"Batman: The Brave and the Bold" Chill of the Night! (TV Episode 2010) Poster

Kevin Conroy: Phantom Stranger


  • Phantom Stranger : [Concerning Joe Chill]  He is beaten. Let your devotion of justice temper your rage.

    Spectre : He took your parents, ruined your life. Fulfill your destiny. Become what you have trained to be, an agent of vengeance. He knows who you are, if this man lives, Batman dies.

    Bruce Wayne : Batman may die... but Bruce Wayne? Never.

  • Phantom Stranger : [Regarding Batman]  And so, an ordinary mortal conquered tragedy, and became the greatest champion for the cause of justice.

    Spectre : Justice. What is justice without vengeance, Phantom Stranger? Simply a slap on the wrist and an invitation for evil to continue. Unabated.

    Phantom Stranger : What would you have, Spectre? Batman to become like you? Dispensing punishment without mercy? Growing just as dark as the villains he fights?

    Spectre : You know the reason for this meeting. Batman's darkest hour is at hand. Soon he will confront the man who took his parents from him. then the final stroke will be delivered. For vengeance.

    Phantom Stranger : For the sake of his soul, I hope you're wrong. Batman must uphold justice.

  • Phantom Stranger : Batman made the right choice. Ultimately is was karma that delivered the final blow to Joe Chill. Funny how Chill just happened to be under that crumbling ceiling when it came down.

    Spectre : [grins]  I wouldn't know anything about that.

  • Batman : Phantom Stranger, this had better be important.

    Phantom Stranger : Very. I'm alarmed at the way you're conducting this investigation.

    Batman : Go haunt a house. I'm busy.

    Phantom Stranger : Batman, I'm here to offer you an insight into your parents' demise.

    Batman : What do you know?

    Phantom Stranger : Most things.

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