"Batman: The Brave and the Bold" Chill of the Night! (TV Episode 2010) Poster

Diedrich Bader: Batman, Bruce Wayne, Solomon Grundy



  • Batman : Joe Chill. You are the slinking coward that murdered Thomas and Martha Wayne.

    Joe Chill : That was a lifetime ago!

    Batman : Yes... My lifetime! You took them without mercy or regret, and in cold blood, Chill!

    Joe Chill : H-how would you know this? How could you possibly?

    Batman : I know because I watched it happen! I know because I am the son of the man you murdered!

    [lifts off mask] 

    Batman : I am Bruce Wayne!

    Joe Chill : ...No... Oh, no!

  • Phantom Stranger : [Concerning Joe Chill]  He is beaten. Let your devotion of justice temper your rage.

    Spectre : He took your parents, ruined your life. Fulfill your destiny. Become what you have trained to be, an agent of vengeance. He knows who you are, if this man lives, Batman dies.

    Bruce Wayne : Batman may die... but Bruce Wayne? Never.

  • Thomas Wayne : [Notices Batman]  And here I thought I was going to be one of a kind. I guess great minds think alike, Mr?

    Batman : Uh... Malone. M-Matt. Matthew Malone.

    Thomas Wayne : Thomas Wayne. This is my wife, Martha.

    [Batman hugs Martha] 

    Martha Wayne : Oh, my... You're friendly, aren't you?

  • Batman : Phantom Stranger, this had better be important.

    Phantom Stranger : Very. I'm alarmed at the way you're conducting this investigation.

    Batman : Go haunt a house. I'm busy.

    Phantom Stranger : Batman, I'm here to offer you an insight into your parents' demise.

    Batman : What do you know?

    Phantom Stranger : Most things.

  • Batman : How's your aim?

    Thomas Wayne : Impeccable, old chum.

  • Batman : Spectre, what's your stake in all of this?

    Spectre : That depends on you.

    Batman : I don't have time for cosmic guessing-games with you and the Stranger. I've finally uncovered the motive behind my parents' murder.

    Spectre : Yet, you are restless.

    Batman : I still need to know who pulled the trigger.

    Spectre : And to what end, Dark Knight? What will you do once you find out?

    Batman : I... I don't know.

    Spectre : Surely the world's greatest detective has thought that far ahead.

    Batman : You're the spirit of vengeance, Spectre. A criminal has walked free for over three decades. You have to know who he is.

    [Spectre grins and starts walking way] 

    Batman : Don't walk away from me!

  • Lew Moxon : You've got some nerve showing up here, after running out on the charity job.

    Joe Chill : I'm sorry, boss.

    Lew Moxon : Yeah... when I get out of here, you'll be even sorrier.

    Joe Chill : Wait, listen! I'll make this right! I can even the score with you with Thomas Wayne. He's the reason you're in here, not me! I'll make sure he suffers! Him, and his whole family.

    Lew Moxon : ...Whatever. Just make it look like an accident.

    Batman : So just like that, he signed away their lives. Soo casually, without remorse. Without blinking a filthy eye. Where was justice?

    Spectre : Where indeed.

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