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  • With Sookie now held prisoner by the King of Mississippi, Russell has no further need for Bill Compton. He orders Lorena to kill him. He then pays a call on the Queen of Louisiana with an interesting proposal. Sookie learns that Bill had been keeping a file on her and Russell suggests Bill had ulterior motives in starting a relationship with her. Tara is desperate to escape and has a plan to get away from Franklin. In Bon Temps, Sam Merlotte is trying to help his younger brother Tommy, but the young man just can't seem to stay away from his parents. Sam learns just why they want Tommy to do their bidding. Jason calls on Crystal only to find that she is not alone. At the restaurant, Jessica decides to do Arlene a favor.

  • Spurned by Eric, Sookie fears the worst for Bill, whose fate now lies in Lorenaʼs hands; fueled by a night of bloody passion, Tara executes a desperate plan to stave off Franklinʼs advances; in Bon Temps, Tommy finds it difficult to leave the family nest; Jessica puts Pamʼs teachings into practice; Jasonʼs romance with Crystal hits a snag, as does Lafayetteʼs with Jesus; after revealing his master plan to Eric, Russell visits Louisiana to put it into action.


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  • Russell and his guard returning to the mansion with Sookie and Bill. Russell tells the folks in the room that Bill has "been hiding something interesting from us all," and Bill immediately rips a post off the stairway and stakes the guard who dissolves into a small pile of goo. He jumps on top of Russell who tosses Bills aside and laughs. Bill asks Eric to take Sookie to safety, but he merely holds her for Russell. Russell orders Bill to the slave quarters and tells Lorena to kill him. He has Sookie sent to the library and goes to tend to Talbot who is upset with the damage done to their home.

    Arlene is dealing with a particularly demanding customer. Arlene cuts her finger and Jessica's fangs accidentally come out. This freaks out Arlene.

    We see Jason and Crystal making out in the woods. They talk about how hot they are. Prior to sex, Jason makes a seemingly innocent comment which upsets Crystal. She eventually returns to kissing Jason but begins smelling the air and says she has to leave. She says it's "too dangerous" for them to see each other again.

    In the library Eric is thinking of a plan while Sookie yells at him for not helping her and Bill. He tells her he is "very close to getting something I've wanted since I was human." Russell arrives and sends Eric away. Russell wants answers regarding Sookie's powers he's witnessed.

    After Lafayette and Jesus leave for the night, Arlene complains she hasn't gotten any tips that night. Jessica glamours the last (demanding) customer and tells her to leave the rest of her money on the table and go to the bathroom. When she enters the bathroom Jessica follows and feeds, but without killing the woman.

    Lafayette and Jesus sit in Lafayette's car and talk about Jesus' past. He has moved all over the world and does not know his father since his mother was raped. They eventually start making out.

    Sookie tells Russell her grandfather, like her, could hear the thoughts of non-vampires. Russell tells Sookie that Lorena will kill Bill "if she knows what's good for her," but guesses she will take her time. He shows her the file Bill had kept on the Stackhouse family. Sookie doesn't know what she is or why the light comes out of her hands.

    With Bill strapped to the floor, Lorena begins working on him. He mentions wishing he could have known her when she was human and wasn't so cold. She makes a huge cut down his chest. He asks her to be quick but it doesn't look as if she'll oblige. Lorena begins crying with bllod streaming from her eyes.

    Franklin returns home to Tara tied to the bed. He tells her Sookie is in the house. She begins to seduce him and asks to be allowed to drink his blood on this, her last night before being made his vampire bride. He agrees and she takes a huge bite out of his neck.

    Talbot tells Eric he and Russell have been together for over 700 years. Russell arrives and asks Eric to accompany him on a trip.

    Sookie is thrown in a room upstairs. She hears Tara's thoughts telling Sookie that when the sun comes up "I'll find you, be ready."

    In the car Eric tells Russell he feels no attachment towards Sookie. Russell says he feels it is in his best interest to "use" werewolves. The king's dream is to conquer the planet and tells of a history of trying to limit humankind's power. Russell tells Eric they are not going to Shreveport but will eventually deal with the Magister.

    While at Lafayette's place the men hear a crash. It is the redneck drug dealers Erik helped Lafayette force to sell vampire blood. Jesus helps Lafayette disarm them and Lafayette roughs one of them up pretty good. Upon learning that Lafayette is a drug dealer and has sold vampire blood Jesus is upset and asks to leave.

    Russell and Eric pay Sophie-Anne a visit. Eric pins her to the floor and essentially forces her to agree to marry Russell. Eric claims to now be a servant of Russell.

    Lorena has worked over Bill pretty good. His body is riddled with cuts and he appears to be on his way to death by draining. She is still weepy and he tells her that he welcomes death because "only then will I be truly free of the disease." Not realizing Lorena would still be there, Cooter and Debbie wander in to drink Bill's blood. Lorena allows them to drink straight from Bill.

    Sam asks Tommy about the strange relationship he has with Joe Lee. Tommy agrees to tell him later. Melinda arrives with food and asks to speak with Tommy alone. Once Sam leaves she references what sounds like a past life of dog fighting. Tommy has apparently taken over as the family's fighter. She convinces him that Sam will never be his family the way she and Joe Lee are.

    With Franklin asleep, Tara slips out of the bed and grabs a mace from the wall. She uses it to savagely cave in Franklin's skull.

    Jason shows up at Crystal's place and is greeted by the guy Lafayette beat up earlier. This is her fiancé and when she comes to the door she pretends not to know Jason.

    Tara pretends to be taking a pie to Sookie (since she will be a meal later) and gets past the werewolf guard. Once inside the two women knock him out and run away.

    Arlene complains to Sam about his family keeping a pit bull in the parking lot and mentions seeing Joe Lee leave with the animal. Sam rushes out and finds the van gone.

    On their way out of the house Tara doesn't sound interested in helping Sookie check on Bill.

    Sam calls Andy to the restaurant and asks whether there is dog fighting in the parish. He says he's heard of raids in a nearby parish. Sam runs to his car and tears off, narrowly missing hitting Jason. Jason comes across hot-shot young quarterback Kitch's car parked on the side of the road. Inside Kitch is having sex with his girlfriend. Jason pulls him out and warns him he'll be a cop soon. Jason says "something about you is wrong."

    Cooter and Debbie run out of the servant's quarters high on Bill's blood. We see Tara run into Alcide on the lawn. He tells her he is on her side and has a car. Sookie sneaks into the room and finds Bill barely alive. As Sookie screams that she isn't going to let Bill die, Lorena arrives and tosses her against a wall.

    "This is all your fault" Lorena says as she digs her fangs into Sookie's neck. Sookie screams as the episode ends.

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