. The set lacks a big ending somewhat chugging into the station on a story of Oswalt's experience opening for a magician/comedian somewhere in rural America. Before that, however, lots of imaginative material and strong laughs. In short, whether or not you are a fan, worth a viewing.
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