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  • Mary Walsh delivers boyfriend Kevin to a hospital for routine outpatient surgery. But when Mary returns to take him home, he's mysteriously vanished. An administrator can find no record of him, and a police search turns up nothing. Increasingly frantic, Mary's taken to staff psychiatrist Dr. Bensley, who pronounces her unstable. Now she must not only find her missing boyfriend, but prove her own sanity as well. When a stranger informs her he knows Kevin's whereabouts and demands a $10 million ransom, she has one hour to comply... and her boyfriend's life hangs in the balance. Forced to embezzle the money from the bank where she works, Mary soon discovers the shocking truth behind the disappearance. Now time is running out and she must take matters into her own hands to save herself.

  • In Los Angeles, Mary Walsh, a bank manager, takes her boyfriend, Kevin Peterson, to the County Memorial Hospital for an orthopedic surgery of ligaments of his left knee - an operation to be performed by Dr. Harding. Mary is a needy woman that has just lost her mother and started a relationship with Kevin four months ago. Mary meets Kevin, still wearing a brace on his left leg, in the preparation room of the hospital - nurse Amanda asks her to move to the waiting room. When Mary seeks information about the surgery, she finds that there is no record of Kevin in the system and he has vanished. Furthermore, Dr. Harding is on vacation and she can't locate a nurse Amanda on the staff lists. She calls the police and Detective Franklin is assigned to the case. No one believes Mary's story particularly when she accidentally drops her anti-depression pills on the floor, so she is sent to psychological evaluation with Dr. Markus Bensley that diagnoses her as unstable and delusional woman. Mary flees from his office and seeks out Kevin alone disclosing the truth about her prince charming.


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  • Mary Walsh (Brittany Murphy), a bank manager, accompanies her boyfriend Kevin Peterson (Dean Cain) to the hospital for outpatient surgery on his leg. She is told by nurse Amanda (America Young) at the hospital that Kevin's operation will take approximately an hour and recommends that Mary go to the cafeteria for coffee to pass the time. In the cafeteria, Mary meets Cooper (Tim Thomerson), who she thinks is just an ordinary man.

    As the day goes by, Mary doesn't hear anything about her boyfriend or how his surgery went so she decides to look for him. She is told by different hospital personnel that Kevin was never in the hospital for surgery, and that he is not even in the hospital's computer system, and also that his supposed surgeon, a Dr Harding, is on vacation. Mary then calls the police and tells them her boyfriend is missing from the hospital, and a Detective called Franklin (Jay Pickett) is assigned to the case. Detective Franklin arrives and searches the entire hospital for Kevin and also speaks with several employees and describes Kevin and asks if they have ever seen him. Also, the head of hospital security named John Holloway (Scott Anthony Leet) checks his security tapes for any sighting of Kevin and then tells Mary he has found no record of him ever being in the hospital. The hospital's director, Victoria Markham (Mimi Rogers) also gets involved and she cannot find Kevin's name in the hospital computer records. All three meet up with Mary again and listen to Mary's story and are now skeptical that she is telling the truth. Surveillance cameras may have recorded the nape of the neck of somebody who could or could not be Kevin. In her cellphone, Mary has a photo of them in love against the sun, so that the photograph could be of almost anyone. Next, Mary phones Kevin's cellphone, but the number doesn't exist. During their discussion, Mary accidentally drops her bottle of antidepressant pills on the floor. The director picks up the bottle and then hands it to the hospitals head of psychiatry, Dr. Markus Bensley (Peter Bodganovich), who has just joined the discussion at the request of the director. He comments that it is a very strong dose and then requests that Mary accompany him, supposedly to further discuss her story. Once Mary is inside the psychiatrist's office, she pleads with him that she is telling the truth and that time is being wasted talking to her when they should all be looking for her boyfriend. Dr. Bensley tells her that her mind is playing tricks on her and that it is entirely possible that she invented a missing boyfriend because several months earlier Mary's mother died in a hospital. Mary is very upset and asks for a moment alone and Dr. Bensley tells her to take all the time she needs and that he will be in the next room which is his office. After the psychiatrist leaves the room, Mary also leaves the room and goes back to the hospital room where she was last with Kevin. Detective Franklin finds her there and tells her about his losing his partner in a shootout and also that he and his wife are getting a divorce. He tells her he knows what she is going through, and listening to him convinces Mary to let Dr. Bensley known that he can do with her whatever he wants and then Mary leaves the detective alone in the room.

    Mary decides to search the hospital herself for Kevin, finds some hospital scrubs and changes into these. In order to avoid capture by security who is now looking for her, Mary ends up hiding in the hospital morgue. Her cell phone rings and it is Kevin. He says he has been kidnapped, that he doesn't know by whom, doesn't know where he is, and that she shouldn't talk to anyone or trust anyone because he doesn't know who is involved in his kidnapping. He asks her where she is and she shines her cell phone light around the room and realizes she is in the hospital morgue because she sees dead bodies. She tells Kevin where she is and then she hears something over the phone that sounds like Kevin's abductors have found him talking with her over a phone. Mary then hears the call abruptly end.

    Mary decides to leave the hospital, and while she is fleeing, she is hit by a car in the parking structure, and is found and put in a hospital room because she has suffered a concussion. While in her hospital bed, the man named Cooper, who she had previously met in the hospital cafeteria, visits her and reveals that he is one of the kidnappers and that he wants her to wire ten million dollars to a secure bank account. She attempts to do this with the laptop he has with him but she can't get a signal to do so. She tells him that she needs to get to a computer inside the hospital with a hard line. Cooper agrees to this change in plans but gives her very little time to do it and tells her to meet him in a sublevel of the hospital once the transfer is completed. Cooper leaves and Mary manages to leave her room undetected and uses a computer in the hospital administration office to wire the money. All that is left is to send a confirmation message from her Smart phone.

    Mary then goes to the hospital sublevel and meets up with the John, the hospital's head of security. She realizes that he's in on the plot to kidnap Kevin and Cooper enters dragging Kevin. Nurse Amanda is with Cooper. Mary rushes to Kevin and hugs him and asks if he is okay. Kevin then reveals that he is in on the plot and that he was never kidnapped. Cooper reveals that he met Kevin when they were both in prison together. Mary is then grabbed and held by John as Kevin, Amanda and Cooper leave the basement. It is obvious that John has been instructed to kill Mary after they leave.

    John pulls a gun on Mary but she gets free from him and runs. He chases her and she manages to hit him with a baseball bat. He falls to the ground and apparently dies, and his gun slides across the floor. Meanwhile, Kevin phones John to see if he has gotten rid of Mary yet, but Mary reaches into John's jacket and answers his phone and Kevin guesses that it is her breathing that he hears on the other end of the call. Kevin then decides to drive back to the hospital and deal with Mary himself.

    Cooper and Kevin chase Mary around the parking structure and the hospital. Mary shoots Cooper with John's gun, which she picked up after she hit him with the bat. Kevin then comes after Mary and just as she is about to be shot by Kevin, he is shot by Detective Franklin, who has surprisingly returned to the hospital from his apartment after having read the last pages of a paperback book that he found on a chair in Kevin's hospital room and took home with him after Mary left Kevin's hospital room. Kevin falls over a railing and hangs on for a few moments and calls to Mary but then falls several feet to his death.

    The book the Detective found and read was inscribed by Kevin to Mary and he wrote to her in the book that it was the best book he'd ever read. Although we are shown a scene with the Detective reading the book, the scene moves quickly, and shows only a few lines of text with the pages Detective Franklin is reading, mentioning a knee operation, an unstable woman, a kidnapping, and making the woman believe a kidnapping and the paying of money.

    The last scene shows Detective Franklin helping Mary walk back through the hospital parking structure. He tells her that he figured out what was really going on from the book and he shows it to her. She scans the last few pages and then comments that Kevin couldn't even come up with something original. Mary tells Detective Franklin that she will be fine, that she will just keep on living.

    Just before the final credits roll, there is a dedication of the film to the memory of Brittany Murphy. FYI: This was the last film she made before her death on December 20, 2009.

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