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Dallas re-imagined ?
pontram14 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Finally, the long waiting is over, season 3 of our beloved Louisiana Vampires has arrived. I personally had a bit hard times to bypass, like a Vampire that gets only thin, cold blood;-) Now I'm a little bit disappointed. But only a little bit. The blood quality stays high, but a little more soapy since the last season. And I suddenly had a little vision of old "Dallas" peeping from behind the corners of vampirism and graphical sexual promiscuity. I thought, Eric is J.R., working in the shadows for hidden matters, in this case the Queen's matters, Vampire Pam would be Sue Ellen (do they look familiar in some way), Sookie is Pam and - Bill is Bobby Ewing;-)

That's a little joke, of course, no pun intended, but I couldn't help the association. That's because, for instance, Eric's a little bit demystified. He sell's V (the Vampire blood) by order of his Queen. The Queen herself is, I'm a little bit sad to say it, one of the weakest figures. She has no vibes in my opinion, as a thousands of years old lady. Last time I saw at SGU Rhona Mitra, she probably would fit in more convincing. But Vampire Pam would do the job also, as she gave a remarkable little scene with Lafayette. Whoo, icy-cold. Another good scene was Bill, charming an old lady, who had to give him some blood for his survival. And the third good scene was an insinuation of Sam's bisexuality, as a receiver of Vampire blood. This scene comes very unexpected and has, as short as it is, although a bit gay, a strong erotic tension. It made me remember, that Lafayette's character in this show is a kind of a token faggot IMHO.

True Blood always based on a number of parallel stories, which are coherent in many ways, but this time I felt a little bored about that. In Vampire stories I'm more accustomed to some "big" or "important" events, and, say, earning money for the Vamp Queen to pay off her obligations, and hiding this by trying to kidnap someone is below Eric's dignity and also - petty. Opposed to that was the character and fate of Godric in S02 very interesting, a well acted and well enacted (too short) drama.

A certain feeling of triviality I also had with the proceedings of Sam's and Jessica's stories. The only evolving I noticed was Andy Bellefleure's, who changed suddenly from a figure of fun to a serious man. I liked this.

Now overall the third season's opening was promising, but hopefully the potential of the characters and the story will be fulfilled in the next episodes. A little more sarcasm and humor should also evolve. And Anna Paquin should not begin to swallow sentences like that one at the end of her dialog with the sheriff.
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Trubies :)
lenamm2315 June 2010
For the person who ''gave up on True Blood'' halfway through Season 1, why are you even putting your two cents in? You said there should be action and there should be this and that. Um. It was the first episode. Can't much happen there that leads into the entire season. If you've read the book series (and I'm guessing that you haven't) you would know what this season is based around. And common sense should tell you that they can't include every single aspect of action/mystery into the first hour. We have 3 more months to get to the conclusion. Let it ride. I thoroughly enjoyed the premiere. It was one that proved that season 3 was going to be crazy and exciting!
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A good introduction to season three
Tweekums14 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Season three picks up just after season two finished; Sookie is searching for Bill who has been kidnapped by a group at appears to be after his blood, Tara is distraught due to Eggs' death and Sam has gone off in search of his real parents. As is often the case with this series the viewer must be able to follow multiple plot threads. Sookie's search takes her to Eric first but he denies all knowledge. After an accident Bill gets away from his captors but it still far from home and it is nearly sunrise. These plot threads kept the tension fairly high and were balanced by the amusing antics of Sookie's brother Jason who wanted to go on the straight and narrow but must continue his womanising ways so nobody things he is acting strange and thus expose his part in Eggs' death!

This was a good season opener that throws the viewer straight back into the action; clearly the series creators expect that everybody will have seen the previous seasons as no time is wasting explaining anything for new viewers... or those who forgot any details from the last episode. The story of Bill's disappearance was interesting and it was good to see Zeljko Ivanek's return as The Magister even if it was just in one short scene. When the series began I wasn't too keen on the character of Jason Stackhouse but Ryan Kwanten brings plenty of humour to the role so that he is now one of my favourite characters. The ending gives a hint as to what this season's main plot will be; hopefully it was be as exciting as previous seasons.
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Conscience off......d i c k on. Say it with me...
skay_baltimore24 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Sam goes off in search of his birth parents. Sookie tries to find out what happened to Beeeel. Jason tries to deal with having killed Eggs. (at least he shot him from a distance so he didn't end up with Eggs all over his face) Jessica comes back home from her night out at the truck stop and finds the pretty flowers that Hoyt left for her. The thing is...she went too far with one of the truckers. And not in a sexual way; in a "he's now dead" way. So she gives the stiff (not in a sexual way) some of her blood, but it doesn't work to turn him.

Oh...and the guys who kidnapped Bill don't seem like real nice fellas.

The magister and The Queen show up unannounced at Fangtasia. The magister is very concerned about the increase in trafficking of "V". He points out to Eric that it's odd that in his district, no vampires are missing. Because where would the vampire blood ("V") be coming from if not from vampires. And if so...how come there are none missing in Eric's area.

The Queen, on the other hand, apparently is one of the only vampires to be experiencing financial woes. She wants ALL of the "V" in Lafayette's possession to be sold immediately.

Meanwhile, Jason is suffering from some ED as a result of having killed Eggs. Every time he looks at the cute co-eds he picked up at Merlotte's he keeps seeing bullet holes in their foreheads.

And now that we've gotten pretty familiar with vampires, Bacchus she-devils, and shape shifters, I guess it's time to introduce werewolves. Sookie and Jessica head off to find Beeel. They find his overturned car with a dead body inside and a tattoo that is somehow connected with "Operation Werewolf". The episode ends with Bill encircled by 5 wolves, and him warning them that he's fed.
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Boring and scattered story, some secondary intriguing characters, fangtastic Jessica and wicked Jason
igoatabase14 June 2010
Bad Blood ? Bad premiere ! I gave up on True Blood during season 1 and didn't even watch its 9th episode, Plaisir D'Amour. Even if I found Jason's story interesting the rest quickly became painful to watch. So I skipped the whole second season and only decided to give the third a chance because I read the show had improved. Far from it because when Strange Blood, the pilot, was captivating and intriguing this episode was dead boring most of the time. It's like nothing happened when I was expecting a fierce battle between vampires and werewolves. Moreover too many arcs were covered and I can't imagine enduring other episodes just to know more about Jason or if Sookie will ever marry Bill. Her investigation was just pointless and she looked like a brainless Alice lost in Fangland. Anna Paquin's acting is really bad at times and I really miss the days when I used to have a crush on her after X-Men.

As for the whole V traffic I couldn't care less about it. How can you be so creativeless ? It's like if the writers fed their ideas from an empty body, completely drained of its vital fluids. I also had to meet the Queen for the first time and her appearance wasn't surprising at all. The actress playing her is not special enough and I think she lacks charisma. However Eric was more convincing and even if his sex slave reminded me of the pilot I think that character has potential. But his boss doesn't stand a chance against Kerrigan ! It leads us to Jessica Hamby, Bill's female vampire. Deborah Ann Woll is definitely irresistible and her pure beauty perfectly balances the filthiness of her character. She reminded me of the young girl in Interview with the Vampire who didn't know how to behave after she was turned into a vampire. Watching her first steps in the other world could definitely be entertaining and exciting.

Last but not least what saved Bad Blood from being rotten is Jason and his neverending issues. Some of her scenes were quite funny and I still remember some of their dialogs. Will it turn you on or off ? Well my advice is to find it by yourself because I'm just a mere mortal reviewer and even if I don't really recommend it there're still a few things in True Blood that deserves your attention.
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For the girls.....
fortwenty17 January 2011
I gave this show a three star rating because it did entertain me at some point but otherwise it was terrible.

I'll start off by saying this is a TV show directed towards women and gay men. I saw this because the show contradicts itself and its plot to emasculate men while displaying plenty of homo-erotic overtones.

To back up my claim I will point out that sookie drank blood in the first season and did not masturbate her genitals into a hospital visit like Jason had done. Sookie drank far more than her brother yet she didn't mutilate her genitals. One way that they emasculate men.

The story of Dionysus is not even close to the actual mythology. Terrible switch of roles to empower women. WHY NOT PICK A MYTHOLOGICAL CREATURE THAT EMPOWERS WOMEN RATHER THAN RUIN ON THAT DOES NOT???? Sookie is a big idiot that gets herself into bad situations then somehow she is portrayed as wise???? This show is not logical at all and that kills any desire to watch more of it.
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