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  • When an old friend and former patient of Wilson's exhibits paralysis in his right arm, Wilson puts himself on the case. House wagers Wilson that the patient's symptoms are attributed to new cancer cells. Wilson accepts even though he is reluctant to believe the cancer has returned. With the help of the team, Wilson works to diagnose the patient more optimistic results, but when things take a turn for the worse, Wilson must address his inability to separate patient from friend. Meanwhile, Cuddy seeks advice in her search for real estate.


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  • Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) is awoken to the sound of House (Hugh Laurie) playing a George Michael song in the living room. Wilson tells him he's going hunting that day with Tucker (Joshua Malina) instead of going to work. House doesn't like Tucker.

    We see Wilson unsuccessfully hunting for turkeys with Tucker. After missing a few, Tucker thanks Wilson for keeping him alive for five years after a six-months-to-live cancer diagnosis. They hang an empty bag of chemo on a tree and Tucker shoots it. As they continue, Tucker accidentally fires his gun and falls to the ground. He cannot move his left arm.

    Wilson tells Tucker he did not have a stroke, but he's not sure what happened. Wilson notices Tucker's super-young girlfriend has a cold sore and wonders if a virus could be the cause.

    Wilson goes to see House and brags about noticing the cold sore thing. House has glanced at the Tucker's chart and thinks his leukemia has returned. House doesn't think Wilson is able to be objective since the men are friends. Wilson doesn't believe House and they make a $100 bet.

    One of Wilson's other patients is depressed and he orders tests to see if his cancer has returned.

    Tucker is having foot pain. Wilson asks girlfriend Ashley (Marnette Patterson) to leave and tells him he is still sure the cancer isn't reoccurring. He asks Wilson to call his daughter and see if she will come visit. She will not.

    Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) tells Wilson she's moving in with Lucas. She wants him to ask Bonnie to find her some options. He thinks she's told him as a way to seek House's blessing.

    Tucker's daughter and ex-wife Melissa (Katherine LaNasa) show up. Tucker's coughing turns to a full crash.

    Wilson sees House's staff without House present and tells them about Tucker and his bet with House. The staff suggests it could be fungus.

    Wilson tells Tucker the treatment is a somewhat dangerous surgery. With input from Melissa, Tucker agrees to go forward.

    House hides in one of Wilson's other patient's rooms and asks about why Cuddy was looking for him.

    Wilson tells Tucker he will observe the surgery. He and Tucker discuss his divorce. Tucker seems to have regrets.

    As Chase (Jesse Spencer) performs Tucker's surgery, House confronts Wilson about why he didn't tell him about Cuddy moving in with Lucas. Chase tells Wilson the problem is not fungal. House says there are now three options, one is cancer.

    Wilson presents his depressed patient to the oncology department. House barges into the meeting and once again tells Wilson he thinks Tucker has cancer.

    Wilson tells Tucker and his family that he has a new form of leukemia in his brain, probably caused by past treatment. There is a 90 percent cure rate, but ten percent means only six months to live. Wilson suggests immediately going forward with putting in a shunt.

    Tucker needs to pick a proxy to make decisions for him while he's under anesthesia. He tells Ashley he's picking Melissa to make the call.

    The chemo isn't working on Tucker this time because the new cancer is resistant.

    Wilson tells House he's thinking about doubling Tucker's dose of chemo. House thinks it's a bad idea.

    When given the options, Tucker (who is now spending all his time with his ex-wife and daughter) decides to take the risk.

    The double chemo ends up eliminating the cancer but destroying Tucker's liver.

    Wilson tells Tucker and his family he now has a day to live without a new liver. None of the family members are transplant option. House walks in the room and tells them there has been a traffic accident but the sister of the victim doesn't want organ donation.

    Wilson and House visit the sister, whose objection is based on a religious reason. House talks her into it, just as Wilson gets a call that the liver is no longer viable.

    Tucker is upset he could have had six more months with his family. He suggests Wilson give him a piece of his own liver.

    Wilson returns home drunk to the apartment. The fact Wilson is even considering giving up a piece of his liver causes a fight between the two. House thinks Wilson is a pushover and Wilson ends up kicking him out of the apartment.

    Wilson ended up saving his depressed patient.

    Cuddy tells Wilson she's having trouble getting the place she wants. She agrees to allow Wilson to donate a lobe of his liver.

    Wilson asks House if he will be with him for the surgery. House says no: "Because if you die I'm alone."

    Wilson has the surgery and House ultimately watches from the observation area. House stays with him as he recovers.

    The transplant seems to take, but Wilson is disappointed to see Tucker has ditched his ex-wife and daughter again and is back with Ashley: "The person you want when you're dying," he says. "isn't the person you want when you're living."

    Wilson ends up deciding to secretly buy the place Cuddy was looking at buying in order to show loyalty to House.

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