"Batman: The Brave and the Bold" Chill of the Night! (TV Episode 2010) Poster

Peter Onorati: Joe Chill


  • Batman : Joe Chill. You are the slinking coward that murdered Thomas and Martha Wayne.

    Joe Chill : That was a lifetime ago!

    Batman : Yes... My lifetime! You took them without mercy or regret, and in cold blood, Chill!

    Joe Chill : H-how would you know this? How could you possibly?

    Batman : I know because I watched it happen! I know because I am the son of the man you murdered!

    [lifts off mask] 

    Batman : I am Bruce Wayne!

    Joe Chill : ...No... Oh, no!

  • Joe Chill : Guys! You've got to help me! Way back I whacked a guy for a job, and now... that guy's son is back for revenge! That guy's son... is Batman!

    Joker : [Joker laughs] 

    Joe Chill : What's funny?

    Joker : You're saying we owe Batman's existence to you? That's killer!

    Poison Ivy : So it's your fault Batman's always on our backs!

    [the other villains start to surround Joe Chill] 

    Joe Chill : No, guys! Wait!

  • Lew Moxon : You've got some nerve showing up here, after running out on the charity job.

    Joe Chill : I'm sorry, boss.

    Lew Moxon : Yeah... when I get out of here, you'll be even sorrier.

    Joe Chill : Wait, listen! I'll make this right! I can even the score with you with Thomas Wayne. He's the reason you're in here, not me! I'll make sure he suffers! Him, and his whole family.

    Lew Moxon : ...Whatever. Just make it look like an accident.

    Batman : So just like that, he signed away their lives. Soo casually, without remorse. Without blinking a filthy eye. Where was justice?

    Spectre : Where indeed.

  • Joe Chill : [Dying]  Funny... because I started you off as Batman, those other mugs made me pay. Yeah... I-I guess you got me... after all.

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